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  1. Bondbug

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    Nothing in walking distance here, we have to use car, and carry a little filled-in form with why we are out, where we are going, etc. Usually I collect milk in a 3 ltr churn from the farm, but am not sure if that qualifies. Literature I read said that bins were still being emptied but not recyling material. Bin men did not come by. Dunno what is going on. We do the shopping once a week, and otherwise stay home - and write daft posts in fori (?) Oh, and we try to play Vanguard on line but that is certainly only food for the dedicated
  2. Bondbug

    Food glorious food - What are you eating

    There you go again Gogo "Its here again... Sheppard's Pie!... we call it by it's venerable name here Pate Chinois... " I never did understand what you mean by z"Sheppards Pie" and now I am even more confused. In English English these pies are usually named after the meat or its Producer? Shepherd's - mutton, Cottage - beef, Game - game (oddly enough). My late son-in-law was called Sheppard but he was no cook. "Chinois" really? I have seen Middle Easterners chasing an escaped sheep down a back street in Paris for their couscous royale. I know that forum members have been at you for as long as I can remember about this naming of yours, but I can't recall any convincing explanation. Just what is it that you are referring to ....er pal, ...or is it now ex-pal?
  3. Bondbug

    Inglenook - for discussion

    Well well, I notice that Chattius can't even note his birthday without making an interesting story of it. One reason that I came to sit in here” earlier was to look through some of his pre-Wiki posts He hasn't changed. I always thought that a selection of his posts here should be gathered together as a separate collection. However, to our muttons as they seem to say here. Dinner today was a sort of upgraded Sunday dinner. Sunday dinner being something we observe religiously even though there are only two of us to enjoy it these days. It is a heavily French-influenced format these days. Starter (hors d'oeuvre which is a meal in itself here), main course, cheese (to prolong the red wine), desert (usually more substantial than the French buy-in-from-the-supermarket thing and often with custard). Timotheus may remember “what's for pud ma?”. We do not buy wines from the supermarket, but from vinyards we visit where we can taste and select, never expensive as our budget is a max. of 4 euros/litre. We have found a “viticulteur” in the Gers department with a very acceptable “cubi” red table wine for under 2 euros? Cubi = cubitainer, 10, 20, 30 litre containers to be filled at the vinyard. Wines here usually have the “cépage” given, that being the name of the grape(s) used. We like our reds fairly substantial in colour and taste, and have found the wines of the south of France very much to our liking, rather than the perhaps more sophisticated wines elsewhere. There are still vinyards which grow older, less well-known grapes, like Tannat, Ginseng, Abu Riou, and many others, less commercially viable in large quantities, but with real taste. So to what was in effect a fairly simple and inexpensive meal. Sauvignon white and cheese straws for apperitif; avocado prawns for starter; quail (poor little things) for main course, with veg and a sauce and red wine; cheese and biscuits (not bread); and pud with cream and a sweet white wine. The veg was fennel and potatoes, par boiled then transferred to the oven with cheese on top. The pud was a light sandwich base with rasps on top and whipped cream from the top of the milk which we fetch twice a week from a farm in a 3 ltr churn. I don't know how much of this you understand. The language is English English and a bit out of date. What I wanted to ask Chattius about is the cooking and presentation of quail. Our choice was something of a trip down memory lane. In our courting days, when I was working and much better off, we used to stop, on our way from Glasgow to Hartlepool, at a little pub/restaurant called The Milecastle, about half way along the Roman Wall (Hadrian's). There he always had draught cider and quail, real countryside quail not the farmed stuff, and he had an incredibly powerful dark brown sauce which also appeared with his cheeseboard !! It was always a feature of this drive, even later when our wee daughter was able to brag that she ate 2 whole chicken there (never seen such tiny chicken, perhaps they were camouflaged quail) Anyway...Chattius, how would you deal with quail:) And for old times sake we have the bread oven working tomorrow.......is your village effort still going strong? Time for a walk, but I am not sure what the new corona restrictions allow.
  4. Bondbug


    Hi gogo the years keep ticking over. I remember well when George Washington said to me.....er....I forget ....oh well it doesn't matter now. As to dinner I was about to post in the Inglenook in the hopes of finding Chattius supervising his little garden... as I need his advice.
  5. Bondbug

    Strange vegetables in our garden

    I just popped in for somewhere quiet to sit and contemplate my mispent youth, middle age and old age, and what the wife is busy cooking up in the kitchen, and your Kraterbeet looks about right for my purpose if I can find a space to sit. As a retired architect, town planner, conservationist, environmentalist etc etc., I am shocked to find that I have not met with this super little spot before and can't find an english name for it. I will ask wife when she emerges from the kitchen later.
  6. Bondbug


    March 18th. OK kids. 91 today...I've got the key of the door, never been 91 before....etc. Chocolate cake for later. I will post a slice to those of you I know, er..
  7. Bondbug

    Problem installing Linux

    I really cannot understand what is happening here. I have two correctly created starter usb, one for 32 bit, one for 64bit. I am using them on the relevant computers, but neither is responding correctly, one refusing to recognise the presence of Windows, the other which ignores the BIOS1st boot priority.. Please will someone pass the sledgehammer
  8. Bondbug

