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    to find out about the new sacred inspired game and also to re-find out quest and game info' for sacred underworld gold and sacred 2 fallen angel gold and maybe talk with oter players
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  1. Hey There

    Yay that's Good Gogo' at least some of my grey cells are still active ... Lol I decided to replay Sacred as World of Warcraft had changed too much for me to want to continue playing it. I have also downloaded Sacred 2 Gold from the Darkmatters shop, but have not yet started a character in that yet. I was not as big fan of sacred 2 as sacred 1 I hoped when they announced sacred 2 that the game would keep to the same isometric view and style as sacred 1, but that was not to be,also the user interface was not as friendly ( in my own opinion ) but hey I did manage after a while but was never as comfortable playing 2 over 1. I rather liked the Temple guardian character. also I want to try out the diablo2 inspired community patch or mod as I still like to play diablo 2 lod take care Dazed
  2. Hey There

    Hey Thorin Would You happen to be a Status Quo Fan ? if so then Me too Dazed
  3. Hey There

    Hey there Thorin Oakshield, Gogoblender, Dorimil Yes the 21 quests that appear, in a random order I'm guessing, so I agree will take some time to do them all, but I'm looking forwards to receiving the rewards. when I was playing Sacred when it originally was released the Ascaron forums where a great deal of help in regards to the quests as and when the head banging and scratching got too bad ... lol correct Me if I'm wrong but did both of You Thorin and Gogo post on the original forums when they were active, along with Mirko and C hacker I think was Her name and something about Squirrels seem to come to mind ... lol oooo and Delta your tempting my sweet tooth there with all those yummy sounding things .... but Doh ! I'm type 2 diabetic , but will join You in a coffee ( no sugar natch' lol ) take care You all Dazed
  4. Hey There

    Hey there Knuckles, many thanks for your reply and info / Links. That was the type of info I needed.
  5. Hey There

    Greetings Delta! No problems about info, ( I guess I should have posted that kind of request in the relevant forum ... ooops lol ) any ways hows things ? just been playing my Daemon and its doing ok so far. are you an returning player to sacred like Me ?
  6. Hey There

    Hello all Just registered to be able post on forums. I played sacred back when it was first released and over time changed to the various upgrades, patches and the onto the sacred 2 fallen angel. I've found the a lot of the original game quest info has disappeared into the either lol I've seen what's available on the dark matters site and unbended wiki sites etc I'm playing the sacred underworld gold version patch 2.28 what I would like to know does anybody out there have any info about the quests obtained from the Wanted notice board at the settlement near the path that leads to Timberton. the quests usually start with ( so far as I've seen them and done them ) Wanted dead, not alive any help or links to sites would be great many thanks