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  1. How to mod item's stats in Sacred 2?

    Cool ! Thanks ! Where do I get the items mod ?
  2. How to mod item's stats in Sacred 2?

    lol, I just ran into Flix's sig and found out the link to basics of modding. im gonna read it now ! maybe I finally found the answer ! heres his link : http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Modding
  3. I went searching for hours online using google and didn't find out how to mod an item's stats in Sacred 2 yet so im asking here ! How is it done ? I couldn't even find it here on these forums. I did find out how to change the meshes ingame though but that is not what im after right now. I want to mod a weapon or piece of armor to have a bunch of new stats on them. Stats like experience per kill, damage value, armor 999 added, added weather effect,etc... etc... How is it done ? anyone ? Thanks
  4. Hi all !

    Thanks ! Are they differently highlighted on the map so they are easier to find or do I have to keep looking at this list in the link you gave ? I'm looking forward to playing that Christmas island now never heard of it !
  5. Hi all !

    Thanks for the heads up on the bad side effects ! I was never into vanilla ice anyways oh... how do I find the new quests after patching ?
  6. Hi all !

    Cool, thanks... what do you mean by : does that mean I can't play the toon without the patch ? or do you mean that the patch is real good and that I would not want to go bak to the original game ? or is it 'cos the toon can't be played in the original after it is in the patched ?
  7. Hi all !

    @Dorimil I have not tried the community patch yet. What does the CM community patch have in it ? Does it change the whole game or does it just addon to it ? Do the new quests wreck the original Sacred 2 game making all the original quests unplayable ? I need to know if I have to bakup all my game saves b4 installing it and prepare to reinstall Sacred 2 all over again if I want to play the original game ?
  8. Bouncing shaking camera in Sacred 2

    The other day I also found a cool camera tweek. The tweek is to make the camera rotate/tilt so that you can see from right behind your char and see far ahead of you unlike the usual view. The usual view is where you see a top down bird's eye view when zoomed out as you move around making it impossible to see further ahead of your char as you move. I found this camera tweek much better to use and now I use it all the time. Here is the link to the way to make the tweeked camera : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Sacredplayersunited/discussions/1/864956554653631837/#p2 and don't forget if you make this tweak: "You need to delete the options.txt file in that same folder in order for the optionsCustom settings to take effect. A new options.txt file will be generated by the game the next time you play but with the optionsCustom settings accounted for. Keep in mind that deleting the options.txt file will mean you will need to re-enter your preferred settings in the game's menu of options such as graphics, sound and control options. You only need to delete the options.txt file when you make a change to your optionsCustom.txt file."
  9. Hi all !

    Thanks all for the warm welcome ! Im having fun here already ! Last night I found a way to finally fix the tiny lettering ingame from a post in these forums. I can finally read the mosquito footprints ingame now that they have been deciphered !
  10. Bouncing shaking camera in Sacred 2

    I was playing for hours and hours last night I found that when this shaking bouncing camera happens I started clicking with the mouse in a circular pattern around my char so that the char is going in circles seems to stop the shaking faster. I also found that if im in a clearing without trees or houses or game objects around it stops faster. Idunno, but I think the camera is using collision detection which might be the reason why it is bouncing and shaking( I had this problem when I was making my own video game ) The camera might be hitting game objects around like trees ,houses ,etc..that have collision checkers which make the camera bounce off of them. idunno if this is the case but I sure wish they would fix it
  11. Bouncing shaking camera in Sacred 2

    ah.. thanks ! thought I might be alone on this one
  12. I get this bouncing shaking camera after beginning or completing a quest from an NPC.. im using the new dragon class char and just the plain Sacred 2 game with no addon mods.. although I did modify the balance.txt file to juice up the rare drops and get extreem big experience with lots of money after completing quests..any ideas on how to fix this camera shake problem ? also I cant use the keyboard keys only the mouse as it is shaking..then when the shaking stops after about a couple minutes or sometimes a minute it stops shaking
  13. Hi all !

    Greetings ! I just found this site. Im a big fan of Sacred 2. I recently got it for PC in order to play it in full 3d but it did not work with my hardware but that does not stop me from playing it still. I got edimensional 3d shutter glasses to play it but it failed ..boohoo so what. its not compatible for it.. Im enjoying this new dragon class char though. I also have sacred 2 for xbox 360 and ps3...used to play it every night for months but got bored since I played all classes and seen all quests,etc.. but this PC game is different ! so im here to check out some diff. things to make this game funner now