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  1. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Yeah, Thanks a lot flix!
  2. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    I told you that it is possible, and I furthermore told you precisely how to change it. I also offered to help you replace it with a specific fx, if you would just give a suggestion as to how you want it to look. I'm not going to sit here and try to come up with replacement spell graphics just for the benefit of one user. Sorry , didn't want to make you angry , I just didn't understand properly what you were talking about. Anyway I would like it to be something more alon the lines of the new "shivering miasma" or "reflective emanation".
  3. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Thank you. Hmm...well it could be swapped with another buff effect or removed entirely. I don't want to change it for the mod, but if you have an effect in mind I can tell you how to replace it yourself by editing spells.txt Search for "tw_cc_tkampfschild" and look at the line that says fxTypeSpell = "FX_TW_TKAMPFSCHILD". You can just remove the effect or replace with something else from another buff. I could do that. If the spell token displays in the tooltip, I can change the text to anything I want (Happy Rainbow Power +X%). I was actually considering removing the attack speed debuff altogether. I think I overcompensated for how weak Twisted Torment was in the vanilla game. Then it won't be an issue. I can't remove damage frequency from the tooltip to the description, and I can't move the stats reduction from the description to the tooltip. As I tried to explain before, the game "looks" for the original spell tokens in spells.txt and displays them no matter what I change the text to. Even if I totally removed the text "Damage Frequency" the number would still show in the tooltip (because the token is still scripted), just with a blank space for the text. The hits per second do slowly increase per level, BTW. Likewise, even if I add in the text for "Opponents Attributes", the game doesn't recognize the spell token to display it in the tooltip, so it won't show up. I can assure you this is the case for the entire mod. I tried to get as much into the tooltips as possible but otherwise I just have to write about in the description text. This is another issue that was already there with the vanilla game and it's nothing that I can change. As far as I know the spell is hardcoded to display the damage bar, since there's not even a token for damage in the spell. It's the same with Frenetic Fervor. Shows a damage bar despite the CA not affecting damage. Nothing I can do. Thank you I'm sorry, I meant to say if it was possible to change the visual appearence of the Aura given that it's annoying to me. I would be fine even if you could just explain that to me.
  4. Hi all!

  5. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Hi, flix. From what I've gathered you're the one making the mod so I'm gonna ask you if it's possible to change the temple guardian infamous T-Energy shroud effect to some less "invasive" . Thx anyway for the awesome mod.
  6. Hi all!

    Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I'm happy to be part of this community! Have fun and good posting!