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  1. Sacred 2 Guides - BeeEffGee

    Wait a minute Mr. Postman (pun intended),..... The class quest reward weapon for the Serephim has a bonus to BeeEffGee. So what then is the point, then, if an off slotted weapon has no value? I am trying to determine this on my own on Xbox console but the glitches are preventing me from checking all applicable stats in the details window of Overview. Hope someone sees this!! lol
  2. Hey everyone! First forum ever and for good cause. So not completely sure how all this goes down. So here is the problem and I am prolly out of luck but,..... Sacred 2 is my favorite game and I have played it for years but on the 360 console. I lost my old 360 in a fire and got another just for this and one other game. Problem is I don't have any of the patches or all the downloads I paid for and I am dying to get all that back. My roommate and I still play on same console together religiously but all I have been able to find online beyond 2009 or 2010 is this forum. I can make things happen if anything is available or possible. Just need the right trail. Please help a former paper D&D player get back into the digital age with the only game worth a poo. I am geeking and no one plays D&D here anymore. I am tired of the same DM all the time(lol).