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  1. It's faster if I sum it up actually. No changes to bonuses, only slots. Vast majority of 2H have 3 slots, quality depends on how good the actual weapon is. 2 Gold slots and 0 S/B is the bare minimum, for Legend-level good. Vast majority of 1H have 1 slot only, with very crappy weapons having 2, never both gold. Shields have 0-1 slots. Reasoning is that good shields bring bonuses that eclipse those of a single socketed amulet so I thought the easiest way to balance things a bit was to make 2H having strictly more sockets than 1H+Shield in most cases. First example that comes to mind is Nlovae's Mistery vs Shadow Viewer. Weaver is devastatingly inferior to its 1H counterpart from sockets alone. Spell intensity can be found anywhere and Nlovae can be still be paired with the likes of Kira's Wall or Glacial Defender. So I figured that maybe "Nlovae + Kira + 1 Gold Slot (between both: 1+0)" is more or less as good as "SW + 1 Gold + 2 Silver".
  2. @Flix I've been looking at EE 2.4 and I was considering to rework my mod using that as a base since it evolved considerably in the past few months. I want to hear your opinion about some balance aspects I addressed here that I haven't found in EE 2.4... At least for now so please correct me if I'm wrong about anything. Mainly about weapon slots, riding and Shield block modifiers. About 2H weapons... I haven't seen many nerfs to 1H weapons, but I've noticed a few boosts to 2H weapons, mostly about added bonuses. I went much harder on slots instead, so that in the vast majority of cases, 2H weapons would have more slots than 1H+Shield combined. I thought the only way they could stand a chance was by having more customizability, so I wanted to know your opinion on both approches balance wise, like if your's enough and I'm overdoing it. Riding: I've seen you've boosted EP, somehow Alchemy, somehow DD... all the "minor" general skills. So the question is, did you do anything about Riding to improve it and/or do you think my changes make the skill somehow a worth pick? Shield Block modifiers. I've noticed that despite a nerf to those modifiers the numbers are still in the thousands (so >100% in game). Doesn't this make for easy immunity? Or am I mistaken for any reason, like there are many ways to circumvent >100% shield block, or it doesn't reach 100% at all. The wiki says the bonuses on the shield stack additively with Shield lore mastery so I nerfed them by a lot... I think the best they can get to is 70%... so with SL you'd reach about 90%.
  3. Hi Flix, just noticed that in your graphics16.zip (core mod) the t_ui-ea_sk_astralplane_do.tga file (CA background) is the only one fully opaque instead of showing that transparency veil that all the others have. Dunno how relevant is to you or if that affects anything, but it's an oddity I felt I should report.
  4. I'd see this as going back instead of forward. For me a hypothetical CM170 consists only of additional fixes/addition/changes ON TOP of what we already have in CM160.
  5. Of course it was the right decision. But as time passes and mods develop separately there's a chance to find agreement on new stuff. So what I'm asking is: how about looking back once in a while and see if among the new changes, there's some common ground that could be ported in CM?
  6. Why though? I thought some of those features were missing from the Community Patch only because of lack of time.
  7. First thing I'd do when building a modmerger is comment the game files... For example blueprints.txt with weapon and bonus names, ditto for creatures.txt and the others, which is already an enormous task. That's why most people just build their own mods from already existing ones like you're trying to do. I also did the same by picking stuff from EE and iirc Flix included a few of my suggestions into the newer versions of EE itself. Probably... what we need the most is just an update to the community patch. Isn't that the reason for its name after all? A bunch of changes the modding "community" agrees on. PS: BIG PROPS for the profile pic, @Charon117
  8. While fixing the wizardstaff bonuses unlocked by the weapon skill, I think you might have changed by mistake bonuses 917 and 918 to require skill lore instead of skill mastery. Also there are a lot of uniquename = "unqien" and "unqiue"... you changed some of them to "unique"... are they relevant in any way?
