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  1. Yes, usually you will want to use rare rings, amulets and weapons (not for all), and use set items in all other slots. Without bargaining, it will be very hard to find proper rings/ammys, as unique ones are totally garbage (except very few).
  2. Chance to halve regeneration time is not only bad itself (unreliant), but it also is very weak numberically. Getting 100% chance to halve regeneration time is almost impossible, while getting 50% reduced CA regen time isnt a hard task really. Most undevalue mods share same problems - for example, who needs a bonus to just one skill, when the bonus to all skills provides almost same value (but to all skills, not just one)?
  3. Actually, default enemy armor values in Sacred 2 are negligible, so you can simply take "X% Direct damage" as "X% more damage" (for attacks / weapon CA). Even if you increase enemy armour by factor of 10 (like I did for myself), it still wont make a big difference.
  4. And dont forget 100% damage mitigation from all sources (almost total invinciblity), which Seraphim can get.... Yeah, Seraphim is OP.
  5. Thorin, I dont think Dryad needs to learn Constitution at all. You can get passive regen just by using Ancient Bark, and even more regen by using Goldenglade's Touch. You can also get HP boost by investing into Vitality and socketing "+max hp" amulets into some sockets. There are much better skills to learn. I also think there is no need to invest 100 points into skills, better invest 75 points into ALL valuable skills first (to get masteries). And I think, concentration is worth leveling to 75 only if you plan to use 3 buffs. This isnt your case, so better just leave concentration at 1 poin
  6. If you mean "Attack speed" modifier on items, then, YES, it DOES NOT affect combat arts at all. However, attack speed penalty (apllied by using a weapon of too high level) does affect weapon-based combat arts too. And as far as I know, attack speed bonus from weapon-specific skills (Ranged Weapons, dual-wielding, etc) DOES affect weapon-based combat arts execution speed (assuming you use an appropriate weapon, of course). Attack speed/cast speed bonuses from buffs and temporary effects usually follow the same rules as those on items. I havent checked them all,though. But I'm confident in Dr
  7. Shops actually offer a small amount of items for other classes (as well as drop from monsters). By default 70% of items you find or see in the shop, will be for your class. You can change that by changing a corresponding value ( IsUsableByHero = 700,) in "balance.txt" file (1000 = all items for your class, 0 = all items are for other classes). Shops DO sell blowguns (and really good ones, sometimes), but you MUST invest into bargaining (and I mean that, equip all items with bonuses to bargain/skills you can get). You can reset shops simply by relogging the game - the easiest way to make s
  8. On the topic - blowguns coupled with "regeneration per hit" make the perfect "spam CA" dryad. Blowguns are instant, so your CA will recharge instantly (assuming you have enough regeneration per hit) and, therefore, be spammable. Just ensure you invested enough into chance to hit.
  9. Since blowpipes themselves have low base flat damage, socketing "flat damage" rings is the best way to boost your DPS. That's why your top priority on blowguns should be "flat damage". You'll notice that property, it makes blowgun have WAY more damage. For example, a general blowgun at level 130 has around 200 base damage, while a blowgun with "flat damage" mod has around 300. "All stats" is also a nice stat to have. Sure, you shouldnt forget about "death blow", "opponents chance to evade", "regeneration per hit" - those stats are powerful, but their usefullness either quickly diminis
  10. To improve combat art execution time, stack "cast speed" on your gear (yes, "cast speed" improves execution time of ALL combat arts, including weapon-based, while "attack speed" on items doesnt affect combat arts at all). And dont overlevel your combat art - it receives a drastical multiplicative execution speed penalty, if leveled too high (usually, game assumes "normal" combat art level to be 1/4 of your character's level). Of course, if you use melee weapon, then execution time for some combat arts may vary greatly depending on class, weapon/skill used and being mounted. But for ranged weap
  11. First, thank everyone for explaining the meaning of values in Balance.txt I'll advice everyone to change the folloing strings in Balance.txt AdjustCriticalDamageFactor = 2000 (Makes crits do double damage, as it should. Standard value 1200 (+20% damage on crit) makes investing into critical hits totally useless. Also, it makes game more challenging and interesting, as enemy can crit you for heavy damage) ExpMountFactor = 1000 (Sets the amount of experience your mount gets to 100% of experience you get. Standard value 3000 makes your mount to get experience
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