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  1. wulfgardt

    My toon pulsing with white glow?

    Ah I see now,after reading the wiki it all makes sense,was driving me nuts wondering what it was,I thought it may have something to do with resistances or stats,thank's for the help.
  2. wulfgardt

    Melee-Physical Dwarf - Guide

    Good stuff,thank's very much for the pointers.
  3. Evening all,I notice every now and then my toon pulses with a white glow/shimmer,could someone maybe tell me what causes this?
  4. wulfgardt

    Titan Quest Anniversary Version

    TQ one of the best games ever made in my opinion,combined my love for ARPG and mythology,I spent many,many,many hours on that game with my Bown Charmer toon,so many good memories.
  5. wulfgardt

    Dwarf greed.

    Thanks my friend,good answer.
  6. wulfgardt

    Melee-Physical Dwarf - Guide

    Hey all,I appear to be asking a lot of questions lately so please be patient with me as I am fairly new to sacred gold ,having decided to use this build for my melee toon I would like some advice on how many runes to use on each of his CAs,this seems to be the main part of the game I struggle with at the moment,learning to get the correct balance.
  7. wulfgardt

    Dwarf greed.

    Out of interest will the dwarf CA greed make any difference when looting chests,barrels and so forth or only on mobs?
  8. wulfgardt

    Epox Thunderboy Guide "Updated"

    Thank's for all your help my friend,I have decided to go for a melee dwarf build,which I think will be a little easier on a sacred 1 newbie like myself,again though thank's for all your help and advice,much appreciated.
  9. wulfgardt

    Epox Thunderboy Guide "Updated"

    I was thinking of air+fire but after reading your posts and doing a little research I am now tempted to shift to air+water,as I am fairly new to the series which would you advise for a newer player,bearing in mind that I have no gear prefarmed in advance for said build.I also want to run a melee toon as well as this build,would I be better off playing the melee first to farm the gear needed for the BM? Thank's for taking the time to help mate,much appreciated as I am just getting to grips with the game.
  10. wulfgardt

    Epox Thunderboy Guide "Updated"

    That's fantastic,thank's for the help.
  11. wulfgardt

    Epox Thunderboy Guide "Updated"

    Hey chaps,I come seeking a little wisdom from any BM veterans or people of knowledge,having never played this class before I looked around at a few builds and decided this was the one for me.Now as I said I am a novice with this class and would like some advice as to how many runes I should use for each of the CAs as I have no idea,any help would be much appreciated.I see that phase shift has 1 level only but what about the others?.
  12. wulfgardt

    Sacred Wiki - Latest Updates

    Thankyou for taking the time to keep the wiki updated,a great help to a returning player like myself. reinstalled sacred 2 yesterday with cm patch and thought why not install sacred 1 as well today,thanks guys much appreciated.
  13. wulfgardt


    This is the same email as before I just had to request a password change as I could not remember the old one for these forums,so same account.Thanks for the kind welcome though.
  14. wulfgardt

    Your Location

    Lol yeah we had snow last couple of days,melted now but its damn cold still,no swimming till summer.
  15. wulfgardt

    Your Location

    Right next to a fantastic beach in Cornwall,UK.