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  1. Currently playing mostly Minecraft and Doom: PB but I'll be back on Sacred 2 soon!

  2. No more Sacred 2 for me. Too many glitches plague this game and it's sad since it had good potential. ':(

  3. Aezgaroth

    Help killing bosses

    I don't remember reading about this in the Wiki but it seems the Gar'Colossus can lifeleech the players. Just noticed that today while trying to beat him with another melee toon. If that's the case then it's no wonder why so many people had problems with him. I tried to do as many people suggested, that is to attack him with ranged weapons but I keep getting that very annoying perma-paralysis glitch. I give up, the game's way too broken to even be fun at that point.
  4. @ Hooyaah, there's the cameraShake = 1 line in the options.txt file. I didn't tried it so I dunno if the setting works or not. For the "Boss Cam" I'll eventually play around with the options.txt to see if I can come up with anything useful. Some of the settings are hard to figure out even when they DO affect the game and some also require to modify 2 or 3 lines at once to really see any difference. Patience is a virtue apparently.
  5. Hi again everyone! I took the time to read every single post here and like many of us I played a bit with the optionsCustom.txt to adjust my camera settings. I finally came up with some tweaks that allow me to make the camera behave pretty much like what I use when I play World of Warcraft. Since in the past some people asked if it was possible to do some of the modifications I'm using, I decided to share what I found so far. I'm still trying to find out how a lot of the optionsCustom.txt settings work to make it better but for now here's what I did in details: Notes: - I use the latest Sacred 2 Gold build from steam with the CM patch 0150 - I simply made a backup copy of the standard options.txt file in a seperate folder and edited the original in AppData\Local\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2. This way I'm sure I can revert any settings to their original values just by looking at the backup copy. I think there's no real need to create the optionsCustom.txt file since I did that instead. Steps: 1 - Boot the game and on the title screen select the "Options" then "Gameplay". 2 - Set the camera options as described: Follow Camera: Off - Allows the camera to be in "free mode" without "auto-centering" etc... Required to benefit the most out of all the other settings we'll modify in the menu and options.txt file. By default, holding down the middle-mouse button allows to move the camera around freely (within the current parameters). People asked if it was possible to remap that function to another button (like the right-click). It might be possible to do it with the options.txt since some keybinding options are found in the file. I'll try to find the value corresponding to this button eventually to see if it works. I'll edit this post with my results if I find a way to do it. For now the only work around I know is what I explain in my other post above. Camera Collision: On - Prevents the camera from going though walls, objects etc... Not required but still useful when using the camera in "free mode" if you don't want to see "out of bounds" all the time. Automatic Zoom Curve: Off - Makes the camera's vertical axis movement independent from the zoom distance. Required to benefit the most out of all the other settings we'll modify in the menu and options.txt file. When used with "Follow Camera: Off" you have complete control on the camera's movements (within the parameters set on the 4 sliders). Min. zoom (slider): Set 2 steps up from minimum (left side) - Allows to zoom very close to the character but not completely all the way. Once combined with the proper Min. zoom curve (slider) setting and another modification made in the options.txt file, this setting will provide a very good 3rd person perspective. You can adjust it even lower if you really want to zoom as close as possible to the character but by doing so you'll also have to re-adjust the related settings in the menu and options.txt file accordingly to keep a good balance for all 3 of them. More info on that coming in this post, keep reading. Max. zoom (slider): Set to maximum (right side) - Allow to zoom out as far as possible. We will increase this value even more with a well know setting in the options.txt file later. Some of the following settings will allow us to use a true 100% top down perspective so when needed we want to be able to zoom very far, or in this case, very hiiiiigh! Min. zoom curve (slider): Set to minimum (left side) - Allows the camera's vertical axis to reach ground level. Once combined with the Min. zoom (slider) setting recommanded before and another modification made in the options.txt file, this setting will provide us with a comfortable 3rd person perspective. Max. zoom curve (slider): Set to maximum (right side) - Allows the camera's vertical axis to go higher in a semi-top down view perspective. We'll increase this value even more with a well know setting in the options.txt file in a few seconds. It'll be very useful since we'll be able to use a true 100% top down perspective. 