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  1. What doesn't work in Sacred 2?

    That first link by Mystix123 is a MUST READ for console. I don't know how I missed that. Thank you very much. Keep posting if you find anymore.
  2. As the topic states. What doesnt work? I love the depth of this game and try to dig answers from this site or Sacredwiki.org (both are amazing btw) I am looking for those potholes so I and the next person don't hit. Making a new toon and then finding out something doesn't work as stated probably would send me over the deep end. It seems on Xbox that some known broke things like the Blacksmith skill is pretty covered but what else? What about things that are technically not broke but are pretty much useless. 1 Blacksmithing = completely broke 2 Life leech % = rumored not to be working from weapons 3 raising your chance to hit Defense = pretty worthless as mobs attack ratings are so high to make effect pointless Start adding or confirming. Trying to make simple list to warn others. Trying to stay in the skills.stats.combat arts.game mechanics area but can be anything. Also this xbox\ps version. Thx
  3. I have 46 dual wield pelting strikes seraphim. Queen of blades build roughly. Looking at toughness or reflexes . Any thoughts on this or direction would be appreciated. I plan on going to Niob. I have saved about 25 skill points and the open slot. My second part question is how does the game calculate defenice. Will evasion work with mitigation and armor. Or is there a better defense system for this build. She pretty much rolled through silver. Is crushing orc cave in gold. But I am sensing trouble in future. Skills taken off the top of key head Ep. 5 Bargain 46 Tactics 20 Dw. 1 Armor lore 10 Exalted weapon focus 20 Constitution 10 These are rough hard points. Have about plus 20 inall skills Tux for any and all help. Sorry for my typing skills.
  4. alas I will not for I am on 360. but whenever I get there I will extend the same offer to others. Right now I am half way through gold. Cant play much during week. But should be in platinum by Sunday
  5. Lol . great offer but alas I am super new. Only a broken build level 42 SW. But thanks for offer. Great people still here makes me love this game\ site.
  6. Sacred 2 - Xbox Gamer Tags

    Just got this game and loving it. Xbox 360 GT: Windedeel930 . send invite . I have level 42 Shadow warrior. Just got to Gold diff
  7. Just wanted to introduce myself and pass on my thanks to everyone here at darkmatters and the sacredwiki.org people. If anyone is left on xbox 360. Look me up . Windedeel930 . I have my first character to level 42, a shadow warrior almost a throw away guy with the complete noon build I was just guessing at. Just finished silver campaign needing roughly 150 healing pots and had to drag the guardians out of the room as well. But I am determined. Read this site and sacredwiki.org daily now.