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  1. ..you know, after writing this yesterday, I loaded up TQ Eternal Embers again as I wanted to check the new controller support.. and, in general, it works better than I expected ! just having one issue, whenever I choose the controller for input, the game ignores the ingame (or windows?) DPI settings and things like the mini map and also the character inventory look pretty small, even when close in front of the screen ( @ 4K )... I hope this gets fixed fast.. also tried FH5 again after dec 3rd patch last night, which turned out broke more things for me
  2. Hey, how're you? You know, logging in here like 2-4 times a year, it's a bit weired, almost feels like xmas family reunion.. well, just stopped by to officially inform ya all, that whenever I'm not playing stuff like memory, building tracks for the wooden toy train and whatnot with our 3 (and 1/2) year old , then sometimes I'm sitting in front of my screen late night, pondering, if (and mostly, what) I should play.. then I try out one or another, there's plenty to choose from, but it's not feeling right anymore, I either get bored or bugged out
  3. Well, it's now official, Diablo II Resurrected is coming! Now, I've been watching the entire blizzcon diablo day 1 channel last night, and was browsing the new D2 website today, and it looks absolutely amazing... here's the official trailer, there's more stuff on the site, I also recommend to re-watch the Blizzcon Diablo Day 1 channel.. here's probably the most interesting stuff, not 100% if I understood/read everything correctly: * New 3D engine(?) build on top of the original.. * new reworked cinematics * shared stash, extended stats window (item
  4. woot, I didnt know last epoch had its own thread already found out about about last epoch just recently in the talks about wolcen and thought I havent heard about yet.. maybe I just forgot? anyway guess what - I just spotted two guys on last epoch forum, called Dobster and Llama8 hehe.. they seem to enjoying and playing it a lot, maybe we can get them over here and tell us what its like currently ? also, a new patch is planned for end of march, updating last Epoch s graphics and stuff.. or, anyone else care to tell us their experience with this game?
  5. duh, I wrote this late at night hehe.. even harder to put it in a nutshell when you're tired and distracted and stuff.. maybe it turned out this way because I haven't even made up my mind entirely.. I would recommend to wait. don't buy it right now, let's see first if and how they continue to improve the game during the upcoming months and after.. also I'd say better wait, because I just found another promising one, it's beta early acess though.. I was in a rush so bought it anyway, haven't had time to play it yet though.. : Did anyone else ever
  6. I've been currently playing Wolcen.. yes, it's bugged and I knew that, saw the gamestar review of it, hesitated a few days after release and bought it anyway.. why? it seemed like a good alternative to Diablo 3 and/or PoE and/or Grim Dawn, because in a way it looks and feels like a mix/blend of all these, also adding in a few things I haven't seen so far.. eg. endgame where you upgrade your town/buildings to receive permanent boni, or to unlock ways to alter your items.. I kinda just still love the isometric, loot centered, hack & slash/slay ARPG genre, always
  7. Hi everyone, it's been a while, again Hope you're all fine.. ever heard of Torchlight Frontiers? https://www.torchlightfrontiers.com Developed by Echtra Games (founded by a bunch of people that were working over at Runic Games as well), and published by Perfect World.. some of the developers & artists working there were also involved in games such as Diablo, Fate, Hobs, and .. Mythos just like the aforementioned games, Torchlight Frontiers is going to be a "3D Iso-view hack&slash action RPG" , but with a larger focus on online multiplayer
  8. Hi, anyone heard of this one yet? I stumbled across it some time ago - I read about it in a german article about "upcoming diablo-like alternatives", I believe.. Hadn't decided to buy it yet though, because of the mixed reviews and the fact that it's still in Early Access - (Alpha) stage I think. However, it is on steam sale right now - for a whole week - til 21 August..: http://store.steampowered.com/app/463680/Guardians_of_Ember/ So, I just went ahead and bought a key for the most basic version/package they're offering, which means around 9 or 10 Dollars/EUR (from around 20, 50% off.
  9. Hi everyone, surprised there's no post about the recently released, massively big 3.0 patch update for path of exile.. (patchnotes: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1930316 ) The Fall of Oriath adds a bunch of new acts, bosses, items, skill gems etc.. also, a new league just started, called the Harbinger League.. I just picked PoE up again after being bored by D3 even with their Necro Pack DLC (and also kinda feeling fooled by blizz and their stance/politics regarding the current state of the entire Diablo franchise) haven't played PoE in a loooong while now (in fact, alm
  10. Hi there, for some reason I'm having a hard time completing the S5 Journey / Conquests , and I can't find much detailed info about how to speed or ease things up a little.. as I don't have that much time to play, and when I do, it's mostly solo or with friends, I'm only @ PL 500. running rifts @ T10 occasionally in a 4 man public game sure helps, but I'm still missing certain items, upgrades, and resources so, my WD with jade harvester set is currently stuck @ GR 56, for the extra stash tab I'd still need GR 60 solo, and one more conquest: only have completed avarice which was
  11. also still playing D3, season 5 SC actually, but on EU servers.. still haven't completed even a single season conquest, they're challenging, for me at least^^ maybe I'll make it before season ends, which would be cool, for the achievement.. and last but not least it adds another stash tab, and I'm always running out of space
  12. ..updating via steam right now.. will check it out tonight, when my better half will be off for night shift
  13. Merry Christmas to everyone Hope you're all up and well? have 3 days off, but caught a terrible cold.. even though it's about 16°C above normal, here too first x-max that I haven't spent at home with my family, stayed in town with my fiancee.. we both had to work yesterday.. had a romantic candle light dinner and plenty of food, still missed the rest of my beloved ones a little bit^^ happy new year too, In case I forget, next week.. greetings Bob
  14. although I don't like Steam very much (I'm okay with it, but sometimes it sucks I have to use it), I like the idea of how the steam OS / steam machines might finally help to push development of games specifically designed to run on linux natively, plus development of good and fast GPU drivers (both AMD and Nvidia).. I dislike Windows 10 more than Steam, so it would be awesome if we could finally switch OSes and break away from Microsoft in order to play games without too many performance issues on linux, and not having to depend on MS/Windows/DX12 this is going to be interesting, maybe this
  15. sry for double post.. I'm pretty sure someone aready did it before, but can't find it.. maybe, this tool would be of any help if someone decided to read out sounds, in order to (possibly) being able to listen to and write down all the speech files? http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21615-any-way-to-mod-the-soundpak-file/?p=6971374 or, this thing.. http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php?title=Game_Extractor

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