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  1. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Thank you! I don't have to start a new game, do I?
  2. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Is this the whole entry that I need to delete? mgr.createCreature { id = 2505, itemtype_id = 13398, name = "Mount_dragon_pyro", behaviour = "Mount_generic", dangerclass = 0, groupmaxcount = 1, elite_creature_id = 2505, probabilityforelite = 0.000000, rank = 0, tenergy_creature_id = 2505, livesremaining = 0, unconscioustime = 5, palettebits = "1111111111111111", monstertype = 0, faction_id = 1, modelscale = 1.000000, rise_from_ground = 0, has_corpse = 1, has_soul = 1, can_strafe = 0, }
  3. Well, here's my intro

    Thank you, everyone! Happy to have you here on the boards Kane As Lujate notes, you'll need a few more posts to be able to post a link or if you have a link you want to become live later, just post it now, and when you have the posts, or a moderator sees it, we can "liven" the post for you. Welcome to DarkMatters!~ gogo Got it. Once again, thank you!
  4. Well, here's my intro

    Greetings! Got my hands on Sacred 2 Gold and Citadel. Installed em both then came here to get the community patch and here I am. Not much of an intro but it'll do. Pretty much the real reason I registered is because I wanted to download the Community Items Mod. Any idea how to hyperlink? I'm new to this interface. Wow, just reading this is messed up. haha