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  1. Voodoo Dryad (black magic woman)

    I am trying this build now.... thanks for the input...
  2. Sacred 2 : Ice and Blood ---Where To Get It?

    ok wasnt sure, but it can be had in the US from there
  3. Sacred 2 : Ice and Blood ---Where To Get It?

    http://www.gogamer.com/48-Hour-Madness_stc...amp;PID=1312731 go gamer has it for 29.90 for the US version?
  4. Sacred 2 - PS3 : PSN Accounts

    PSN: Rollntider please put sacred 2 in the subject. I have a level 22 Shadow warrior I believe he is a necro build. I am following someones build and this warrior is pretty powerful....I am suprised how good he does. I have a level 30 inqusitor who just beat the dark side...he sucks, I built him just playing around.....
  5. RIP Ascaron

    I ordered a copy for my friend today, he is a big Diablo fan and I have been begging him to try it. I went ahead and bought another copy for him to try it. The extra sale would not hurt to show interest in the game I suppose. Long live sacred.
  6. I mainly play on the PS3, but still play it on PC. Would love to see it released in the US and on PS3.
  7. thats awesome, I wished it was coming to the states....You think the UK expansion will play with my US copy?
  8. Sacred 2 Unlock Weapon Codes

    if anyone could PM me the codes I would appreciate thanks all
  9. Login save

    cool thanks for the log in info..that will help
  10. rollntider intro

    thanks guys, hope to see you guys in the game either PSN or on the pc.
  11. rollntider intro

    Hello all, I am sorta new to sacred 2, I used to play sacred one some, never beat the game. I was close and my pc crashed and was all devastated. Never finished. I plan to go back and do it again though. I am a diablo, titan quest, guild wars player. I picked up sacred for the PC and PS3 and love them both. Not very high with either one right now. I am a computer technician and help desk support for a business software company.
  12. I have it for PC and PS3, I love both versions.