3 - Make sure to SAVE all the modifications we just made in the game's options menu and close the game. 4 - Now that the more basic stuff is done let's mess around with that little options.txt file hehe. (The settings are placed in the same order as they'll appear in the options.txt file. I just didn't bother copying the entire list since most of them aren't useful for now so just scroll down to bypass those in between) cam1_rotx_emax = -1.57, - This is the little setting that let's you set a higher limit for the camera's vertical axis. Now the camera is able to exceed the normal +/- 60 degrees angle when moved to top down perspective. The value -1.57 seems to be the sweet spot because when using a value of -1.58 or more, the camera is allowed to go too far on its axis, causing it to go on the other side of the character (in front of him instead of in his back). One more modification and we have a working top down perspective. cam1_rotx_max = -1.57, - Finally, this is the last setting we need for our top down perspective. The Max. zoom curve (slider) in the game's option can't go as high as the new limit we just set. Let's help him a bit by forcing it's value beyond the slider's capabilities. Since we have a limit value of -1.57, guess what we'll put here? Yup, the exact same value, -1.57. Now we can move the camera at 90 degrees on its vertical axis and truly see our character directly from above when we want. Feel free to zoom out a lot during battles. cam1_trackdist_max = 1800, - Most of you already know what this one does. It allows us to exceed the Max. zoom (slider) value and zoom out A LOT MORE. I find 1800 to be fine but feel free to increase it as much as you like. Keep in mind that the higher it is, the harder it becomes to clearly see what's happening on the ground. TPOMax = 85 - Now this is another useful setting that some of us needed. In short, it will let you adjust the height of the camera from the ground. Do not mistake this setting for the Min. zoom curve (slider). The slider is affecting the camera's vertical axis movements while the TPOMax determinates the height on which this axis lowest point is based. If you followed my recommandations for the settings of both Min. zoom curve (slider) and Min. zoom (slider), then when you'll zoom in as close as possible to the character and move the camera at ground level you should have a good 3rd person perspective with your character NOT centered with the camera angle. In fact his feets should not be far from the compas. Using a value lower then 85 will make him more centered with the camera while increasing the value will eventually make him go down and behind the UI where the compas is displayed. Speaking of which, the last setting I'll explain for now is for the compas... compass = 0 - This will simply turn off the compas display (1 = On & 0 = Off). If like me you play with your minimap in fixed position (with the upper side always facing north) then you may not really use the compas that much, if at all. I use this setting to remove it, thus gaining a bit more space to lower my character's position (or if you prefer, raising the camera's center) even more with the TPOMax from above. Damn, I almost forgot... Back in 2010, blast asked if there was a way to play with an inverted vertical camera axis. It is indeed possible. For those who want to play like that just search for the invert = 0 line in the options.txt and switch the value from 0 to 1 to enable the inverted axis. That's about it for now. I didn't include values for other settings like the dng1_trackdist_max because I want to take more time and do a bit of fine-tuning for the camera in dungeons etc... I'm also still trying to figure out if there is really a way to do things like increasing the camera's zoom speed. For now the only tip I can give for this is to create macros using a game peripherals managing software such as the ones used with Logitech and Razer stuff. If possible, create 2 macros that emulates the mouse wheel inputs. If done correctly all you'll have to do is to keep pressing down on the buttons you assigned to either zoom in or out smoothly instead of having to scroll like crazy with the wheel. Ok, I'm done for today (been testing all this for hours now). Time to grab a beer and enjoy the game. Cheers!
  6. Works perfectly. 10/10, thx Flix. Edit: I tried adjusting the in-game camera settings and came up with what I think is the sweet spot to take advantage of the mod without seeing "out of bounds" too much and prevent seeing objects "pop-in". If you plan on using any camera hacks/mods then it will probably not work since you'll bypass some of the settings anyway (zoom distance etc...) but this is the best I could do with the normal game options. Probably the best visuals we can get out of the game without seeing glitchy stuff on the screen, unless someone can find a way to increase the draw distance, which would be a huge programing task I guess. Enjoy! Follow Camera: Off - Optional, lets you control all the camera's movements by yourself. Camera Collision: On - Optional, prevents the camera from going though walls and "out of bounds". Automatic Zoom Curve: Off - Optional, makes the camera's vertical adjustment independent from the zoom. Min. zoom (slider): Set to minimum (left side) - Optional, lets you zoom really close to your character. Max. zoom (slider): Set to maximum (right side) - Optional but who doesn't want to be able to zoom out far!? Min. zoom curve (slider): Set two steps above the middle - Very important as this is the setting that "locks" your lowest camera angle at the sweet spot when zoomed out to the max. Most of the "glitches" that the fog was hiding won't be seen with this angle. Things like objects that "pop-in" will have just enough time to appear (load themselves) before they get in sight and most of the time you won't see "out of bounds" unless you're on top of a hill etc... At the lowest possible angle you'll still be able to see farther than usual without this annoying fog thanks to Flix's awesome mod. Max. zoom curve (slider): Set to maximum (right side) - Optional but who doesn't want to have a top-down view in combat when needed!?
  7. Aezgaroth

