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  1. Interesting Combo Effect Again

    Yeah, that's pretty neat. Plus, it's a good way to squeeze more combat arts into your rotation.
  2. Still playing my Celestial/Revered Seraphim on PS3, and I came across another deep nugget of Sacred 2 knowledge. I put hallowed restoration followed by radiant pillar in a combo, and it made the damage from radiant pillar follow my character for the duration of the spell instead of being centered on the pillar. I am telling you, Combos can do some crazy things!
  3. Enemy Resistance - Magic Seraphim

    I think my weapon was just whatever I could get. I was using Kuan's for a while. Currently, I got annoyed at how often my PS3 crashes when I'm playing a toon that uses a lot of combat arts, so I reinstalled my PC version and so far that's going well. As always, I use xpadder and an xbox controller to play. Started a Temple Guardian just to play with modding Untouchable force for maximum damage. I hope to come back to the Seraphim, and then I should have access to Ancient Magic on PC.
  4. Enemy Resistance - Magic Seraphim

    I didn't get double hit on either. I was concerned about being able to damage bosses, and I wanted to take extra damage wherever I could. I haven't gotten to mod baneful smite yet, as I started with radiant pillar, cleansing brilliance, and then hallowed restoration.
  5. Enemy Resistance - Magic Seraphim

    Hey all. I recently dusted off my PS3 to play Sacred 2 again (because my PC version's been crashing, though so does my PS3 version). Anyway, I've started a new profile and chose a magic seraphim to be my bargaining character who will allow me to play with other builds I like thanks to the OPness of All Skills. I'm wondering how high in level I'm going to be able to get her, though, since it seems that she has no way to reduce enemy resistances and most of her damage is low even with decent All Skills. I was wondering if I was missing some way to reduce enemy resistances. (If alchemy is an answer, that's not gonna fly on PS3) Or maybe I won't need that. Just curious what possibilities I'm looking at with this toon. Though... does the weakening effect of baneful smite and all those secondary magic effects make up for it at all? So far She's 58 concentration armor lore celestial magic focus revered tech focus perception celestial magic lore warding energy combat discipline bargaining *planning on revered tech lore mainly using flaring nova, radiant pillar, hallowed restoration, baneful smite, archangel's wrath, warding energy, and cleansing brilliance
  6. I've played Sacred 2 probably over 500 hours by now, mostly on the PS3. It's just the most fun to relax and mindlessly kill enemies for better loot and explore the world. I most love developing builds. I've tried so many! My most successful character in that she was fun enough to play that I didn't get distracted by other toons was my Ranged Magic Coup high elf. So many ways to play that one. And I made her a bargainer, so she's spawned a host of more complex builds, hybrids, and so forth that use the overpowered All Skills on the PS3. In playing all these characters who use a host of CAs, I got into Combos and Combat Discipline. I realized that combos are really fascinating because they can change the automation and behavior of spells and abilities. I have an inquisitor who I'm using with a main combo of Ruthless Mutilation, Levin Array, and Raving Thrust. This allows me to hold down the button until everything is dead instead pressing it once per cast like a spell. Are there other things you only learn after playing for a huge amount of time?
  7. Screen Resolution

    Yep! Thanks! So many interesting things in that file! Must dig sometime.
  8. Hey all. So I just got a 4k TV, and I'm trying to play Sacred 2. So far, it's awesome. But when I go into graphics settings, the list of resolutions pops down, and it's like options past 2560 x 1440 just scroll off the screen and I can't get my mouse to them. So I'm wondering if anyone knows how to set the resolution higher.
  9. Two Modding Questions

    Yeah, I figured it would take a lot of work in a lot of different files. I guess it will give me something to look forward to for when I play your mod again. I vastly prefer the creatures in that mod, as it balances the areas much better and provides more challenge and interest throughout the zones.
  10. Two Modding Questions

    Hey all, so right now I'm playing a three aspect Dragon Mage at around 50 in gold and really really enjoying it. Nobody ever mentioned in the wiki that the animation for Dragon Strike is so epic that it makes the whole toon worth it! It reminds me of something out of Golden Axe lol. Anyway, so I do have a couple questions. I'm enjoying playing with the Community mod, but I liked the monster population from the Diablo full conversion mod. Eventually I want to play those classes in the D2 mod, but right now I'm enjoying standard classes. But I'd like to play against the mobs from the D2 mod. So if anyone can help me with how I can arrange my files to do that, I would appreciate the help. My second question is more of a query. I'm toying with the idea of making a mod when I hit 100 that will rearrange the difficulties to make level bronze as difficult as Niobium and then scale up from there until Niobium starts at like 160. All I'd have to do is erase campaign progress in the character editor and I could take my toon through 5 new, more extreme difficulties. I think it would be fairly easy to accomplish, but I was curious if it would be something anyone else would be interested in. I won't start until I get to 100, so it will probably be a few weeks before I consider actually making a mod.
  11. I may start an LP this weekend, I don't really know. I'm really into the Magic Coup high elf I'm playing on the PS3. Got her at 66, pushed armor lore and ranged so I could take the damage mod on magic coup. Now I'm going to get more arcane lore to hopefully bring my damage up. My key is I love playing with fire as my defensive tree. So I have tons of armor and like 55% melee reflect and ranged blocking. My expulse magic of course is an insanely useful tool. Incendiary shower is nice for heavies and delivers a nice stun. I made a combo of a modded shadow step and incendiary shower to create a huge stun with Area of Effect damage. I also like to drop a stunning shower and then throw up an expulse magic. Devastating. I'm really happy because I couldn't get a Magic Coup elf past 40 without my choices making them super weak before.
  12. I want to do a Let's Play and go all the way through Niobium. It would be really long. But I love this game. I want to do classic with the Community patch. So the question is what class? I'm thinking Temple Guardian, possibly Lost Fusion, or a Dragon Mage. I want a bit of a tough build that will change a lot as I level. I also wouldn't mind an inquisitor of some sort. Any thoughts or class you'd like to see?
  13. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    So I just found out that Smite with a magic wand will teleport you to the enemy to do the move. I've hit stuff that was far enough away the screen stuck and had to reload.
  14. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Yeah, they can learn it. I just took swords, and I didn't want to reroll.
  15. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Currently playing a Paladin, and just used the character editor to tweak her to use magic staffs. She is now a beast almost at a BFG level. When she gets Thorns at 75, I think she's going to be a world wrecker. Also playing a Necromancer at 50 with Iron Maiden and Skeletons, will add mages back in at 75. It's good, too. I am planning on trying a Barbarian with a 2 handed lightsaber.