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  1. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    How fortunate. My current toon is a Sorc, and I was eying an Assasin run next game. Would this be among those changes (that I asked about previously) that would break saves? Or will it be possible for you to 'inject' the quest into an extant save file?
  2. Gonna introduce myself, I suppose.

    Ouch. That was a bad time, I would guess. Still (and I hope you'll forgive me for the mild levity, but hopefully you also understand my branding of humor given your background), it must have made you feel like a hell of an American to have already been in boot camp when... you know. Kind of like people already in the service when Pearl Harbor happened, and not just bandwagoners hopping on the patriot train, yeah?
  3. Gonna introduce myself, I suppose.

    Sure is. Actually kind of ruined my post-boot camp experience, since they had that phased liberty crap and I couldn't leave the base for like 2 weeks, and then couldn't stay out overnight till I had almost graduated. Especially painful, as home was Milwaukee, WI, only about an hour away from TSCGL.
  4. So...Is Unbended still being made?

    That may be a problem. We don't know if there will be a blatant DPS indicator this time, but a lot of simpler players may want to have it. Would you be willing to compromise to have no DPS indicator only in hardcore mode? Yeah, I realized even as I said that in the post you quoted that there's no particular reason to nix it just for the sake of making things unnecessarily complicated. That said... I mean, it could go either way, in my opinion. While I'm not directly opposed to simplifying SOME aspects of the math for the players' consumption, neither do I want a case where you will know EXACTLY what gear is better. I suppose DPS as a given number would be fine... But something like D3 actually showing you DPS, EHP, and HP regen blatantly? That just smacks of mindless casualization to me. What the heck, then, is the point of having incremental statting on gear and skills, if you're going to boil it down to numbers? You could say that, sure, you can do that in ANY ARPG (or RPGs in general, I suppose); but when the game literally tells me "all right, you'll get +10% damage and -1% EHP if you use this weapon!", then why even bother with numbers? Mind as well just go "this weapon moderately increases damage and slightly decreases EHP (or "health" as a simplified RPG would probably put it), and not have numbers at all! Like, when I play JRPGs that show little arrows and stuff next to the stats when you compare gear, I try to ignore it, because I want to have to analyze stuff a little, not just know that increases = good
  5. Gonna introduce myself, I suppose.

