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  1. Hey Gogo Hey all Nice to see you too!
  2. S3 is an insult to all. A grave one...
  3. To be honest Mythos was a decent game and definitely more than a diversion ... well at least at some point. After the relaunched hanbit/frogster still had his moments. Now... well why should we think this time would it be better? One problem was the to much "koreanization" so we didnt liked it and they shut it down. It wont be real different with the "Global" tag. Still... I would like to play it again... ofc it would be even better to put up Sacred UW HC Closed MP servers again
  4. Resurrect Sacred:UW. Never ever before or ater existed a more glorious game. LOl so DS should attempt to resist some greed motivated dumbing the "game down" attempts. The biggest threat is something that happened with the Dungeon Siege series. The 3rd part is out but nothing at all remained from the previous games (well except the name). While sacred 2 was a good game it definitely missed something (a lot of things) that made Sacred:UW what it was. So in Sacred 3 I would like to see Sacred:UW reborn. Sure that wont happen still thats what I would like to see.
  5. Hey Guess what was the Forest Guardian first drop? Thanks for the invaluable tip Spunky! I am in your debt Csaszar
  6. Hey No greaves here but I have found several dret armor at level 30.
  7. Hey I am after this helm: Helmet of Infinite Torment. Thats th elast piece I am missing completting its set. No matter how long I try to farm the griffin or the boar I can find it. Please if you can spare one for a desperate SW explorer please donate a <90 version (can be any level really) - this would make me happy and you all would sleep better. Thanks in advance, Csaszar ah and ofc in case someone wouldnt know I am playing Sacred EU closed HC
  8. Hey Recently I have started to build a magic oriented dryad and I would be glad to hear your opinions about her. The original thought were to build a pure nature druid with bargaining. But then while fooling around with Moribund Animus from the big scorpion boss a yellow insect head dropped. I am no expert with the dryad but I heard theese heads are quite rare and the scorpion it summons is one of the best vodoo minion you could have. So I am uncertain now how to continue my driad. Should I pick vodoo focus or not? If I do it I would need to plan the skill selection again.
  9. Hey The story continues.... I asked CDV (they were really helpful & friendly) for help and they made my 2nd activation key region free. Sweet. I can activate the game without any problem but when I try to create a new online account it says: "invalid activation code".
  10. Ok sorted out the problem. Its partially my fault because I didnt researched the stuff before I went out and bought a new copy of the game. The first time I bought the collectors edition but this time the localised version of the game (Hungary). Of course the 2 versions activation keys and lobbys are different and cannot be used together. Now I bought an absolutely unnecessary 2nd account which I will never use - cannot use. Great. But why I am surprised.... messing up stuff is standard Ascaron routine.
  11. on a closer look itells me exactly: "Your activation code is not valid" err... I activated and it started the game. The problem comes when I try to start a new account. Even more confused....
  12. Hey just bought an another copy of Sacred2. On my other PC I revoked the activation and used the new activation code without any problem - the game starts and it tells me I activated it. Now I go to multiplayer and try to create a new account - thats the point I bought an another copy - but now I cant do that. Here Sacred 2 tells me that my code is not yet activated. I have no clues what to do now or how to proceed... any ideas? I would appreciate a solution
  13. Hey It seems tomorrow will be the day A lil update: I changed the graphic card from Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 1GB DDR5 to Gainward GeForce 260 GTX 896MB Golden Sample. My future plans will be to get a second one and use it with SLI - but thats only future plans atm. (maybe a GeForce 275 GTX Gainward 896MB (633/2268MHz) but again it upps the costs) I would ask you again an another question. What OS should I use with it? Good old XP or Vista? Never tried Vista this far and heard only bad things about it. But it uses DX10 which cant be run on XP. So what do you think
  14. Hey Both pulses have a nice chance to stun - if you have the CA at a resonably high level. That goes to slow too - without enough level you wouldnt see the desired effect either slow or stun.
  15. Hey After years of gaming with minimum settings I have decided to buy a new rig. Now there is a possibility for me to buy this: proc: Core i7 920 2.66GHz D0 stepping, cooing: Intel Core i7 BOX OCZ Game X Stream 600W Motherboard: Gigabyte X58-UD3R (nVidia SLI, ATi CF, S1366) Memory: OCZ 6GB Tri Channel KIT HD: Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB 32MB SATA2 Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 1GB DDR5 CoolerMaster Mystique 631 What do you think about this? Its not cheap but atm its a possibility. it would cost around 1300 usd.
  16. Hey Ty for the fast advices. My TG is at level 43 and I have already choose the skills I mentioned except Combat Reflexes - but I will definitely take that one. So the question is still valid - which of the above mentioned skills should I take and why? I dont really plan to actually do melee attacks - except DS so if sword/hafted lore doesnt supports significantly DS then it should be skipped. But for example if it cuts the casting animation in half then its worth considering. I already have a niob smith so I am passing blacksmith here - and following my personal experienc
  17. Hey I am playing a TG build around Deathly Spears. this far I have choosen the following skills: Devout Guardian Focus (putting points for mastery) Tactics Lore (putting points for mastery) Bargaining (putting points for mastery) Enhanced Perception Warding Energy Lore Combat Reflexes Armor Lore Concentration Constitution But I am unsure of the last skill. Plan is to keep focusing on Deathly Spears and the last skill should be support this build idea but of course in the same time help my TG to survive. I have came on a few ideas: 1. Sword/hafted lor
  18. Hey I have already found the chestplate and shoulders but cant get the helm (Helmet of Infinite Torment). I would be really grateful for the helm - any level/difficulty under 125. Cs.
  19. Hey My new TG is looking for the mentioned Combat Modules CC10 set items. He is currently around level 20 and items around his level or under level 60 would be a great help. Of course higher stuff is lso welcome Name is Csaszar[D.a.r.k.]Blackthorne. Thank you in advance, Csaszar
  20. Hi Problem solved. It was my internet provider UPC who had problems. I would never tought this could be the case because the in country net were fine and worked without any problems. Also forums and simple web worked well in foreign pages. But in the case of Sacred and other online games the problem was big enough to render such gaming unplayable. Luckily the case is solved and I can play Sacred 2 again. Thank you for your ideas and your time. I will try to update my rig or in the near future I might even consider to buy an entire new PC. Depends on many things but I wo
  21. I tried starting the game windowed and/or playing it without combos. Neither helped. Before this started to happen (2 days ago) I didnt had theese kind of problems at all. [vent] I am seriously piffed off. [/vent]
  22. Hi The last 2 days I am unable to play Sacred 2. I didnt changed anything anywhere and the problem emerges only if I would like to play in the closed servers. I am able to log in create/join a game but after a few mins (2-5) the game looks up and the PC needs a restart. No other game or application produces this thing ans Sacred 2 runs smoothly in single player (I tried it just for reference - I am not willing to play SP). When going somewhere and starting to attack creatures after a few mins the problem happens. First the enemies became invincible (I cannot damage them) then shortl
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