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  1. Khral's Sceptre

  2. Flix, What's the I.D # of Kilkeel's Poison Bringer? just wanna edit it a bit,
  3. How do you choose your mount?

    for me its all about the color, cuz I don't really use the mount for combat, its just for transportation, so why not ride with style?..
  4. Favorite region of Ancaria?

    Dyr Lain. The home Land of my Fav Char "the Dryads".
  5. Elite GFX Pack: System Specs?

    My sacred 2 never crashed, I got -5fps once in awhile but that's it, 5-10 times in a 10 hour session , never used Elite GFX though,
  6. Best Overall Character In Sacred 2?

    well the title ask what is the overall best char in sacred to and for me its the first char that I used, the "Dryad". Bcuz you don't really need a build to make her a badass, if you are having a hard time with melee dryad you can just equip a blowpipe and kill any thing, I've tried all char and all builds in here as well a my own and so far nothing tops Dryad, but if you ask Who is the most powerful, well it depends, 1vs1? or Area of Effect? for 1vs1 for me its the Seraphim, but for Area of Effect its the High Elf, but I click the dryad bcuz for the seraphim and high elf to be the most powerful you need a very good and strict build, but the dryad does not, and if you ask who is the hardest to kill, for me its also the dryad, maxed it w/o dying.
  7. Benevolent Mount Bug =D

    your right my friend. it does make the game more exciting and adds more of a realistic feature. but the mount should just die for good, thats my opinion. can that be done?
  8. Benevolent Mount Bug =D

    flix that happened way before I used your spell mod, I was just editing the dragon nemesis so that it has chance to hit additional opponents modifier, and it all started there, until now I tot that it is normal and just a realistic effect of the game, is it realy a bug?
  9. Benevolent Mount Bug =D

    in v140hf it always happens to me in my high multihit chance dryad, if I unmount it near a mob then I start killing them my arrows killed my own mount, it has a death animation. you cant call it again, my solution is to save then load, it comes back to life agian, dont know if its still posible in v150 coz I got tired of it and sold my mount... edit: I forgot, this also happens when I use CA's, when my CA like ravage impact hit multiple enemies near my mount, it also dies, just one hit, that is how I learned that even CA's is compatible with chance to hit additional opponents,
  10. glad to hear that, thanks flix MAX RESPECT!!!!
  11. there should be no problem using this again right flix? its just music right? edit: ow I forgot, I mean is this still usable in v150..?
  12. just for the info. v150 installed perfectly. I did install it in clean gog version, clean steam version and it works in all of them.