    As an interesting side note, I actually first experienced Sacred 2 on my Xbox 360 in college, must have been... what, 2010ish? The Gamestop there actually had some really great guys working there, one of the clerks listened to me asking if there were games for the 360 that had a lot of variety, basically like Diablo 2 (I don't think 3 was out yet) but on consoles. He recommended Sacred 2, saying even then that it was a niche-y title. I remember picking Temple Guardian, and giving up like 20 minutes in, controller... well, controls, just didn't click with me. But then, about the same time I tried Titan Quest for the first time a bit later than that, I noticed Sacred 2 come up in a Steam sale. While I had no fond memories of it, given my toxic 360 experience, I still impulsively bought it, just because ARPGs are ARPGs, right? Promptly forgot about it, until I was in one of my "what do I play next...?" modes, and I'm 99% sure that this was in my junior year (2012-2013), as I remember playing it late into the night, hoping my roommate didn't wake up, and I moved to a one-bedroom apartment in my senior year. Anywho, I got into it, and once again chose TG... and this time, stuck through it until I beat the game. But I was just too burned out to play through it again, despite my promises to myself in the first few days. Fast-forward to about two months ago. Again, picking up old titles, I got back into Warframe. This sparked my interest in stat-based RPGs again. Remembered my Kickstarting of Grim Dawn, played it for a bit to see where it stood (it's doing good, if you're curious). Looked through the rest of my games... Diablo 3, can't play on the ship... Same with PoE... TL2, fun, but even with mods it feels too simplistic... Sacred 2. Huh. Haven't played that one in a minute. I google the community patch (I remembered that much at least), and out of curiosity/couldn't remember whether they existed, look up mods. Wait, a DIABLO 2 MOD for Sacred 2? Promptly download the crap out of it, install... and now about 50 hours into a "Sorceress" playthrough, and still keeping the hankering for trying every class unlike last time. That's my little story. Glad to share.
  6. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Too powerful? I've been keeping my eyes peeled for any reports about this CA. I didn't how it would be received, since it's unlike anything in the game (I found it deactivated in the scripts and with no real numbers to go on, I had to guess what would be appropriate). Is it the range (too great?), the amount of raw damage inflicted, the frequency of damage pulses? I'd like to cut it down to size if possible. The downside of Warmth is precisely what you describe: if you want to take it, you may have to make sacrifices (giving up a different buff, taking Fire focus or lore skill in place of another skill, etc.), particularly if you're don't want to have anything to do with the Fire Spells aspect. But it's not neccessary to have Warmth, just as it's not neccessary to have Grand Invigoration. There are a multitude of ways to cut regeneration time down to absurdly low levels. I found using all methods + Grand Invigoration actually got regen down so low it was pointless: 0.1s regen on Fireball is not any better than 0.4s, when considering you can't cast Fireballs that fast anyway, even if you just lay on the right mouse button. With regards to Fire Wall, its effects are just broken. Compare to Fire Ball, which is single target (unless you specifically choose the mods giving it its small Area of Effect), which while admittedly quite fast to regen and cast, requires too much micro except vs bosses/mini bosses.... In which case, a Fire Wall cast on the boss while you Enchant your weapon and just whack at it does, at least apparently, more DPS, with you refreshing FW every time it regens. And unless my eyes deceive me, Inferno is only single-target, unless you choose the relevant mod... I've definitely cast it at a string of mobs following me an NOT hurt everything in the line. I suppose as far as FW is concerned, a more-quickly stacking regen time might help, because as it stands it is effective in virtually every situation with the exception of (sometimes) boss fights. But even then, one's weapon probably will have procs that make you want to use it, rather than (as you would have to with inferno and FB) pretty much doing nothing but casting. FW's duration and regen, especially with Warmth, means you can literally keep it up the whole fight, even IF you use other spells in the meantime. With mods like the one that slows down enemies... It's just a free DPS method with no apparent drawbacks. Its biggest offense is ruining any battle with multiple NPCs, as I can just run into a mob, cast FW at my feet, then count on both Warmth and Energy Shield to keep me alive as I watch everything burn around me. Granted, this is true with any Area of Effect, but consider another Area of Effect in the Sorc's arsenal, Blizzard... Good damage in an area, but ONLY when it manages to hit targets. FW just makes an indiscriminate circle of death that equally applies its decent DPS to everything that enters, and with the slowdown mod can be used to kite mobs, with them chasing you... Right into another FW that you cast because of its aforementioned OP regen.
  7. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    I think, even though it's based on an extant High Elf buff (never played one through in vanilla, so this is based on Wiki research), that Warmth is just too good. There is precisely zero downsides, unless you don't know how overeating runes penalizes CAs. Again, I know it's based on something HE has, AND that in D2 itself it was also a no-brainier, but with Sacred 2's skill system, it kind of railroads using the Fire Aspect (as you'll be cranking points into Lore to level up Warmth), especially since Fire Wall is similarly an almost broken skill, if you want to play as a spell-spamming caster (and that's why people typically play Mage/wizard/sorc/warlock classes in RPGs, right?) That's just my pair of pennies, though.
  8. So...Is Unbended still being made?

    My main thing is finding a balance between giving the player new toys to play with (spells, CAs in Sacred, etc.), and not making it a binary "yes, you have it" or "no, you need to unlock it." Like the CA mods in Sacred 2, or Runes in Diablo 3. Things where you can go back and play with stuff you had before and gave up on, but found some new piece of gear that makes it good again. Yeah, the tedium of "oh boy, a new set of armor that gives me +5% instead of +4% like I'm wearing now!" can make games feel like progression is slow and merely a new set of numbers plugged into a calculator, but I infinitely prefer that to "hey, here's a better version of that spell you were using, so might as well drop the last one entirely!" that many games employ. For your Crit example, it's having to do the quick math between +10% to critical chance vs +50 Crit damage per successful crit, based on current values, without necessarily just plugging it onto my character and watching the relevant columns in a stat sheet change. That's one thing I really dislike, modern ARPGs just unashamedly giving you your DPS number in your stats, so that you literally don't have to think about it.
  9. Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Kyle, handle online angrytigerp or just Tiger (for reference, I prefer being called Tiger online, I have something about what I call "internet friends" addressing me by my IRL name, especially since I rarely hear my first name anymore besides). The reason I rarely hear my first name except for family is because I am a U.S. Sailor, going on 2 1/2 years in about 2 months, and most people address me by my rate (ET3) or last name. I promise I won't get offended if you prefer using "Kyle", though. Prior to my federal servitude, I was a student at the University of Wisconsin (the main campus in Madison, not a satellite), where I studied history with a focus on 19th century Europe. I'll be honest and say, as my profile states, that I originally joined this forum just so I had an account to download mods. That said, having already had a great question answered regarding Sacred 2 gameplay (and more likely to come as I get back into it), as well as my curiosity in the Unbended project, I'll probably be around here and there.
  10. I've always understood (at least, from researching it back a few years ago and reading a couple threads in the past week as a refresher) that the A/D Rating bonus is negligible, given that it's raw numbers (+XX rating) rather than multiplicative (+y%) bonuses. Since I'm playing a CA-oriented character with my first toon (Sorc from the D2 mod), Attack rating becomes even more moot. Not trying to be snippy, but as I asked, do you know the on-foot run speed bonus limit? Even something like +25% would be nice. I'm trying to shy away from mounts unless I'm traversing long distances and/or filling my map, as having to get down means time wasted activating buffs (which my build more or less requires. Can't remember if you can buff on class specific mounts, but even if so the regen penalty would still make me leery). SL and gear bonuses do NOT stack, right? Say cap is +25%, I take SL to 200 for +19% and use +10% boots, I'll still only get 25% and not 29%, right? (Numbers are obviously made up, but just go with it)
  11. So...Is Unbended still being made?

