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  1. Salutations

    please eat all the chocolate because if you won't, I will! Welcome to DarkMatters!
  2. Sacred died with Ascaron! Sacred 3 /= Sacred (as we love it) For me I was a member of the Deep Silver Forum at that time and when I saw the first postings it was clear that it won't be a "Sacred" game.
  3. Greetings

    Welcome to DarkMatters!
  4. Van helsing III

    the final cut version should be part I to III, if that's true it was a good deal. as far as we noticed it is the hole story, but only the chars available of the 3rd part. we have got some problems with joining a mp game, but found a way how it works for us
  5. Titan Quest Anniversary Version

    maybe...I don't remember it exactly. I know that I started my TQ career after the closing of the Sacred 2 Server. imho a "must play" for all who love Iso-ARPGs. I hope it will be included in x-mas-sale on steam! GoG Version is announced for next week
  6. there is another new "addon" for TQ: Ragnarök only for the Annoversary Version. Out now on Steam (I am expecting it also on GoG). 19,99 €, probably still on promotion for 14,99€
  7. Van helsing III

    our Old Man Group is now playing Van Helsing Final Cut (VH I-III) in MP instead of Grim Dawn. We wgot this with an Humble Bundle (5$ including Borderlands 1+2 complete and other games! :-D ) We will see how far it will go...
  8. oh yes...best advice someone can get. if you have closer look on some builds and see they died 384 times! O.O then I would say this build won't work at all! as we played HC it was always life, defence and resitance...damage? only nice-to-have!
  9. @Knuckles have you played the addon solo or in MP? we are waiting to buy the addon, but we do have massive lags/hiccups/crashes after the last patch of the base game and were glad to finish our group on ultimate last thursday. after this experience we hesitate to buy and after reading forums it seems to be still a problem of GD that the MP is laggy up to crashes. so it would be nice to know some experiences from other "trustful" players and not only the "steam kiddies" at the moment we are looking for alternatives for our group...nothing I would prefer, but with the massive technical problems (I am usually the host and I have got lags!) we did have from time to time in MP, one or two of us does not want to play GD anymore. btw: how do you start from scratch? deleteing all chars?
  10. great work! and where do I get the time to play Sacred 2 again (and again and again!) to enjoy all the changes?
  11. so we finished Act I on ultimate. Warden Krieg took around 20 seconds (both existances together) starting Actt II until the Staunton Mine. we are all now level 75 and able to equip the latest items, at the moment we found items most 2-3 levels above our chars. @gogo: I tried to record it with NVidia software, but it seemed to not working...found no video file on my computer nor the NVidia cloud... I will try again!
  12. and what could I do at the beach instead of lying in the sand? playing Sacred on a laptop!
  13. nice work, thanks for this (necessary ) update. looks great!
  14. I don't know if you were able to see anything! four chars with over ten pets and a lot of coloured skills... I do have sometimes problems to mark an enemy and then just spam my bombs into the crowd! listing all active buffs now get into the third row... but I will ask the others, if it is ok and try to record the final fight of Act 1 (and then try to find out the login for my youtube account ), that should be our target for next Thursday