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  1. Elite Mounts Project

    I was thinking the PNJ was in the "car showroom" dungeon. It could have been super cool. Keep searching ...* OK, found the dragon mount vendor. Totally amazing. Not easy to access but cool location. Need to found how to obtain the armored wind serpent and the hyppocampus.
  2. Elite Mounts Project

    great work like always
  3. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    very good news. The battle mage is easy to find just with the screenshoot
  4. thanks a lot for the mod.
  5. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Good. Is there's a way to integrate it into the mod or should it make it too big :)
  6. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    It's a very well done job. I can't wait to test all of this now !!
  7. Help cant install CM patcher!

    The link in the wiki page work : http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:Community_Patch I just tested the link to DarkMatter. It's broken.
  8. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    0.0 Diablo is really cool
  9. Sacred 2 Ice & Blood : Area of Effect King/Queen !

    No one for Glacial Thorns ? It's just totally insane. But it's power is in the fact that it can be use on single-target boss killer as well as Area of Effect for killing all Kobold around. But Yeah, I don't think in pure damage it's the number one. On Raging Nimbus, between the fact that it block view under it (thx Flix for the more transparent texture) and its targetting weiderness, it's a little deceiving spell to use.
  10. The starting zone is an exception. Mob there will always be easier.
  11. Modifying Combat Arts and understanding Flags - spells.txt

    For script, notepad++ work well. I think a custom color enlightment might be usefull.
  12. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    If you die too much, I suggest that you unload the unferno mod. It increase difficulty a lot so even experienced player will have a lot of difficulty.
  13. there's different things in one question: 1) spell casting animation. Contrary to D3, all spell have a casting delay that can be reduced with Casting speed stat on item. I think that Flix reduce it for teleport in the D2F mod, to make it smoother to use. 2) graphics engine. Diablo3 use a light engine with fast loading texture and limited area. At contrario, Sacred 2 use a lot of texture and effect in an open world. 3) Camera setting. in a game with a fixed camera that only show fround, there's no need for perspective, sky, etc. It help a lot. With good and recent hardware, technicale limitation shouldn't be that importante. But the cast time will still be here but it's part of the gameplay : nothing is instant.
  14. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    I didn't have any difficulty with paladin. Are you sure it's stun and not lag or bug. Are you still in the starting zone?
  15. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Very good. As I was testing your super-unique/boss in Inferno, I start thinking as a way to built characterfor surviving the challenge. I will start in gold this weekend so I fear the challenge. I think the best strategy is to consider any character as hardcore. Any bandit in the starting zone is a deadly opponent and there's some boss that need a lot of thinking to pass without dying a few time. On attribut, stacking Vitality is obvious. Willpower should be forgotten. But the primary offensive attribut should have some point or your damage will be too low. And it end up with trouble to hit mobs. Defensive ability are very importante. choosing mod that can control (stun, slow, debuff, ...) are the difference between life and death. Defensive buff is importante. On my sorceress I have 2 buff and I plan to go for 3 buff as soon as I can. Immunity : It's a good change and challenge. Be prepared for it. Weapon with different jewel, spell for debuff resist, .. I want to thanks Flix a lot here. (And all of those wgo are working on d2f).