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  1. Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Hey, just started a playthrough using this mod. Shivering Miasma/Deathchill aura really peak my interest and was thinking about making a build around it. I was wondering if anyone knows if Ancient Magic or any skill increases the damage dealt by it?
  2. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    So I just started playing this again, and I have noticed something a bit odd. I have the mod installed properply blah blah game runs great. I habitually edit my balance.txt for a few things like cheaper rune swap fees and slightly higher experience rates. I noticed that none of the changes I made in the mods balance.txt worked. This is in Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred 2 Gold\MODS\Diablo 2 Fallen Beta 9\scripts\server However, changes made in Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred 2 Gold\scripts\server do work. Is it intended that the .txt files included with your mod are not being applied? I get the feeling that its not supposed to be using the default balance.txt with this mod.
  3. Look for a newbie friendly build!

    Ok so im up in my 70s with the barb(increased my experience gains a bit in the balance.txt) and while the char feels strong, I just am not enjoying the melee side of sacred 2. I have problems with the combat art range and bosses, the arts requiring me to be inside the bosses to hit them and then the bosses willl just immediately backpedal because im too close. Theres an issue where when many monsters bunch up and I try to target one thats near the middle my char will just run circles around the small horde because he cant attack that specific unit. These are just my little nit picks I know so I am gonna try building a ranged char. I also was not fond of how long the barbarians skill animations were(the anims look great, especially whirlwind) compared to how fast I want to be firing off skills. I am still used to my old dryad with .5 sec or lower cd, while the barbs melee animations generall take 1.5 sec or more to fire off. That said aside from a few errant mobs (namely unique elite mobs) one shotting me I never really had problems with survivability or damage.
  4. Diablo 2 Fallen balancing thread

    I think that Firewound(I think thats his name) a giant found in the seraphrim isles underground needs his damage output nerfed. Playing that "invincible" barbarian build Flix hooked me up with running natural resistance and iron skin and decent equipment he one shots me, and he is grey to me.
  5. Look for a newbie friendly build!

    Awsome, and that gif Can't wait for the next matrix movie.
  6. Look for a newbie friendly build!

    Sounds pretty fun, I give it a go when I play later tonight. How should I spend attribute points for such a build?
  7. So I am ashamedly not any good at making builds. I am new to this mod and have looked around on the inter webs for some cookie cutter builds to no avail. I like finding simple builds and tweaking em here or there to my own liking. So I was wandering if anyone could help me out with a build or two. From looking at the skillsets of the new classes I think I like paladin, barbarian and amazon but I am open to try anything. I would prefer a build centered around 1 or 2 spamable skills. In the base game for example I used a build I found on this site for the dryad, think it was called a hybrid dryad. It was focused on using bow/blowgun with ravaged impact for single target and darting assault for Area of Effect. I very much enjoyed that build, but would like something melee this time if possible. Please help
  8. [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    Well I figured out my problem. There was no install button on the top left like in your screenshot, I had to right-click the file before opening and use install option in that menu. For w/e reason the only buttons in my font viewer was Print on the top left and Properties on the top right. Now that I have them installed everything looks so good in game, ty for the help.
  9. [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    So I just downloaded this amazing mod. The classes seem amazing, really liking the paladin. I am however running into an issue. In the install instructions it says to double click the three font files to install them to my pc. When I double click them it just opens the files with Windows Font Viewer, a program that came with my pc. My game is still running with default fonts and its causing some major issues, most I and l letters are invisble. Any ideas what I can do to remedy the situation and get these fonts working properly? I am running win vista if this matters at all.
  10. New player's Dryad questions!

    I got another question. I know this isn't really tied to just the dryad but I figured id just continue here Is there a good place to farm for combat art thingies? I could use more Sinister Predator and Ancient bark and I used up the 100 or so I had in my stash converting at the runemaster. Also If I say get all teleports on gold difficulty, will all those teleports also unlock on silver and bronze? I know they are still locked in higher difficulties. edit: Another question just poped into my head. If my all skills bonus pushes a skill over the mastery level of 75, will I gain the mastery bonus or do I only get mastery bonus from having 75 base?
  11. New player's Dryad questions!

    Tyvm for all the info guys. Regen per hit making a big difference. The survival afk strat you mention wont work for me cause ive already added a reflect to my barkskin so sooner or later the monsters kill themselves and my dryad is just standing there alone, but a nice thing to know for future chars. Also a little depressing about the shoppers basically only seeing gear for their own class but I dont want to edit game files so I'll just make due with what I can.
  12. New player's Dryad questions!

    5. I tried shopping there on the island, teleing to the first town, shopping, and tele back to the island. This did NOT reset the shop inventory, afaik you have to zone, like into a dungeon or cave kinda deal to reset them. havent found a decent place to do this near shop scep the portal room on the starter island in multi player but its a good distance away from vendors
  13. New player's Dryad questions!

    wow wasnt expecting replies already haha, well that kinda sucks but still nice to know. Ty for the answer
  14. New player's Dryad questions!

    Just started playing Sacred 2 gold on pc, ive done a good bit of research on builds and whatnot in the forums here and on the wiki. I still have a couple questions/things bothering me. 1. Can I build survival bonus by just leaving my comp running with my char afk in a town while I say, sleep or go to work?(cause I dont have alot of play time and my build has no EP for magic find I kinda want a high survival bonus ) 2. Do shoppers have to be dryads to see blowpipes in vendors, cause I downloaded the TG shopper network here and after 60 or so shopping attempts ive seen no blowguns just bows. 3. When I am using blowguns and auto attack I have no problems using Combat Arts without letting off my auto attack. However when I use bows, I for some reason cant do this, I have to brake the auto attack to cast Combat Arts. Is this a bug or just a scripted difference in weapon types? 4. I am trying to follow Putrecine's Hybrid Dryad Build, but as I eat more and more sinister predator runes my CA regen times are skyrocketing contrary to what the build says. Has this build lost viability after a patch?(I am playing on latest patch with CM patch aswell) 5. Where is the ideal location to park shoppers for easily rerolling vendors?