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  1. Thanks for your answers After have tried the character editor I decided to stat a new run because I can't choose the equipment So, since I'm going to start a new campaign I'd like also to change character or build. I'd like a character very good at cleaning big groups of enemies and quite good at taking down bosses, like my dragon mage was, any ideas? P.s: I have already done a dual wield shadow warrior Edit: I use the "Enhanced spell mod"
  2. Hi everyone A couple of weeks ago I decided to format my computer, therefore I saved almost everything from the ssd to the hard drive except sacred 2 savegame files, that was in C:My Documents I had a three aspect dragon mage level 50 which I enjoyed very much playing with him, but now he's gone So, after this introduction I'm asking you if you have any three aspect dragon mage level>40 in order to continue my run, unfortunately I don't have enough time to restart the run from the beginning with a new character Thanks in advance P.s: I apologise for my english, I'm from Italy
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