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  1. Made a Video on Sacred Basics

    +1 Nice into into the game.
  2. It gives you HC at whatever level you have it at. I levelled up my HC as much as possible. Let's put it this way: I stopped using my skill stat points from middle silver level. Only at the start of Platinum level did I use about one third of the points, and at the start of Niobium level I used the rest. My Glad breezed through all the levels with ease, and only now, in the Underworld campaign on Hell's Ridge, is he being challenged a bit.
  3. My recommendation is Heroic Courage + Raanes full set. My GL with this combo is by far my strongest character.
  4. Sacred Gold patch 2.28 cannot install

    Cool, thanks guys.
  5. Hi guys I am having trouble with the Sacred Gold patch 2.28. Whenever I try to install it, it says that 'No Sacred Underworld installation could be found on your system.' I will upload a pic of the dialog box I get. I bought my version from GOG.com and it is installed under the 'GOG Games' folder on my C: drive. Any suggestions? Thanks, Deon PS. I run Win 7 64-bit, if this makes any difference.
  6. The cave you are talking about- is it the same one where you rescue the Seraphim? There is another quest, to save a novice, but this cave is north-west from Bellvue. And can you access this cave from Bellvue, or must you walk south from Hedgenton? I am not sure how to find this cave. Is this in the same place as the 'Merely A Nightmare?' quest? Thank you, Deon
  7. Best Overall Character In Sacred 2?

    The most powerful character IMHO is the Dragon Mage in Dragon Berserk form. Before I discovered this, I always thought the Shadow Warrior was the best, but in Dragon Berserk form, the DM is top of the pops. For example, one of the toughest bosses (again, IMHO) is Asmarael, the Queen of Spiders. Even my Shadow Warrior had some difficulty against her, but the DM in DB-form cut her down with surprising ease. If you have a DM and have not tried this form, then do! It ROCKS!
  8. My apologies. I posted this in the Underworld forum, so I did not realize it will be viewable over various fora.
  9. I have admitted always used axes with my Dwarf. I may have to try a build with ranged weapons. The only ranged weapon character I have is the Wood Elf. There are just so many more options with axes, like Thian's Axe and Fadalmar.
  10. Hi guys I was wondering which uniques can just be picked up in the world. There are two I know of: Enlightened Iron: found in a grave on the road between Silver Creek and Porto Vallum. Thian's Axe of Flames: open to pick up near Mascarell. Are there any other that one can just go an pick up? Thanks, Deon
  11. Underworld - Looking for the highest DPS possible....

    Gladiator, seriously? Have you ever used Stomping Jump, when properly levelled up? Or seen the devestation that Dagger Stare can cause? I wipe out huge mobs with Stomping Jump. I wish I could get my old Gladiator profile back so that I could show you.
  12. Underworld - Looking for the highest DPS possible....

    My best is the Gladiator. If you have the full Raane's set, you get Heroic Courage as a buff. If your HC is levelled up properly, he becomes truly unstoppable. I also level up the Dagger Stare a lot. With Dagger Stare I often kill NPCs that are not even on the screen. Then for a great finishing move I use Stomping Jump or Attack. For melee fighting I use Attack. One of my favourite moves to gain XP was on Hell’s Ridge (I did this even on Platinum Level). There is an area where a lot of Sakkara demons congregate. I would go there and get them to surround me. Then I would do a single Stomping Jump. They would fall down like a flower blooming. To give you an idea of what Heroic Courage brings to the table: in Niobium level, my Attack without it was about circa 4000 – 5000 points, with it, circa 15000 – 16000. My Defence without it was circa 3500 – 4000 points, with it circa 12000 – 13000 points. Now this is all from memory (the HDD that had that profile crashed, and I am still trying to revive it), but I do remember that the HC increased both my Attack and Defence a multiple of 4x to 5x.
  13. My horse is lost :-(

    PS. One of the reasons the horse might disappear is if you left it in an area where there are Tarantula Gravis (the small spiders that shoot). They shoot at everything, and I have lost more than one horse like that. They are plentiful in the Highmarsh/Gloomoor/Drakenden/Moorbrook area. I don't use a horse in that area. If I have been riding one in that area, I would usually go to the nearest portal, port to a safe place like Braverock Castle or such, and leave the horse there. I have learned to traverse the Highmarsh/Gloomoor/Drakenden/Moorbrook area on foot only.
  14. Goodday to all fellow warriors

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I am just sorry I just disovered the forum. I have been playing for so many years and have had few people I could share with.
  15. Sacred worth trying? If so, which class?

    I am going to disagree here with the other guys. I have played a lot, and my best two characters are the Gladiator and the Dwarf. The Dwarf has Flame Thrower, Cannon Blast and Mortar Grenade, all of which I use a lot. Those are very powerful arts. Greed is brilliant as it allows you to get better stuff much quicker. My king of the mountain is without doubt the Gladiator. Mine is currently on Niobium level on the last part of the Underworld campaign. Now on Hell’s Ridge is the first time he is really being challenged. The key to his power is Heroic Courage. I levelled that up a lot, and then made sure I get the entire Raane's Audacity set. The makes Heroic Courage a buff. I also use Dagger Stare permanently, as well as Stomping Jump as my finishing move. It is very powerful. NOTE: I have played ALL characters beyond Silver level, on both campaigns, so I have some experience. Enjoy, Deon