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  1. That's fine but there's a lot more involved than just copying the new lines into the file. Every spell name has two entries, one for the spell, one for the rune. Also Shivering Miasma has two copies of everything (description, modifications, etc.) because the buff version has separate entries. Also there are several changes that don't involve translation, but rather swapping of entries. Eruptive Desecration and all its modifications take the place of those of Raving Thrust, and Archangel's Wrath takes the place of Instill Belief. I figured as much. I was quite surprised when the script I made worked as intended but not all of the combat art titles in game were updated. Your post made it clear Anyway, it was really easier to implement these changes using your global.res. I've updated my Google Drive with the finalized global.res for ru_RU locale and the raw pre-encoded txt (just in case). By the way, I was encoding the txt with "Ru+" param, because "Ru" without a plus sign was throwing an error about a string with an unincluded Unicode character somewhere there. I hope it's fine with "Ru+". I've tested those changes in the game, they seem to be fine and well. The link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByAnQhQfaxOAOXY2MThhd2lod28&usp=sharing P.S. I'm fine with English Sacred 2, but my wife is not and she was waiting for the Russian translation of the mod badly. It seems that she'll be happy. Thank you for your wonderful mod and Nikoleagle for his translation
  2. The changes are quite dispersed. Will it be fine if I update the Russian global.res by myself and send it to you?
  3. I've corrected the Nikoleagle's Russian translation of this mod. A lot of unneeded capitalization was removed (for example Russian official translation combat arts titles are all "first word starts with uppercase, second word starts with lowercase, stats are all lowercase"), fixed some typos and commas, changed a few sentences and replaced a few words ("сушенная голова" -> "высушенная голова" like in the official translation global.res). Flix, I've uploaded the Russian global.res file as well, if you still need it. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByAnQhQfaxOAOXY2MThhd2lod28&usp=sharing
  4. dang, that worked! Thanks a lot, Flix.
  5. Hello everybody. There's quite a problem. I've downloaded S2RW v1.7 from Flix's link somewhere here in the modding section and everytime I launch it I see a message "Sacred 2 not found". The thing is, I do have Sacred 2 Gold Steam version. It doesn't matter from where I launch the tool - /system dir, /locale/en_UK - it always says the same. My registry entries look this way: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ascaron entertainment\sacred 2] "installpath"="E:\\DATA\\GAMES\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Sacred 2 Gold" "currentversion"="" "language"="en_UK" "speech"="en_UK" "movietrack"="6" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2] "LastUpdateCheck"=dword:000b426e ...and nothing more about Sacred 2. I've opened the tool with a HEX editor to read strings and get some clues. It seems that it looks for "SecuROM" and "{1023383E-D9F6-478C-A965-23A4657B3C9A}" keys (there's much more of them). The last seems to be the uninstallation data made by an installer, but the Steam doesn't have any, as well as it doesn't have SecuROM. So... Is there a way I can use the tool some way? Or is there a tool without some of the checks?
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