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  1. Probably still an homage to Da Vinci: http://www.artcrimearchive.org/article?id=88001
  2. I know you can put tables (I've put for Pak-Nakor and Pak-Dain some simple ones), though they can't use formulae from what I get, nor are they interactive. I wanted to change this page too: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/CA_and_Spell_Regeneration_Formulae_(%2B_Base_Value),_by_Telenochek_and_Covenant_and_edited_by_Myles_(Part_2) to add the dwarf base times/level times. On the other hand I could do a separate page I guess, when I get the base times/level times for the daemon and finish the other calculators. My idea was, that by using the excel sheet you can easily find out the regen times/other stats you'll get at rune level X. Basically to facilitate build making, though I guess not many people play Sacred 1 anymore.
  3. Here's what I have for the dwarf: http://www.mediafire.com/view/802y1avdx29oe7t/DwarfRunes.xlsx I can't modify the wiki page with the regen formulae, to add the dwarf's base and level times, though. You can use the excel sheet to input Runes Read, Runes Socketed, Phys Regen, Concentration, RSM, Dwarven lore and Weapon Technology and it should calculate you automatically the stats for the runes. I am not sure however if excel can be embedded in the wiki.
  4. Hi! I added a few things in the DE's combat art's section, check them out and correct anything if necessary. Btw does anybody know how the damage of Poison Mist/Bottomless Pit/Explosive Charge is calculated per rune level? And what the Level on botomless pit stands for?
  5. Hi there!

    Hi! I haven't been playing Sacred for a while and recently started playing it again (the things uni exams do to people ) . Before I used to play it as casually as possible (more like reading a book and trying just to get to the end), so I tried to play it for the rpg elements now, the wiki helped me a lot, so I decided to try and contribute something to it. I've been trying to get some formulas for the DE's rune levels - rune stats relation, and here's what I got: http://www.mediafire.com/view/d7b1466ujocx6bj/DERunes(2).xlsx About the regeneration time - it's on a DE lvl1, phys regen is at 20. The regeneration time should change if your phys regen changes, so I should really find out the relation between the 2 as a formula. I've tested the formulas with runes up to level 16, so unless there's an artificial change at some level they should work. About the Pak-Dain and Pak-Nakor, the delta of the chance to block gets lower and lower, so I should take more than 16 lvls into account to get a correct formula - I'll look into this. I'll try to work on the DE spells too, the Confusion's prediction of the next level seems to be wrong for one thing. I'm looking forward to any feedback or any additional info somebody might have on the subject. I'll try to add the tables/formulas to the wiki if you don't find any glaring mistakes inside.