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  1. KarlJohnMontina

    Seraphim: Ice Elf

  2. uhm... sorry if all I do is ask.. u see now I can only use internet if I go to a internet cafe, but is there a limit in downloads here? I've downloaded alot of mod becoz I was comparing them to the original files so I can see what they do so I can learn on my own but... when I downloaded a new set for the dyad, it wont let me, I just wanna set how did it, what he change, and where did he edit... ohhh... sorry for my bad english.
  3. KarlJohnMontina

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Holy **** sorry man... I was about to click 4 stars as my rating for this mod but it show up as 1. this is by far the second best mod I found so far.
  4. hahaha tnx got it to work tnx guys, thank you verry much.....
  5. I've found it. now, how do I change it to the older one? just delete it?
  6. Ahm This would probably my last post coz my internet will be gone tomorrow so one last question, how do I change the console logo back to original? I mean the CM logo is good looking but I cant realy see some text with it, so I would want the Blue older one. please help me....
  7. KarlJohnMontina

    What is lord waynes playerkiller's ? Just wanna learn

    ohh, about the first question, it work but it still hass a small magical damage. can I remove it? or not?
  8. KarlJohnMontina

    What is lord waynes playerkiller's ? Just wanna learn

    another question. how do you make your own set? I just wanna use the Seraphim Angel Dust Set Red & Black Skin and I wanna call it "The Dark Side Of Light" How can I do this?
  9. KarlJohnMontina

    What is lord waynes playerkiller's ? Just wanna learn

    wow, I'm ganna try this one right away, tnx for the fast reply,
  10. I just wanna ask, what is lord waynes playerkiller's I.D in blueprint.txt, and what shouls I edit to make it have no fire damage? coz I like the blade but it is curve but the flames dont match tha blade, please help, sorry for my bad english,,