    Sacred 2 Reduced Fog Mod

    Awesome, thx Flix! Tested it today and it worked perfectly. Didn't noticed any lag or FPS drops with the standard in-game "free camera" (no hack/mod used) and all grafx settings maxed except PhysX (turned off). Good job! Tested on: Sacred 2 Gold (Steam) with CM patch 0150 Windows 7 Fam Edition Premium 64-bit Intel® Core i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.6GHz 8192MB RAM AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series DirectX 11
  8. Back to Sacred 2 after more than 4 years. Still having a ton of fun with it! :D

  9. Oh dam, because I play world of warcraft like a religion and going from moving the camera with the right mouse button to my middle mouse button feels very awkward :/ I'm kinda new on the forum so sorry for answering this question yeeeeeears later but it may still be useful for some of us so here goes. There is probably a way to mod some of the game's files in order to do this but I'm not a modder so I took the easy path. If you're using a 3rd party program such as the Logitech Gaming Software with gaming peripherals (at least your mouse) then you should be able to switch the functions on your mouse. Simply switch the right-click button with the middle-click and you're good to go. I suggest creating a profile in your software so that you just have to activate it when playing Sacred 2 and revert back to your default profile once you're done playing.
  10. Aezgaroth

    Sacred 2 portal bug?

    DOH! I admit I missed that detail. Tried it today and it worked fine as long as I was not on a mount. Thanks.
  11. Aezgaroth

    Help killing bosses

    Yup, makes sense. And yeah, once I got rid of Hansi and finally destroyed Gar's shield on my own it didn't regenerate. The fight was pretty easy after that.
  12. Aezgaroth

    Help killing bosses

    Hi everyone, I just joined the forum to share a bit of info concerning a few things including the Colossus boss. I came across some kind of glitch while fighting against him. It took me a few minutes to realize what was happening but I've found out that some "hirelings" can make this fight simply impossible. I dunno about other hirelings but I had Hansi (the singer from Blind Guardian) with me since I was playing on my tank SW and wanted to have a caster following me. I noticed that everytime Hansi was casting his lightning spell on the boss, his shield would instantly be destroyed but 1 or 2 seconds later it would be back at 100%. The boss HP would also regenerate each time, making the fight impossible. I decided to get rid of Hansi by completing his quest than I killed the boss quite easily. I also had Urzi the Bear with me but it didn't seem to cause any problems. I would recommend caution if you plan on keeping some of the hirelings with you, it's fun to have a little party following you but it can also make things complicated and buggy.
  13. Aezgaroth

    Sacred 2 portal bug?

    Just to let you know, I'm currently playing the game with the latest CM patch and I have the same issue. In fact none of the portals around the island seem to work. Better be prepared to go all the way and complete the whole area before leaving in case you come across this annoying glitch. Otherwise you may have to walk all the way again to reach the place you were at when you left off. Good luck.