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  1. There is a bar on the eastern edge of the desert -- huge Easter egg -- make the crypt look something like that?
  2. I got it downloaded just fine. It extracted just fine. I was able to add it via the generic mod enabler. I checked the snapshot comparison. Then I started the game up. It shows the 1.40 patch running on the loading page.
  3. Ok, so what I'm missing then is that I disabled 1.40. I'll fix that when I get home from chemo and try running it again. Thanks so much for clarifying this for me!
  4. I finally got it to download, after messing with internet connection. According to the generic mod enabler it is enabled. however when I run the game, the game runs but not with the patch. I have no problem with the 1.40 patch working when I re-enable it. I have not tried running this with both the 1.40 and the 1.50 both enabled.
  5. I was guessing the download messed up. File size was the next thing I was going to check but hadn't had time til now. The file on my computer was only 17,000 kb.
  6. I did try opening it in the original folder and it still said it couldn't open the archive. I'll redownload and try again later today.
  7. I managed to quit in 1988. It's one of the most difficult addictions to work past.
  8. downloading both the patch and the mod enabler. it took me a few minutes to figure out what I was doing/how I was supposed to do this. my poor scrambled up brain. later --- I cannot get the file to unzip inside the steam folder I keep getting the message that the archive won't open.
  9. I'm doing the best I can. Thanks for the support.
  10. If you have any hobbies that involve fine motor skills, like whittling, pottery, knitting, crochet -- once you have the cast off start doing that. That kind of things works far better than the exercises the PT will have for you. It's the reason I have almost complete range of motion in my left wrist. I had a tumor in 1999 and was in a cast for 3 months after the doc removed 98% of the distal bone and replaced with bone substitute of some kind.
  11. I have Sacred 2 running on 2 different computers. I'll download it later and try to start testing.
  12. That puppy sure is cute. Does she have a name yet?
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