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  1. Hello all

    Welcome to DarkMatters
  2. hmmm...just saw the new trailer of the new Anno 1800, which will be published in Feb 2019...this could collide! Solution:disable family, enable playing time!
  3. self-notice: Q1 2019 testing demo life leech
  4. Help on basic issues of Sacred 2 ...

    for 1: was ist CTRL or Shift? I don't remember for Sacred, but a lot other games use Shift for range attacks.
  5. Next game?

    unfortunatel is that the way of gaming communities. if a gaming series "dies" often also the communities dies also. that this site is still online and the community here is still active in the forum (big applause for that!) is hard to find. it is also hard to find a new game, that all of us like and play. I am playing titan quest with a closed group of people, after trying Grim Dawn (great game, unfotunately big technical problems at one of our group) and Van Helsing. other problem is sometimes the time zone. I tried to play Life is Feudal with some guys from here, but Canada and Germany doesn't match! drop in and out on servers is something that could be a pita in these days. these "communities" are the reason why I don't play Guild Wars 2 anymore...
  6. Sacred 1 sucks

    the answer of podgie_bear is the best you can get. S1 and Sacred 2 are nearly the same for the game mechanics. the more runes you read, the better the spell, but the higher the regen time, which you can lower with another skill. in Sacred 2 it is easier to lower the regen time than in S1. @Flix: I remember this hint with starting in silver for S1 and Sacred 2 in the hardcore parts. but this was meant for "advanced" players who knows the mechanics and don't want to "waste" time.
  7. Games like Grim Dawn or Din's Curse?

    she should give Dragons Dogma a chance (SP only)
  8. there are so many references to so many kind of game/movie/comic/whatever culture...I guess/bet the developers did have all of this in mind
  9. Greetings

    Welcome to DarkMatters!
  10. Welcome Back! are there some familiar connections between your cat and my avatar?!
  11. 3D printing sacred 2

    Sacred (doesn't matter 1 or 2) chess set? shut up and take my money!
  12. Salutations

    please eat all the chocolate because if you won't, I will! Welcome to DarkMatters!
  13. Sacred died with Ascaron! Sacred 3 /= Sacred (as we love it) For me I was a member of the Deep Silver Forum at that time and when I saw the first postings it was clear that it won't be a "Sacred" game.
  14. Greetings

    Welcome to DarkMatters!
  15. Van helsing III

    the final cut version should be part I to III, if that's true it was a good deal. as far as we noticed it is the hole story, but only the chars available of the 3rd part. we have got some problems with joining a mp game, but found a way how it works for us