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  1. Great guide and thanks for reupload ! Just installed everything and it works just great. Plus it's easy to understand which is big + for me ;D
  2. Can you PM that ? and it works with Sacred 2 gold (Steam version ) right ?
  3. Hello there again friendly friends ! Im just trying to find Elite Textures for Sacred 2 but cant find it. Some dude uploaded it on depositfiles which is slow for me because im using regular download. He said it's with permision of Deep Silver so I guess they dont have any problems with their texture pack distribution so is there anyone who have some good link where I can download it faster than 300kb/s ? If you want to check out that topic on Steam forums there you go ! http://steamcommunity.com/app/225640/discussions/0/864956554771486869/
  4. Ah guys im really sorry it was my fault.Im on HD 7870 GPU but ! I needed to download physx and that solved my problem.Anyways thanks for being that active and trying to help ! I think I will stick with this forum since I started playing Sacred !
  5. Hey dudes ! So I upgraded to Windows 10 and love this OS ! But I found pretty damn bad thing...Cant play my favorite game.After startup loading it crash to Desktop.It looks like I forgot some driver or something ? It will be awesome if anyone will be nice enough to help me