    Well, here's something to watch out for. After a few years' break from Sacred 2, and from ARPGs in general, I picked it up again, and was once again overwhelmed by one of the more fleshed-out titles of the genre. Sure, we have the successors of the granddaddy of all real-time ARPGs, Diablo and its successors, and we have some strong contenders in the category for good, if not amazing, ARPGs... But overall, they're just vehicles for loot piñata-ing, without thinking any deeper than that. But just reading the Crafting post... If the devs can pull off enough expansive gameplay elements like that, blurring the line between deeper but slower turn-based titles, while maintaining the hectic realtime gameplay that makes ARPGs great... I pray to whatever deity/deities may exist that Unbended doesn't exceed its hype train, and we see this stuff come up in the final game (no offense to the devs, just been burned by too many overhyped games that fell far short of their targets, completely removed proposed features, etc.), because it could easily make a mark as one of THE definitive isometric ARPGs. I've always been a numbers guy, even while still preferring having the instant feedback of watching my guy or girl attack stuff when I tell them to, not end the turn and watch a cutscene, and/or basically watch a series of dice rolls (please don't point out that ARPGs have dice roll mechanics like chance to hit, procs, crits, etc., you'll ruin it for me). So if we can get an ARPG that explores the more creative, number-oriented side of gameplay, while maintaining the visceral combat... Sign me up!
  12. Does that mean that each point increases it a greater percentage after 75 compared to before 75 (as the Wiki's chart suggests to me)? Like, pre-75 you get say 0.1% per point, every point from 76 onward adds 0.2%? (Not sure of actual numbers, can't be bothered to do the math ATM). Or is there some flat speed bonus applied at 75, and if so how much? I know that choosing it is a bad-ish choice for a skill, especially given that you can find mid- and end-game gear that just has +RS tacked on (in my defense, I haven't played it in like 2 or 3 years, so I had forgotten this and wanted to stop being so damned slow when on foot), but with that in mind... I just wonder whether I should quit now while the number of points invested in it is relatively low? As an aside, what IS the speed cap, and how quickly in the game will one likely find enough gear to max it out? Or do you HAVE to have at least a few points in SL to hit cap without specifically using gear that might have great +RS stat, but be weaker overall than comparable gear at the same level? I just want to go fast without using my mount all the time (can't use dem buffs)
  13. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Not tryin to just shoot your input down, but I'll point out that this is a Diablo 2 mod...
  14. And that's a shame, really. I'm not opposed to games like that -- Dragon Age: Inquisition is a great example of what I term an "offline MMO", where you do the third-person thing with dice-roll attacking (opposed to real-time, like say Elder Scrolls) -- but I really sometimes just feel like going through the admittedly mindless clickfests of isometrics. There's something soothing about it, especially playing a new IP and/or playing a game I have before that's been heavily modded to feel radically different, such that I get that sense of progression and find out what cool new fireworks I can unleash on the screen. It might also be something along the lines of simplicity. You've only gotta think in two dimensions, really -- up-down, left-right. Sure, the 3D rendering adds terrain and such, but you can see everything going on in the screen. I dunno, man, I'm just crossing my fingers that the genre doesn't die out entirely for being too complicated. Having to min/max stat and skill distros, and compare +5% to +20 damage gear to each other, is probably being viewed by devs as being far too nuanced for their main market groups, which is a real shame.
  15. Asking here because you folks are probably the most familiar with the less-known examples of the genre, seeing as how y'all are dedicated fans of Sacred 2, which was (at least stateside) a pretty obscure release. The playing field for this type of game seems relatively limited. Right now, the only ones I know of off the top of my head are Torchlight 2, Grim Dawn (as the spiritual successor to Titan Quest, I backed that one up back when it was in Kickstarter), Diablo 3, and Path of Exile; the latter 2 are pretty off-limits for me, though, as I am not able to online 24/7 (the perils of being in the Navy). Recently I've been eyeballing the Van Helsing games, as they seem like a competent dungeon-crawler, and will probably be grabbing them before soon. Other than that, though... I feel like there's nothing really out there. So, any gems from call it 2010 onward? Preferably offline-compatible for the reasons above. I'm purposely omitting anything that's sprite-based/2D, simply because the few I've tried I just can't get into -- Diablo 2 is the exception, simply because I grew up playing it, but other than that everything from that era is just too 'muddy' for me to play and have fun with.