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  1. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Okay, I tried everything in the thread, didn't work. However, something gave me an idea... >Get the GOG version >Mfw no crashes anymore It's so strange. I blame Akella and their incompetence. Anyway, everything's working as a butter now, so thank you Hooyaah and to everyone, who tried to help!
  2. Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Yeah, this thing is madness. I got oneshotted today by a horde of 40 spiders in the swaps. It literally was just that - running by, one second later I'm dead. Fun! But seriously, someone must do something about those dots. Not even battle regen can save against them, I'm forced to level Toughness as well to counter their ridiculous poison. It's quite strange you didn't know about CE, Flix. This utility is quite popular! Anyway, be AWARE OF GLITCHES this thing can cause in your game! Remember when I reported about disappearing HUD, character self-awareness? Yeah, it can cause it easily, due to disrepancy in increasing game speed, and how the game operates normally.
  3. Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Nah, you must ALT+TAB from the game, select your speed below the speedhack flag and return to the game. Everything will be a faster pace, since this hack speeds up the general game time. You start slow. At first, I used the standard speed, played for a bit, leveled up a couple of times. Then I used x2 speed and played for a pretty long time, until I completely adjusted to events happening on screen, so I could be comfortable. Only then I turned on x5 speed. Even x2 speed seems slow to me now. I adapted to the point my reflexes and perception withing the game became much faster, so I can manage at least the bare minimum of survival rate. Of course, it can be pretty brutal. I was on the verge of death many times, and my Dryad even died once against a Fire Elemental, because I stupidly just barged straight ahead right at him. It's already hard with these mods, so if you wanna start this method, do be careful. And yes, as Flix said, your builds must be stellar in order to conquer higher difficulties.
  4. Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Right here: I use it for my own personal reasons, since my game crashes often still. Cranking the game speed allows me to complete tasks and exploration in a much quicker succession, not to mention I can also test the capability of my builds in extreme conditions. Just select the process in CE, apply speedhack, choose your speed and you are good to go.
  5. Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Oh wow, they do? Jesus, why would Ascaron do that? It's pretty boring to play without them. Both of my characters started platina yesterday without any difficulties whatsoever, so I concur that they are, in fact, very solid builds. See, I consider Sacred 2 pretty slow, so I play it at x5 speed in Cheat Engine with both of your modules. So I already have several ideas from our conversation. Thanks, Flix.
  6. Wardust's Serious Textures and Spells Update+Repack

    Thanks for your consideration.
  7. Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Okay, first I'm going to provide a liitle more depth to my statement to explain, how I came to this decision. The first frustration came, when I reached the quest Robbery near elven avanpost, not far from Tylisium. I haven't even reached the poor girl, the moment I saw her, she was surrounded by both quest bandits and like 30 skeletons, which annihilated her in literal seconds. Next came Carlos, with that quest, where he needed to kill an Orc. I checked the area, approached the Orc - bam, Carlos got oneshotted behind me. And finally, the quest with information giver, Hatol or whatever. We stepped out of tavern, half a second passed... a horde of animals and slaves out of nowhere = dead. So I thought, at first, that maybe I can downscale the damage dealed to them, so I edited Balance.txt to 0 for testing. Turns out, they still got damaged somehow and pretty fast, although not as scary as before. So I scaled it back to 200-300. And it was actually fine. I managed to do quite a lot of quests with this parameter without hammering my spacebar to oblivion. My point is next - since the aggro is much bigger and the number of monsters too, sometimes you can get greeted by a 60-70 mob crowd, which absolutely swarms you and your escort NPC, killing it incredibly fast. So you need at least some time to toss the potion to heal, while quickly eliminating the crowd. Downscaling the damage worked fine for me - enemies are 11 levels higher than me, but I still manage to protect my NPC partner from harm.
  8. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    It doesn't use 95% all the time. At first, it uses around 40% of memory, but as I continue playing it starts increasing to the point of 90+, then it crashes. It happens every time I teleport or go in the dungeon, I.e. changing locations. Freezes do not happen in any other case. It's definitely a memory leak by it's nature. Anyway, since the problem was on me only, I'm not going to bother you guys anymore. I can still play from 2 to 4 hours with max quality and up to 6 hours with the memory manipulation in options.txt. As far as I'm aware this instability was always there - ever since I got the game almost 4 years ago on a decent PC. My drivers and libraries are all up to date. More even, I frequently perform a maintenance to clean up my PC, so that's that. Also, I'm using Windows 7 x64. It doens't matter if this is a campaign, or LAN, or free mode - it freezes everywhere. So, in conclusion, I have absolutely no freaking idea what is causing it.
  9. Wardust's Serious Textures and Spells Update+Repack

    Any hope of updating this to 1.60? Elite textures, even trimmed, are a huge mess.
  10. Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I would like to speak on the matter of escort quests with Superspawn and Challenge Mode active. There is absolutely no way they are gonna be enjoyable. They were a bore to begin with, but with this some of them basically become unplayable. There are so many mobs with so much damage that even with hitting spacebar all the time, the big mob crowd can basically oneshot your NPC, leading it to the quest fail. I often switched off the Survival Mod in the past, when reaching certain quests, because it was becoming ridiculous, but here it's even harder to do.
  11. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    I HIGHLY doubt it, since Sacred 2 is the only game that behaves like this, ALWAYS behaved during memory leaks. Interesting fact, though, it appears, that the consumption reaches higher and higher, as you teleport or explore dungeons (changing locations). Just yesterday I encountered two freezes, one in two hours, but then I was able to play for another three hours straight, without freezing or crashing. The ONLY way to counter this was to limit the memory physically myself, by changing all parameters to 1 in options.txt. Then I can play for 5-6 hours flawlessly. This is a very old fix, but it does wonders. Elite textures are still a nightmare, by the way. Continuously crashing every 20-30 minutes. So yeah, this is certainly not a malware, but a game's problem.
  12. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Ah, I see. I've been playing for years, and I still didn't know that those were dots. damn me. Thanks, Flix. Another set of bugs: - The Quest Witching About immediately disappears upon giving the raven nuts and clicking on the quest point on the World Map. Also disappears from the Log as well. - Freeze upon exiting to the volcanic island north of Gates of Artamark. - I did another fresh install from ground zero and the problem with the Ship and Air Balloon portals still persist. I tried to instal 1.50 and then 1.60 upon it. No results. My friend can teleport flawlessly, while I, for the life of me, can't do it at all. Addendum: -->When reaching kobold camp, the quest Witching About is completed, however, it's still missing from the Log. - Another freeze encountered, while teleporting. When checking memory consumption, it reached 95%. I have 8 gigs, by the way.
  13. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Actually had a crash during game exiting to desktop, so maybe this is not a EE issue after all. The following mistake... Other more specific bugs: - Spiders near Whispering Forest (including Shelob) seem to completely ignore Poison Resistance. Tested this with and without relics, with and without Ancient Bark - the damage stays consistently the same, only physical gets mitigated. Not only that, it looks like they ignore Dodge as well, since every hit counts, while I have nearly 60% from Reflexes and equipment. - Solved, my mistake.
  14. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Ah, I see, looks like we found the problem. In this case, we must revert it to Flix for fixing, it seems. Thanks for the help.
  15. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    I killed Gahanka with Dryad before. No crash. Then I killed him with Shadow Warrior. Three crashes. Killed Terus with the same character. Crash. Utilized Frenzy-Blow combo on both. My friend was playing Dragon Mage in MP with me as the host. Traversing Blood Forest near Invisible Labyrinth. Three crashes in 15 minutes. Seems random somehow.