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  1. Thanks for all the work involved in creating and improving this magnificent game, it looks great
  2. Hello, I really think your comment is a little misguided, my first experience was with Sacred 1, I played it from beginning to end, and the truth for a beginner to start in silver is quite heavy, it is better to go step by step, invest in Armor, weapons and a good number of positions is the best, along with the runes. Personally Sacred 1 is, was and will be one of the best games. Without mentioning that Sacred 2, is much more developed and something more complicated, but fantastic. As a separate comment I think that if it is very bad is Sacred 3, the truth leaves much to be desired, in terms of history, weapons, armor and others, a real shame. Long life to the community
  3. The disappointment of the Sacred 3, good title, the truth was and I am still a Sacred fan, since the first time I met the world of Ancaria was by a friend whose cousin got the Sacred 1 in Spain, so I bought it and spend a lot of time of good adventures even with the expansion, then as I could years later I got the Sacred 2 gold and for things of destiny reach this magnificent page. Then I barely knew about the departure of the sacred 3, waiting for another work of art. . Unfortunately the people of Ascaron fell into a broken bank, this sacred 3 is anything but special, it does not have the magic of an open world, not to mention the lack of being able to explore at your leisure, there is no way to change weapons or armor, and Villains are a bad joke. Without mentioning that the combat skills were already decided from the beginning as the weapons of each character. They can not be created by the user. Seriously it would have been better to create a remastering of sacred 1, better graphics with the effects and that the characters of the sacred 2 could be used, as in a plot of temporary trips a villain steals the Heart of Ancaria, something goes wrong and ends up trapped in the antiquity where it fragments and touches to recover half the world collecting pieces to regress, the magic is for these problems.
  4. dimitrius154 thank you for the clarification, I congratulate you, a wonderful job to those involved with both the patch 1.60 and the addemdum thank you for your hard work.
  5. Thank you for answering my query dimitrius154, and gogoblender for your welcome greeting, and for the files and everything runs great and the new interfaces are very well done, a few days ago start a game with no high elf and try it with her without problems, the animations of the inquisitor and the warrior of the shadows are magnificent, even though I think I made a mistake when mounting the files since the shadow warrior only has the campaign of shadows and not of light.
  6. good morning Thanks for the hard work, patch 1.60 is great, I hope to add the new change. I hope that the community will continue for many years, since Sacred is a great game, and its changes make it better and better. A query as I install the addendum and the other files, I am new to mounting the files separately since I always use the patch installer. Thank you and I apologize for my ignorance in these cases. Greetings from Costa Rica
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