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  1. At a fair here every year they have a double cheese and backon burger that has peanut butter and jelly on it and the bun is made with 2 apple fritters.
  2. sounds interesting let me know how it turns out.
  3. I saw it go up on the sale block 3 times while I was watching waitng for neverwinter night 2 to go onto the block but it never did.
  4. I am learing more things on this game every time I come on this site (every day).
  5. debug mode quest? hmmmm I must have missed that one or haven't ran into it yet.
  6. Was a sunny warm day here. To nice to stay in so I went down to the seawall on my eletric scooter for a few hours. Made it back home without any misshap. Last summer was down there nad when came out of the washroom a group of teens were around the scooter but ran as soon as they seen me. Didn't notice any damage (Normaly they snap off a mirror, steal something or paint on it) Half way home the front left tire fell off and I went ito the ditch and the scooter rolled on top of me. They had lossened the bolts from all 4 tires. Now I make sure if I am away from the scooter while out that I check
  7. I have only played GW1 so far and still play it. Maybe some time I will buy 2 but I still enjoy 1 and have many friends that still play on it. Some left for 2 but then after a year they came back to 1. Have spent way to many hours playing there over the years. Last count was I think at 97 characters over 6 accounts,,, no I just checked and it's at 8 accounts now. Some of them have over 9,000 hrs. play time on them. Only 2 of the accounts I actualy bought the other 6 were given to me by friends that stopped playing or their family when they passed away.
  8. Yes I have used the res stone. I have done both the f9 save and the other and it doesn't seem to matter I still restart back on the beach and also this morning it has started to jump me back to the beach in the middle of a fight. I shoot the blowpipe or bow and suddenly I am back on the beach. Has Happened 3 times today all in different spots. But at least I can read the text now without having to lean in close and get a headache if play it more then 15 min. lol. Thanks again flix for all the great help.
  9. I did as you said Flix and it's back working,,,well sort of,, lol It's still starting at the start beach every time I play no matter how far in the game I am or where I save.
  10. Last time I made it I added some Kahlua and dark spiced rum. Was very tasty.
  11. Never tried it. My cell just has unlimited text no web so wouldn't fo me anygood anyway.
  12. Do they have sales like that often? I bought the sacred 2 there also and 9 other games that came on sale. Rpgs and a few dungeon crawls and even a couple of virtual build games. Should keep me busy for awhile. Till I can affors the elder scrolls anthology from amason.
  13. While in the game on the info about game mode it says standered so must not be on HC. Lol Had to get close to the screen to read it. Slowly getting the hang of it.
  14. Oh I see hard core. Have looked in options but couldn't find a way to get off of HC. Do I have to make a new char?
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