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  1. OK. So I'm fixed "only shield hasn't got bonuses bug" (error was caused by the fact that I was found shield and later I've installed Community Patch - another copy of this shield was error-free).
  2. It works! Thanks. I have another question. I tried to add resistances for the shield, but in game do not appear.
  3. I would like to add a gold slots to a sword from set. How to do it? And how to avoid a bug, when each item have loses bonuses?
  4. I know a pistols is only for Dwarf, but which weapon is only for Daemon?
  5. Thanks. Now I found this set in game. But I have another question. Is it possible to replace another full set with this set?
  6. I cant' find it. Can you send me a link for this? Is it possible to use a Item Editor to spawn this item sets to chest?
  7. Hi. I have a question. Is this a possibility to start a new game in any difficulty with no game finish? I don't find this option. I want to do it, because my actual save is bugged. Sorry for my English.
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