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  1. Thanks for all the tips you guys!!
  2. Mister Einsteinium you are my hero!!! I will download the community patch from the link like you said! (so I dont have to download any other patch then?) Thank you!
  3. Dear Sacred 2 lovers, I am a hugeeeee sacred 2 fan and I have played it for decades on my xbox 360 console. Unfortunately I keep having troubles with glitched quests and other annoying game faults. So I decided to buy the Sacred 2 Gold Edition from a store nearby for pc and I am ready to play it. Because I also read alot about character builds and fixed glitches on the internet (for example on darkmatters and sacred2wiki), I came to you with a few questions. Firstly I would like to say you people are truly amazing! My world was coming down when I found out there weren't going to be any updates for the console but you people fix the game and its a blessing for us! I read a lot about so called ‘’patches’’ and ‘’community patches’’ but I am a nooooob on this field of interest. My questions to you are: 1 What are ‘’patches’’ and what are ‘’community patches’’? 2 Do I need to download them or is my version of sacred 2 gold edition (disc and not steam) up to date? 3 Do you have a step by step formula for downloading them or give me links to descriptions? 3.1 Which one: community or normal patch or both? 3.2 If yes: in which order? I hope some of you could help my out! I would be forever grateful! Greetings from Gerrie! (P.S. I already searched the internet for answers but I couldnt find an answer for all the questions above)