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  1. Having the same login problem myself...
  2. Hmmm...I really lost count of everybodie's accounts but this one I remember (I think) was [PAX] Werner's ?
  3. ROFLMAOOOOOO !! I really love the way the biggest fleet of Uni 9 is not able to defend his moons !! Congratulations on the hit, Ike !
  4. Heh...He couldnt do much cause Ike figured out his online times and attacking from inside the ss gaved Sphen slim chances to react (he must sleep too) Never the less, planning, action and results were great !!
  5. I agree ! It's a very powerful account and there is a possibility a good player take it...
  6. Yeah...saw it... It's an ugly way to waist Cabe's strong account and I prefered to see those ships crashed instead of this ban... I am also worry that IKE will totally lose interest on the game now.
  7. SUPERB hit Ike ! I was waiting to see this "interesting" colony ships kind of hit
  8. What the hell is going on
  9. Heh...I've seen the thread some days ago and I was amaized to see his Researches. Too bad he leave the game
  10. My best result from an Expedition so far:
  11. Hmmm...agree with the first sentence...but a miner in the first place ? I dont think so...
  12. ROFLMAO !! I am really curious how old are they...
  13. Well,he probed my moon twice and I believe the spyings were made before his 2 HoFs. Anyway I probed him back and this is what I found: Fleets Small Cargo 19.585 Large Cargo 5.087 Light Fighter 142.412 Heavy Fighter 36.118 Cruiser 34.887 Battleship 15.013 Colony Ship 97 Recycler 11.294 Espionage Probe 3.934 Bomber 219 Destroyer 216 Deathstar 6 Of course,some ships were on the way back to his moon cause I didnt saw any BCR... (Sorry for the new thread opened...mabye a MOD can delete it)
  14. I agree...those RIPs transformed in space dust are a real loss for the Uni resources. But I know a guy who added his whole fleet to a RIP while he was attacking a moon for destruction. The moon was also lost along with all his ships.
  15. Hehe...It was a dumb thing but also funny to see the poor guy loosing his RIPs. We laughted alot last night with BWM about that. And his reply was the candy on the top of the cake:
  16. Hmmm...I dont like those Purple_A either...especially this guy ! You did a good job "nuke-ing" his childish threats.
  17. http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=315239
  18. But how I know alot of "living deads" of this kind,left there by the server...
  19. Indeed a great accomplishment for a great guy. Awesome job,Ike !!
  20. Amaizing stuff !! I really dont like the Purple alliance.At all. First cause most of them "got" the accounts and second cause of their replies in the Board,showing no respect for "older" players. This attitude Purple A = masters vs. Other Alliances = n00bs conducted to Urkhai's fleet wiped ! Thanks Ike for sharing with me this "Karpios file".
  21. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do ! :drunkards:
  22. Thanks alot for your greetings !! I've really appreciated all the messages ! Again,thanks.
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