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  1. Hi everyone, it's been a while, again Hope you're all fine.. ever heard of Torchlight Frontiers? https://www.torchlightfrontiers.com Developed by Echtra Games (founded by a bunch of people that were working over at Runic Games as well), and published by Perfect World.. some of the developers & artists working there were also involved in games such as Diablo, Fate, Hobs, and .. Mythos just like the aforementioned games, Torchlight Frontiers is going to be a "3D Iso-view hack&slash action RPG" , but with a larger focus on online multiplayer experience just recently, March 5th, the Closed Alpha 3 started, they were sending out the next wave of keys, and guess what, I got selected Can't wait to check it out, already installed, launched and played the first quest, but it's too late & I'm too tired now.. gotta work tomorrow ^^ If interested, you can still sign up for alpha/beta test, and maybe you get selected in one of the next waves.. currently, they mostly do it account bound tho, so if you get selected they just unlock your account to grant access so no key ( to give away if you redecide eg.) however, they still give out keys to fansites and magazines, I guess.. btw, with Alpha 3 the NDA has been lifted, you might find more infos & gameplay reviews etc pretty soon across the net.. cya around Bob
  2. Hi, anyone heard of this one yet? I stumbled across it some time ago - I read about it in a german article about "upcoming diablo-like alternatives", I believe.. Hadn't decided to buy it yet though, because of the mixed reviews and the fact that it's still in Early Access - (Alpha) stage I think. However, it is on steam sale right now - for a whole week - til 21 August..: http://store.steampowered.com/app/463680/Guardians_of_Ember/ So, I just went ahead and bought a key for the most basic version/package they're offering, which means around 9 or 10 Dollars/EUR (from around 20, 50% off..) It is said to be some kind of Diablo/WoW/Runes of Magic mix, the latter in fact being one of developer runewaker's earlier game.. graphics/combat style definitely looks to be more diablo like, while it's content/mmo-orientation is more like wow/runes of magic I guess.. maybe that's why one of the reviews listed on their official site calls it "the secret child of diablo and runes of magic" .. beware - this game has some sort of "double dipping" financing plan..: it is not Free2Play, although it's pretty "cheap" right now (see above) it has a cash shop too, and although they claim Guardians of Ember won't be Pay2Win and won't offer stuff you can't obtain otherwise in game as well, I've read it already contains stuff that makes you level or travel faster... (if I understood the whole thing about the cash shop) so I'm not sure how this is going to turn out in the end, I hope it won't be an awful endless grinder then unless you're willing to spend additional money in that said shop. alright, I think I've finished downloading it now, let's see... cya
  3. Hi everyone, surprised there's no post about the recently released, massively big 3.0 patch update for path of exile.. (patchnotes: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1930316 ) The Fall of Oriath adds a bunch of new acts, bosses, items, skill gems etc.. also, a new league just started, called the Harbinger League.. I just picked PoE up again after being bored by D3 even with their Necro Pack DLC (and also kinda feeling fooled by blizz and their stance/politics regarding the current state of the entire Diablo franchise) haven't played PoE in a loooong while now (in fact, almost never played it since the original first beta years ago).. it feels so much more polished now, and so much content that's new to me.. not just the recent update^^ anyways: Is there a darkmatters guild / anyone playing it or interested in picking it up again? greetings, bob
  4. Hi there, for some reason I'm having a hard time completing the S5 Journey / Conquests , and I can't find much detailed info about how to speed or ease things up a little.. as I don't have that much time to play, and when I do, it's mostly solo or with friends, I'm only @ PL 500. running rifts @ T10 occasionally in a 4 man public game sure helps, but I'm still missing certain items, upgrades, and resources so, my WD with jade harvester set is currently stuck @ GR 56, for the extra stash tab I'd still need GR 60 solo, and one more conquest: only have completed avarice which was easy, even without finding a gilded baron, and had no luck in finding/mixing any gear that would work fast enough for "the thrill" one, which would be GR 45 solo without any set items) how about sprinter? is it still hard to complete in a 4 man group, and what are the chances of completing it solo? (might have to switch to a DH or Wizard then, I guess..) greetings, bob
  5. Rotluchs

    Diablo 3 anyone?

    also still playing D3, season 5 SC actually, but on EU servers.. still haven't completed even a single season conquest, they're challenging, for me at least^^ maybe I'll make it before season ends, which would be cool, for the achievement.. and last but not least it adds another stash tab, and I'm always running out of space
  6. Rotluchs

    Grim Dawn is now content complete

    ..updating via steam right now.. will check it out tonight, when my better half will be off for night shift
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone Hope you're all up and well? have 3 days off, but caught a terrible cold.. even though it's about 16°C above normal, here too first x-max that I haven't spent at home with my family, stayed in town with my fiancee.. we both had to work yesterday.. had a romantic candle light dinner and plenty of food, still missed the rest of my beloved ones a little bit^^ happy new year too, In case I forget, next week.. greetings Bob
  8. although I don't like Steam very much (I'm okay with it, but sometimes it sucks I have to use it), I like the idea of how the steam OS / steam machines might finally help to push development of games specifically designed to run on linux natively, plus development of good and fast GPU drivers (both AMD and Nvidia).. I dislike Windows 10 more than Steam, so it would be awesome if we could finally switch OSes and break away from Microsoft in order to play games without too many performance issues on linux, and not having to depend on MS/Windows/DX12 this is going to be interesting, maybe this time it's finally happening.. if Vulcan can change things, too? we'll see... I used to run some older games on linux with the help of wine, but newer games tend to stutter a lot, if I can get them to run, at all.. (and yeah, my PC hardware is getting old, too.. sadly) PS: you can install steam OS on practically any PC, so a dual boot of Win10 / Steam OS (or any other linux distro) should work on higher end PCs as well.. as most of the steam machines are low/mid end, or too expensive imho.. (building an individual PC yourself buying the hardware you like is always cheaper, but ofc that's not for everybody) so far, it's always been the same.. customers/gamers say they would like to switch from MS to linux, if their favourite title xyz would run, but tend to stick with MS anyway when it doesnt. publishers won't release many major AAA titles natively supported by linux because they say there's no/little market, and therefore, freeware/proprietary GPU drivers used to lack support/proper development as well, and so on... if this chicken-and-egg problem could be solved, some day?
  9. Rotluchs