  9. Quick Test Results Downloaded HE, first enemy golden campaign vs first enemy, each line is a different weapon: Normal Damage, 50% Crit, 50% All Damage. 286, 407, 440 693, 966, 1152 1077, 1610, 1406 This is not much, but we can safely say that Crit bonuses are eclipsed by all damage bonuses. The latter work on any kind of damage (crit bonus found on equipment only works on weapon based damage), have no ceiling and are always active. With crits in vanilla you have a chance to deal ~20% more damage, while for example a maxed Eugene's Axe has a 70% All damage bonus. Assuming an impossibile 100% crit chance, you still have 3.5 times the damage that also works on spell based CAs. I'd say a nerf of % damage bonuses is needed, along with the the boost to x1.5 crit multiplier and a very big increase to crit chances on item modifiers
  10. Yep I know you did. But I wonder how damage bonuses affect the actual damage dealt. For example... The wiki says that armor defens worse from critical hits since damage is increased before armor calculation. If Damage +X% bonuses, damage of enraged players etc., are applied after armor calculation then criticals might be much better than what the numbers tell. Conversely if all percentile Damage increases work in the same way of criticals then crit bonuses are utter crap, as the formers go way beyond +20% and even +50% and they don't have an activation chance. So I want to do some tests
  11. I know it's been 2 years but I started tinkering with this again and here's what I came up with (work in progress, will properly release the updated mod when I'm done). "All damage" bonus base values lowered to 1/2 of single element damage bonus from 2/3 Single damage bonuses and all damage bonuses have more or less the same multiplier but with "all damage" being at 2/3 of single damage it was almost always the better choice. "Wounded rage" bonuses (max values) greatly increased to compete with all damage bonuses They literally stood no chance before. Why equip a damage bonus that has a prerequisite when the "all damage" has MUCH higher multipliers and is always at full strength? "Chance to" burn, freeze, poison, weaken effects overall increased to the value of "chance to open wounds" (except poison forge and those that increase all of them) Very simple. Open wound, poison and burn are identical save for damage type. They should have the same chance to proc. Weaken and freeze followed Need to study how crit hit % fares in comparison to all damage bonus. Might also change the flat multiplier damage in balance.txt Full rework of elite mounts. They all boost Hp, defense rate and decrease the regen time of the aspect they're tied to, plus I already gave them 2 more bonuses unlocked by Riding (one attribute shared between aspects and one bonus ), now they're all unique. They are: Dragon Mage, boosts Stamina: Dragon magic: All Damage; Elemental Magic: Spell Intensity; Mentalism: Combat Art Range High Elf, boosts Intellect (Dragons are gone. Lonely Hippo is the aspectless one, see above for the new Mystic Stormite Drake): Arrant Pyromancer: Chance to Burn; Mystic Stormite: Chance to Freeze; Delphic Arcania: Casting Speed Dryad, boosts Dexterity: Capricious Hunter: Attack Speed; Cabalistic Voodoo: Chance to Reflect Ranged; Nature Weaver: Chance to Block Spells Inquisitor, boosts Willpower: Gruesome Inquisition: Damage of Enraged Players; Astute Supremacy: Spell Resistance; Nefarious Netherworld: Chance to Block Close Combat Seraphim, boosts Vitality: Exalted Warrior: Regeneration Per Hit; Celestial Magic: Chance to Reflect Close Combat; Revered Technology: Regeneration Penalty from Buffs -X% Shadow Warrior, boosts Strength: Death Warrior: Chance to inflict Open Wounds; Malevolent Champion: Attack Rate; Astral Lord: Chance to Block Ranged Temple Guardian, boosts Max Shield Energy: Devout Guardian: Chance for Critical Hits; Lost Fusion: Chance to Halve Regeneration Time; Source Warden: Chance to Reflect Spell Still need to decide how to handle aspectless mounts, especially on the unique bonus side. Defense, HP, Regen Time (for all aspects, lowered) and attribute bonuses will likely stay, maybe with different values compared to the aspect ones. What do you think about those changes? Do the bonuses from mounts suit the rider and the aspect? Would you have used something else somewhere? Is Riding now appealing somehow? BTW I know this is on the fancy side of balance changes... I think the most important one is by far the nerf to shields and 1H weapons and the boost to 2H weapons, achieved mainly by tweaking the number of sockets, and secondarily by nerfing the bonuses unlocked by shield lore.
  12. you had a sunny pasquetta? come on, who's gonna believe that (barbecue under the rain for me, as per tradition)
  13. Thanks for the heads up and I'm glad you went along with it in the end
  14. Great job Flix and I'm glad to see some of the balance aspects I posted last july like the tweaks to sockets. I'll definitively try this. One thing is missing and it makes me wonder (since you said you liked it)... why did you decide against giving Temple Guardian and Inquisitor additional amulet/ring slots? Our discussion from back then for reference:
  15. This is what my yes was for. I will always vote in favor of suppressing unavoidable exploits. Since this issue is solved by switching hands, I have no more reasons to vote for yes. That said, shouldn't we make one handed pistols "dual-wieldable" too now? It seems strange to me that a former meele weapon can be dual wielded as ranged but an actual ranged weapon can't. obviously only if that's actually possible, with proper animations, in game effects and such
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