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  1. Metallica > Nothing Else Matters Metallica -> The Unforgiven
  2. AC/DC -> Let me put my love into you AC/DC -> You Shook Me All Night Long
  3. Norah Jones -> chasing pirates Snow Patrol -> Chasing Cars
  4. Queen -> Who wants to live forever Juice Newton -> Queen of Hearts
  5. Coldplay -> Yellow Tony Orlando -> Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree
  6. Glenn Miller > Serenade in Blue Glenn Miller -> String of Pearls
  7. I beg your pardon:) Old stuff, you say:) Why, I'm quite put out!!! Ah well, it's about 40 years ago so it is kinda old I guess Okay, I do get your comparison to Charlie Brown's Christmas spirit. @Knuckles Yup, I'm an AC/DC fan, but I've only got two t-shirts... erm... so far...
  8. Hi, I did the same yesterday (on my other puter) and I had absolutely no problems downloading from GOG or installing the CM150!
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