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  1. I found the Community patch under Darkmatters Downloads as current version: 0140hf and not v0150, just saying although my main question regarding community patch v0150 is, whether the regional level caps are removed only for multilayer or even single-player too? The game is surprisingly too easy to play than I thought ( started on silver ). If the regional monster level caps are removed in the Single player game by CM patch then; I suppose its a good feature since, when I reach to gold, or higher level, I want the challenge to increase and stay uniformly difficult. Also, do the regional level caps stay removed throughout the game without getting re-adjusted when I die with survival bonus dropped to zero? Great to see the game is still getting improved!! Side note: For future CM patch request - Please look into making the game more challenging by introducing good options for the players to choose, if possible. For instance; an option to start the game at difficulties higher than silver. Thanks for the patch.
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    A very happy new year to all Hope you have a great, fun and wonderful year ahead!!
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    Too complex Sacred 2

    Thanks gogoblender I'm taking it slowly to check out everything; try and experiment with several stuff while understanding to play. I'll get back to you guys, if needed any advice.
  4. Hello everyone First off, I'm not entirely new to Sacred but returning to the game after almost 8 years have definitely turned me into a new player with all the memories of my experiences no longer as fresh anymore, and since I'm starting off playing with the Sacred 2 for the very first time, the Sacred 2's deep "character customization" and variety of skills, and item concept is becoming sort of difficult as the first time player and quite in depth with a number of things to understand grasp for the relatively simple hack and slash game. Now, I do love and enjoy the complex gameplay, but it helps a lot to discuss, and know when in confusion about where to start and how to understand in a nice simple order? I mean, I finished reading the manual, and Sacredwiki but would want to know some important things prior to begin playing the game, namely, 1. Are these complexities worth the time understanding word to word, and are actually fleshed out brilliantly to its absolute potential in the *game*; where 99% of the time I'm going to test my character skills, and plenty of other factors when facing variety of challenges as I level up? 2. Are enemies ( AI ) quiet intelligent and, at all, challenging requiring more sense of tactical work and thoughtful approach? 3. IF you are asked to mention in an order of most to least important things to know regarding the customization, and the combat, then what would you suggest? 4. Lastly, Any important tips you know its a MUST for a new player? Lol .. Looks like I'm asking a lot but I'd be really grateful, and appreciate if you guys can share something important trying to lessen the confusion on these points. Thanks a ton
  5. Thanks for the welcome, King Angel! I understand. I just wished the fans would also mod the classic so that they could keep the game alive.Its been a very long time since the last time I ever played Sacred. The main problems were - Bugs ( yes, even after all official patching a lot of times had to restart due to save files getting corrupted. I also read that the character classes, loot, and enemies stat too required few more balancing tweaks, although I'm not sure about this. - Respawn rate of enemies in the cleared areas was damn high and in numbers they spawned. I read about that Sacred 2 improves a bit here. - The enemies ( AI ) were absolutely braindead and pose not much threat ( outside of them in groups and large numbers ). I rarely felt they were using any form of tactic or strategy against me. Sacred 2 seems to solve this issue and offers more tougher battles. That's some of the few I could come up right off the bat but, yea I would have loved some more polished up gameplay along with more interesting tweaks to make the game more challenging, and also increasing the spawn times. I'm planning to give my first playthrough Sacred 2 as soon as possible. Downladed from GOG already. Right now, I want to start by going through all the aspects, and details about the Sacred 2 world by visiting Sacredwiki, and reading the manual. The character customization seems pretty complex and deep to digest for a noob like me. Hopefully, I'd manage it otherwise I'd seek advice from the fans, and any inputs in future Thanks for replying
  6. Hi all. New to the Sacred 2 world. I played original Sacred 1 on release, but due to its buggy nature, and lack of mod support thereafter made me lose interest pretty quickly, so much that I never returned to the game. I never completed Sacred 1, nor played Sacred 2. Recently, my friend suggested strongly to try Sacred 2 because of the strong community patch support, and an active modding, and fan support for the same. But what I was really interested is playing the orignal, and I was shocked, and confused that the Sacred 1 has got no such love from modding to community patching AT ALL, because for me the original felt a completely better than any games I played, from the atmosphere, amazing story, quests, challenging gameplay, and an overall immersive experience. Except that it was quite buggy, horribly optimized, and frustrating spawning triggers that I wasn't completely comfortable to enjoy and continue playing for long. So, any reason(s) for why is the original got no love from modding community by improving it further, and making it much better than the vanilla, and even the Sacred 2:)