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  1. Hello, I was wondering it someone could point me to the mod that hides the minion guy and enables him when you need him to carry or whatever.?

    Do all Sacred 2 Quests?

    Agree 100% This is great work and holds up even today. In line already thanks for directions.

    Do all Sacred 2 Quests?

    Thanks for the response Flix. This response coupled with the fact that I just finished the Blind Guardian (Final Concert) makes me want to keep going to find the next gem. The conclusion of the Blind Guardian and primarily the concert was just awesome! What a wonderful piece of work to put in this game I was very impressed. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Blind_Guardian_Quest
  4. Just curious do you have a version of surface text done? Or is this the mod patch you were trying to get Wardust to sign off on?

    Do all Sacred 2 Quests?

    Well here goes with yet another noob question...... Should one do every quest or are there drawbacks to trying a completionist approach? Or is completionism even possible?

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    Pacific Northwest..... U.S.A.
  7. Thanks again for all the help! There are so many mods for this game it could take a while to see what is the best.
  8. Thank you Gogoblender!
  9. Flix this gives me some direction here. I will try and play around to figure this out you gave me some good info to get started I appreciate your time! Alright I looked over your post and the files and I think I am clear on what needs to be done now. Thank you!
  10. This is good to hear, but I am a bit confused by his directions as to how to actually place them correctly as you can see here>>>>> http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/22110-total-ignoramus-needing-help/
  11. Hello everyone a while back I picked up Sacred 2 Gold on GOG. I found the new community patch which installed without incident (0150). The next thing I wanted to to is use Sacred 2 Serious Textures mod so I got all the files off the authors site, but am very confused about exactly where they should go. Should they be zipped in the pak file, do they need to go into existing folders, I am lost on this one? Can anyone recommend a tutorial that shows this mod being installed properly? Is this community friendly enough to help a Sacred noob like me?
  12. Many boys are just idiots anyway, but when neurochemicals kick in idiocy doesn't begin to describe it.
  13. I had a friend who just died from this pancreatitus.
  14. It's true just don't question it.