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  1. great work! and where do I get the time to play Sacred 2 again (and again and again!) to enjoy all the changes?
  2. so we finished Act I on ultimate. Warden Krieg took around 20 seconds (both existances together) starting Actt II until the Staunton Mine. we are all now level 75 and able to equip the latest items, at the moment we found items most 2-3 levels above our chars. @gogo: I tried to record it with NVidia software, but it seemed to not working...found no video file on my computer nor the NVidia cloud... I will try again!
  3. and what could I do at the beach instead of lying in the sand? playing Sacred on a laptop!
  4. nice work, thanks for this (necessary ) update. looks great!
  5. I don't know if you were able to see anything! four chars with over ten pets and a lot of coloured skills... I do have sometimes problems to mark an enemy and then just spam my bombs into the crowd! listing all active buffs now get into the third row... but I will ask the others, if it is ok and try to record the final fight of Act 1 (and then try to find out the login for my youtube account ), that should be our target for next Thursday
  6. after some holiday break we finished on Elite difficulty yesterday evening. our group is still overpowered. the final boss tooks around 15-20 seconds... strange thing: all the legendary items for finishing elite were for our arcanist! O.O just take first look to ultimate and entering the very first rift an dfinishing the main quest until Viloth. we hope that the addon will be released when we finish ultimate to go on straight ahaed! we tested crucible in MP during the hoidays and it seems that there it is as easy with a group as in the "normal" MP. we finished 10 rounds with 10 waves with three players without any problems and time run-out.
  7. Goodbye Deponia: http://store.steampowered.com/app/241910/Goodbye_Deponia/ Offworld Trading Company: http://store.steampowered.com/app/271240/Offworld_Trading_Company/ have look if yo like those kind of games and if they fit to your machines. and don't think too good from me ...these codes are gifts by a german game magazine!
  8. we have reached Fort Ikon on elite now. at the moment we have got no technical problems, the MP runs smoothly! loot could be a littl more balanced...last session one of us found five legendaries, the othes none! o.O but in the end it is no problem when playing in a group.
  9. got two Steam codes for the above mentioned games. there are already in my "pile of shame" so if somebody wants to get one of these games, please send me a PM. first come, first serve!
  10. so...MP-test successful. we were able to play a 4h-session without any crashes and this is something we haven't had since early access! we noticed 2-3 smaller lags, but thats all. we didn't go on with the story just doing some side-quests (Bloodbriar), so we are still in Homestead. loot was good: 5 legendaries and 6 receipts and enough manticore-eyes to craft an additional legendary!
  11. Crate published a patch yesterday evening. it includes a fix for MP. we will test it tonight and see if we could play again.
  12. Sacred 2 music

    or have bought the limited edition with an additional soundtrack cd!
  13. there are only a few items which are bound to account/char. so farming and selling could be possible. but selling for what?
  14. Yesterday Crate released a big patch. main point weas to prepare the game for the upcoming addon. but therre were also a lot of bugfixes and balancing ponts. big problem is again the MP. it is for the moment unplayable because it crashes everytime you want to interact with an NPC, which means no quests, no trading! we posted that it immediately in the steam forum and after a while it was confirmed by Crate. SP is ok, but if anybody wants to play MP, he should wate for a hotfix.
  15. she is thinking of that (au-pair or travel & work). the problem is her age...she will be 17 when getting her graduation next year, so she will be limited in her choices. atm she is thinking of doing some holiday for two months, Florida or South Africa, because there are friends of her with own houses/families and then starting university in September after that. Her problem is, what to study!