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  1. Dual Staff Wielding

    This is what my yes was for. I will always vote in favor of suppressing unavoidable exploits. Since this issue is solved by switching hands, I have no more reasons to vote for yes. That said, shouldn't we make one handed pistols "dual-wieldable" too now? It seems strange to me that a former meele weapon can be dual wielded as ranged but an actual ranged weapon can't. obviously only if that's actually possible, with proper animations, in game effects and such
  2. Dual Staff Wielding

    I'm for yes, but I'll refrain from actually voting until I hear more from Flix. About how v1.60 is currently the issue and such.
  3. Rune Stacking - Yes or No?

    So the potential cheating is no more? If so, then there's no harm in stacking runes and my "no" becomes a yes.
  4. Great. Simply great. Loving the daily highlights and can't wait for when the v160 will be released.
  5. Rune Stacking - Yes or No?

    I voted against mainly for the potential (albeit minor) cheating feature of upgrading stack of runes. IMO this is not something that should be introduced by a patch so widely spread and whose main goal is restoring content.
  6. A new CM version is great news! Any plans to use some of the ideas from my Balance Mod in the improvements phase? For reference, here's the link to the topic, while here's a link to the detailed changelog (which dubs as a wishlist ).
  7. Brainstorming Balance Ideas for Mod

    English text here: https://goo.gl/ieFvjq I've also updated the pack on the first post. Nothing big... a few fixes to the changelog and a tweak to Forest Flight. EDIT: Also, I forgot to add this before but here's the new Fay Drake Elite Mount for the High Elf (Niveus Drake).
  8. Brainstorming Balance Ideas for Mod

    Thanks Flix! Well, if there's interest in the mod as it is I can do the translating myself. I originally posted this to hear the community's opinion on the tweaks... like if I overlooked something that deserves a nerf/buff.
  9. Hi guys A few months ago I started working on a balance mod for Sacred 2 CM 1.50 + Elite Mounts Mod. Being a balance mod I tried to nerf the strongest options and buff into usability the weaker ones. For example, among the nerfed things there are: 1H Weapons/Shields sockets Damage Mitigation Bonuses Percentile Life Leech (completely removed, replaced with flat LL) Block bonuses on shield unlocked by Shield Lore Among CAs: Divine protection, Expulse Magic, Acute Mind are the most notable ones As for buffed things instead: 2H Weapons sockets Elite Mounts (but they need Riding) Inquisitor and TG CAs: Cleansing Brilliance, Raving Thrust and more Almost all CAs have seen some changes. For many I took inspiration from the Enhanced spell Mod but I tried to keep replacements to a minimum as only 3 Combat arts were completely replaced: Shadow Veil -> Shivering Miasma, Dragon Form -> Dragon Strength (temp buff), Combat Trance -> Quick Mind (temp buff). I'm posting this here in case someone wants to comment on the changes I made suggest other balance ideas or further develop this cause I don't know if I ever will, but it also felt like a waste to just leave it in my HDD forever unused... so you can do whatever you want with it. Everything described in the changelog inside the rar is already implemented with the exception of text changes (where those are needed) to the english global.res cause I worked on the italian version. UPDATE: A quick description of why I made some choices. 1H weapons and shields are clearly overpowered. I don't recall a 2H weapon that was worth it. So I drastically reduced the slots on the former and increased the slots on the latter. You can now choose 1H weapon+Shield and 1-2 sockets or a 2H weapons with 3 (less bonuses, more customization). Elite mounts have all 2 bonuses unlocked by riding to make this skill somewhat useful. Damage mitigation, toughness, shield block bonuses become too good too fast so the numbers have been lowered. Conversely, Speed lore has always been quite crappy so it got boosted. Temporary buffs must be temporary. Duration can't become higher than cooldown, and that's the main reason why things like Divine Intervention and Expulse Magic are among the most nerfed CAs. Inquisitor and TG are buffed as a whole cause I improved/increased their amulet and rings slots. TG needed this badly: he had 9 Equipment slots (8+1H weap) 1 amulet and 3 rings. HE has 9 Eq.slots as well (7+2) but 2 Amulets and 4 Rings. Something I tinkered a lot with are CA mods. I tweaked them or swapped them, mainly for one goal: I didn't want the choice (at each stage) to be obvious. Raving thrust is kinda fun now. It's an Area of Effect centered on the inquisitor instead of a single target spell. Dragon Mage can use his 2 new temporary buffs to become a decent attacker with weapons in addition to boosting his spellcasting abilities. I actually wanted to give him a hard-hit style CA but I can't remember why I couldn't make it work. The animation maybe? I couldn't think of a way to nerf shadow veil into fairness (without making it useless) so I straight up replaced it with the lost shivering miasma. Sacred Balance mod.rar
  10. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Sorry but... which values did you change for this, Flix?
  11. Sacred 2 Modding questions

    Thanks gogo, I'm in!
  12. Sacred 2 Modding questions

    Thanks anyway Flix, hopefully tinkering with the mean value will be enough for the changes I have in mind. Also I don't know where I should ask for it but I'd like to be enabled to edit the wiki: there are some things I'd like to fix, like the toughness table.
  13. Sacred 2 Modding questions

    Sorry for double post but, is this silence a no? I was wondering cause I wanted to tinker with skills and I noticed that the wiki shows different values from those that I see in-game for the toughness skill so I thought that it has been changed at some point. EDIT: Just discovered that I can alter effectiveness of skills by tinkering with their "mean_value" on creatures.txt. Anything about changing their effects themselves? like changing what other bonuses are affected by the lore skills?
  14. Hello everyone! I have 2 quick questions for you: 1) does someone know where is the mount regeneration penalty stored and if it's moddable? I already know where all the mount bonuses are and how they work, this malus is the only one I can't find. 2) same, but for skill bonuses. The only thing I found about skills are the "mgr.createSkill", but in those there's nothing about the bonuses they grant and how they scale. Thanks in advance!
  15. Editing global.res

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4izpdMnaorhejI4SGFSVzRCMUk/view?usp=sharing @Flix In this file I've corrected all the names of the items for the italian version of CM 1.50. I've uploaded it cause I though you might be intrested in integrating it in the original CM. In any case, feel free to use it as you see fit. Maybe one day I'll work on dialogue strings as well.