    OK. What's a Shneeple? (sp)

    sry for double post.. I'm pretty sure someone aready did it before, but can't find it.. maybe, this tool would be of any help if someone decided to read out sounds, in order to (possibly) being able to listen to and write down all the speech files? http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21615-any-way-to-mod-the-soundpak-file/?p=6971374 or, this thing.. http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php?title=Game_Extractor
  10. Rotluchs

    OK. What's a Shneeple? (sp)

    before I looked it up on the net after I saw some discussions about it years ago, what came to mind after I spend some time closely listening to those goblins shouting "Schniepel" , was more or less the same thing : here in austria, and especially in carinthia, teenagers also used the word "Schniedel" for penis, which is closely matching the word "Schniepel" and the related meaning as mentioned above.. (also found it here: http://dict.tu-chemnitz.de/deutsch-englisch/Schniepel.html ) which reminds me about discussions I've heard or read about somewhere during my studies, regarding whether parents should use "baby talk language" when adressing their children during ther first few years, or not... and if it is useful or even harmful.. I don't know the correct english term for this if there is one, but one example would be "look, a woof-woof/wau wau" in an exaggerated high-pitched "talking to small children" voice mode instead of "look, a dog" using more or less your normal voice as when talking to your partner or grown up friends.. but, as chattius mentioned, we also use "schnipseln" over here, maybe the equivalent to "schnippeln" , and its meaning of cutting something into small pieces.. also, like in "Papierschnipsel", a very small piece of paper, usually not cut, but instead ripped/torn out of another sheet of paper.. hmm.. I also wanted to say something else, but I forgot.. Bob sorry, I also can't find it a the moment I remember a few loooong lists with all sorts of character / monster quotes for Sacred 1 as well.. If only I had made an entire forum backup before they merged/closed large bits of it.. personally, what I will miss the most, is useful info that was on the beta-test forum and the bug-DB.. but only if I let you guys start me thinking about it^^ good times.. but I get a strange feeling sometimes when I think about how many hours I spent for my hobby, back then..
  11. hehe.. I got a headache afterwards .. but that must be from the sudden change in weather, over here.. very stormy, warm days gone.. going to try out a few different builds on my WD now, finally found some more items and completed the class specific sets... edit: headache almost gone.. lets hope it stays that way
  12. gogo, you forgot to add one zero boom! that was fast^^ it was fun meeting you online today, hope I'll have some time this weekend.. double-bounty-reward event is coming this friday for the weekend too, good opportunity to collect a decent amount of crafting mats, in case you're missing some.. (I always do, usually^^ still have lots of legs to break down and make some room in the chest again)
  13. I think Dmol sinclws and Spunky also run HC frequently.. Dobster,Llama the rest and me, kinda like SC only.. not sure what HC is like these days in D3, just remember that there were tons of reports about lags etc when D3 started, and under certain conditions some skills/items still do lag or cause rubber banding I'm sure.. at least I still notice that in SC now so I never bothered trying out HC..
  14. Rotluchs

    The FDM Diablo 3 Friends LIst

    lol, oh my.. I'm utterly low, just started again.. also, I'm still utterly low on my normal non season chars too^^ actually most familar faces I've seen on EU servers play SC, a few do both, or even HC only.. personally, I still play SC only.. since Sacred HC is no more, I havent played any other game in HC mode so far.. my normal chars are somewhere at Paragon 350, and my season char is like P60 ...
  15. Hi, I know the new patch for diablo 3 Reaper of souls is out now for like 2 weeks or so, but to me everything still feels new.. if it does sound new for you too, I tried to collect a few interesting articles from the official site, which covers the most aspects of the game's new update.. to start with, the full patchnotes are over here: Patch 2.3 Now Live (patchnotes) most obvious changes: new feature - Kanai's cube: create legendaries, extract legendary powers, change legs&sets, convert materials&gems update to adventure mode: new crafting materials for the cube, a new bonus cache, new bonus chests for some bounties.. new zone/area in act 3 - Ruins of Sescheron new in season 4 - season journey reworked rift mode new difficulties - Torment 7 to Torment 10 new & changed legendaries&sets etc for more details on the new&changed features, you can also take a look at the previews that have been posted before the patch went live, in case you missed them: Patch 2.3 Preview: Ruins of Sescheron Patch 2.3 Preview: Kanai's Cube Patch 2.3 Preview: Adventure Mode First Look - Season 4 Patch 2.3 Preview: Items and Sets also interesting, the Patch 2.3 Developer Q&A Transcript