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  1. Thanks ! oh its just one site and its: http://Unity3d.ca I own it and operate it with permission from Unity btw it has links to my video games & mods that I have made and if you go 2 the Birthday page you can listen /and or download my techno songs I made !
  2. Hey ! Cool ! now it says the site is secure ! That is Awesome news ! Thanks 'cos id hate to lose my only site that has the best mods for my favorite game Sacred 2 ! and yes I get email notifications 'cos I want to about this site so I get to see it daily !
  3. im getting the same thing: it says this site is insecure on the address bar and when I login anyways you guys ever thought of changing your host ? ive been using godaddy for 8 years now with no problems ! id recommend godaddy if you want reliable and safety and zero downtime !
  4. hey ya ! good to see another who plays this game ! I got bored with the ps3 version did all of it so thats why im here ! you might want to try out the Christmas Island mod too 'cos its not on consoles !
  5. mustache => mustdashe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBKpucZRwGM&feature=youtu.be&t=33s
  6. would it be possible to create a 3D inventory viewing mod like this ? >> like you mouse over your item in your inventory and the 3d object of your item rotates on screen so you can see exactly clearly what you are looking at in your inventory ingame If it is possible to create this sort of 3D view in Sacred 2 how would I do it ? What files would I have to edit / create and how ? I'm guessing it would be real hard or impossible to access the Sacred 2 inventory index and especially try to view it in a different camera ingame. but is it possible ? probably not
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