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  1. Sacred 2 on sale at GoG (80%) off

    Haha yeah it looks like that's what I'll have to do. One thing, how's the online multiplayer currently work? Is it completely shut down without use of a third party program, or can you do peer to peer?
  2. Sacred 2 on sale at GoG (80%) off

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm gonna take the dive on this one, then. Now let's hope it can actually run on my crappy 2011 laptop :-)
  3. Sacred 2 on sale at GoG (80%) off

    Does this include the ice and blood expansion or is it Sacred 2 vanilla? I've been looking for a reason to hop into the PC version and this might be what sways me.
  4. Advice on build

    I've restarted my Shadow Warrior for the fifty thousandth time, and this go-around I've decided to make a spear warrior. I didn't want to break the mold too much with this build, I just want a solid, dependable melee fighter to carry me through most of my hunting trips. So, perhaps you, good fellows of Darkmatters, can give me some pointers. Here's how my build is looking so far: Attributes: Mostly equal distribution between strength and vitality with a slightly higher focus on strength. Maybe a little stamina or willpower down the road? Skills: Death Warrior Focus Malevolent Champion Focus Concentration Pole Arms Tactics Lore Armor Lore Constitution Toughness Pacifism (for pvp maybe?) Combat Arts: Demonic Blow (Should I sink lots of runes into this just to have a powerful one-hit attack, keep everything else nice and low for spamability?) Scything Sweep Grim Resilience Frenzied Rampage Belligerent Vault Reflective Emanation Augmenting Guidon I don't have too many specifics on gear, but generally I just lean towards high attack value and defense. I basically want this to be a brute tank build. He doesn't need to be super fast or flashy, just a real bruiser that can sponge damage and dish out powerful single hit attacks when necessary. Any advice would be great.
  5. How easy is modding Sacred 2 in the PC version?

    Interesting, I really need to get the PC version because it sounds like I'm missing out. I've been such a big fan of the console version for so long, but I can't help but feel like I would enjoy my experience a lot more if I just sucked it up and bought the PC version. It sounds like a lot of the work is already done then, indeed. The console version is honestly a mess in a lot of ways, though I still love it dearly. On a side note: are there any gender mods out there yet? I don't really care too much, but I wouldn't mind playing as a male High Elf, just for the extra immersion.
  6. How easy is modding Sacred 2 in the PC version?

    I appreciate your reply Flix. It sounds pretty similar to what I've been doing. I started out playing Ragnarok Online around 2002, and in about 2006 I discovered the private server community. I downloaded an open source emulator, opened up the text files much like you're describing for Sacred, and just started changing things around. I've opened up the .exe client and screwed around with things a bit too, so I might be able to do the same for Sacred. My main goal with Ragnarok was to take a flawed masterpiece of a game and essentially finish the work of the devs by fixing bugs, cleaning up grammar and presentation, and basically just giving the game a good old spit polish. That is exactly what I'd like to do with Sacred 2. I don't want to mess with the formula too much, I just want to bring out the real possibilities of the game- the work the devs were never able to do. Here's a few things I would be doing if I decide to start working on the PC version. You tell me what you think: - Completely re-done text. All of the dialogue and descriptions would be as close to the original as possible, but would be rephrased or retyped if they are misspelled or grammatically incorrect. Also, for missing descriptions I would work some new, tasteful stuff up. - Add additional depth and explanation to certain skills, items etc. - Find and eliminate any bugged or incomplete items, or if they can be salvaged give them a proper name/description/function. - Slight changes to PvP mode to make more fun, fair and balanced. Potion restrictions, teleport restrictions, etc. - A new housing system- completely hypothetical but I'm going to consider it. This might take a lot of time and effort, but this would probably be the last thing I did after completing all the other grunt work. Basically take certain unused structures and allow players to purchase them to save position, heal, pray at personal deity altar, etc. - Potentially some minor interface changes, mostly aesthetic. I'm pretty confident if I spent enough time with the software I could make at least most of this happen. If the community was interested in helping me I would absolutely be on board. Sacred 2 has a ton of unlocked potential and with the right kind of new features and coat of paint this game could be a knockout.
  7. Up till now I've been exclusively a console gamer for many years. However, I've decided that it might be time to hop onto the PC version. One of my only complaints with this game is the lack of polish in certain areas, such as various objects having "EMPTY LOKA ID" errors, misspelled words, etc. I'd really like to take it upon myself to clean the game up in my spare time. I've run my own Ragnarok Online private server since mid 2007, so the natures of game modification and scripting aren't foreign to me at all. But I suppose my question is, just how big an undertaking is learning the ins-and-outs of this game's code? Are the file structures mostly logical and self-explanatory, as in "change this to that and X happens", or is it a lot of source work? If this seems like something which I could learn in my spare time, I'd love to try the PC version out and give it the makeover I've always wanted.
  8. One thing that always stood out to me about this game is how open it is. I have honestly never seen a game that had so many types of places and structures that you could explore. Sure, you have your normal set of forests, caves, mountains, jungles and the like, but what really makes this game shine in the exploration department is the player's ability to actually go inside places and poke around. In most games, if you see some kind of house or village or castle, it's either a backdrop or some non-interactive piece of the environment. There might be the occasional shop or something that you can go into, but really, other than a few games which come to mind like The Elder Scrolls, I can't think of almost any game that actually lets you explore almost everything that you see. I think exploring is what separates this game from the rest of its crowd. Any game can do swords hacking away at demons, but not every game can do that simultaneously provide you with a massive world to see. I have stumbled upon little abandoned shacks and houses in the vast wilderness a countless number of times, and it's cool to just go in and check things out, look for some potions or gold, and maybe even sit there for awhile and assign stat points. I even have a few places throughout the world map which I consider to be my in-game home and I'll visit there when I'm in the area, just to take in the beauty and park my toon while I make some food or something. Does anyone else enjoy the exploration aspect as much as I do? What are some cool things you've discovered while exploring, and what about exploring do you enjoy the most? I'd also love to know if anyone else has their own personal little places that they like to hang out or visit in the game.
  9. Questions about status effects