    The related food game

    Are you really having problems getting sausage skins. Butchers here used to give miles and miles of them away for free. But since the EU in their wisdom produced rules which effectively closed down all the excellent small slaughter rooms that local butchers had, it has been more difficult. But our supermarkets are now selling them, more length that you could use in a lifetime for next to nothing. It is getting the end open and onto the nozzle of my sausage making pump-thing that nearly defeats my large hands.
  9. Bondbug

    Happy New Year

    Thanks pal; Bonne Année and Meilleurs Voeux. Too late to wish it in English, but OK in France.
  10. Bondbug

    Happy New Year

    Living in France I can still dish out Happy New Year greetings till the end of January, so in case I have not already done so...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO SID and THE BOSS. I just wish you would stop giving me a guilt complex about being healthy and too far away to be much use. You haven't mentioned the therapeutic value of intermittent spasms of Lotro, EQ2, and the reviving Vanguard but these are unfortunately not of much permanent value. Whatever else may be happening to you laddie, I know that the old grey matter is still very alive and well. Ciao
  11. Bondbug

    Problem installing Linux

    BIOS Mode: Legacy
  12. Bondbug

    Problem installing Linux

    The problem is that I cannot install Linux on my main PC as dual with W8.1.The Linux install does not recognise the presence of W8 and therefore does not offer the option to install alongside it for dual booting. I am also trying to install Linx 19 for dual booting on my laptop following a tutorial guide on youtube for that make of laptop. In this case I can open the BIOS but it does not offer the option of a usb boot. So there again I am blocked.
  13. Bondbug

    Problem installing Linux

    No not Amiga this time but something more up to date. I ask here because I am more likely to get help than on the normal tech help sites which normally hand out advuce based on american stuff an rarely corresponds to my installation. So I have been wasting all my free time for 3 days trying to get Linux installed in a dual (triple in fact) set up with Windows 8.1. I followed tutorial stuff by English contriutors, and managed to get a booting up plug in done. I managed to find out that the PC (!!!!don(t laugh too loud you may hurt yourselves) is a 64 whereas the laptop I started trying to install on is a 32. I had trouble with BIOS on the laptop and eventually switched to the PC, where I managed to get the plug in to work. That took nearly 2 days, a lot of frustration and bad language. Note my highly technical jargon....and I am just coming to the point. I have 4 partitions on my PC, one for W8.1, one for general data, one for XPPro which I still use to access old musical scripting, and 1 of 125Gb now cleared and ready for Linux So I got the Linux demo up and clicked on Install Linux Mint, 19.3 in this case. But when I got to the crucial point where a dialog box should have said approx "we have detected the installation of W8.1" and then offered a set of installation options which included "Install Linux Mint alongside Windows....", what I actually got was "This computer has no detected operating systems" and the "install alongside" option was missing. Brick wall. Any suggestions or kindly comments to enable Linux to detect the operating systems already there, and offer the needed installation option. Perhaps it objects to being part of a 3some:) I will eventually delete W8.1 but can't do it just yet There was also a little note in the corner of the screen "this computer has only 64mb of disc space remaining". Extraordinary in the circumstances but PCs are full of nonsense, even though this one was overhauled and cleaned up a couple of days ago. Sorry Gogo, I always did rattle on too much. OK I could have said it all in a tenth of the space..........
  14. Bondbug


    Thanks pal. Been a busy month and I just spotted this. The link was great and brought it all back Sensible Soccer - yep. I can still play that on DOS BOX. But Player Manager 1 is not a DOS game unfortunately . Nice thing about PM was that the made-up leagues were small and seasons did not last for ever. But you could design your own tactics. Good to see Settlers at number 1. Worth playing just for that superb intro. We still play that regularly. Later versions removed the ability to start with more or less random worlds and some of the cute simplicity of the cartoon images. Other games went the same way, much of the original game being sacrificed for fancy graphics. Colonization was an example of the total disaster that could be created like that. I play these when an on-line game is suffering a down-time I suppose I should really have posted this in the bar rather than Tech, but had faint hopes. I had no response from Cloanto or the other one. You would have thought that they would be interested in selling some gear. Cheers mate.
  15. Bondbug


    Does anyone remember the Amiga.? If so and you are up-to-date with Amiga Forever and Cloanto then I need some advice as I have a slight problem. Long, long ago I was hooked by a game called Player Manager (1990). I have recently downloaded a copy of this old game for the PC, and it is running. So far OK. But when I want to save .... there is still the old demand for a disk to save to, and I am lost. There must be some gadgetry to handle this problem, but I got lost in Cloanto's very full and very excellent documentation. I have sent off a query to their support service, but it occurred to me that someone here may also be taking/have taken a stroll down memory lane and be able to help. I have a stack of old Amiga games so this might just be the start of a better life when games were more content-orientated rather than hidden behind fussy and unnecessary graphics. Sorry Gogo, but age has not improved my computer skills or technical knowledge. Things have changed too much since my old Mac Classic and Amiga 500 - which I did understand. P.S. The question is not essentially to do with Player Manager, but with the problem of linkage between the PC and the disks required by Amiga. However I only asked here on the off chance. A reply would be a bonus, but no reply would be quite understandable!!