    AWESOME info, thanks Flix. What a helpful dude. Yes, that "magic damage over time" is exactly what I'm seeing after using Levin Array. It looks like this is basically a third type of damage effect, similar to burn and poison, but only available in certain skills. Interesting.
  10. Hey guys, I have a few questions about status effects and how they work. 1) Burn and poison... Are they basically the same, or do they function differently? I'm aware burn normally lasts about 5 seconds and poison about 3, but is poison more powerful as a result of being shorter or what? Is it just a weaker version of burn? 2) Do effects occur ONLY from "Chance to burn" or "Chance to poison" modifiers, or does the element of the weapon have a chance of causing a status effect as well? So like, if I had a sword enchanted with fire property, would this have a chance of causing burn also? Or is it only caused by the "Chance to" modifier? 3) Will poisoning or burning an enemy do more damage if the enemy is weak to that element? Or are the status of poison and burn completely separate from the elements of poison and fire? Lastly... 4) When using Levin Array on an Inquisitor, I notice that the affected enemies have a little buzzing electric status on them for a few seconds afterward. Is this purely for aesthetics, or is this a unique, electric version of burn/poison that deals damage over time? Or something else entirely? Thanks for your insight.
  11. I was thinking about the Blacksmithing skill and how it apparently doesn't work for consoles. After giving it some thought I realized something- has anyone actually tried getting this skill past 75? My reasoning is, most people are going to realize that the skill is bugged when they first invest in it, and thus won't sink more than a few points into the skill. Now, granted, the skill is "supposed" to let you forge in the field from level 1... At least, according to the description. But what if it isn't entirely broken, but rather, it simply starts working after a certain level? If anyone can confirm that no one has tried this, I will gladly roll a new toon just to give them blacksmithing and get the skill past 75, just for giggles. It probably won't work at all, but it's worth a shot.
  12. How does loot work in Sacred 2?

    Thanks Flix. Based on what you've said, it looks like the loot system is actually pretty good. The tiers make sense, and personally if I was going to design such a system that's probably the way I would do it too. However, if it's true that ghost/energy enemies drop jewelry more consistently, perhaps it's possible that other enemies types have slightly increased drops based on their race as well? I guess it would be hard to know for sure.
  13. Hey guys, How does the loot system in Sacred 2 work? Do different enemies have higher chances of dropping a particular item, or does every enemy have the same chance to drop certain things? For example, in Diablo 2, one particular enemy would have a higher chance of dropping X item, and another enemy would have a higher chance of dropping another. Is this the same for Sacred 2, or do I have the same chance of finding, say, a set piece from a Kobold as I do a Grizzly Bear? Thanks for your input.
  14. Explanation of shopping in Sacred 2?

    Thanks Flix, that's basically what I had assumed was the case. So I guess then, it would be worth just making a duplicate of each class and leveling them alongside my main so that the main character always has a shopper within level range? That would get rather tedious methinks, but if that's what it takes I'll do it, lol.
  15. Explanation of shopping in Sacred 2?

    That's some good info gogo, thanks. So if I'm understanding correctly, the best thing to do is have a few different shoppers who each shop for a certain level range? Such as a having a level 5, a level 25, a level 75 etc?