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  1. Talking about the ability to shift-click (or ctrl-, or some kind of [thing]-click) items to quickly move them to the stash, or blacksmith, or runemaster. I know you can ctrl click to quickly sell, including while not at a merchant (and I know you don't get full merchant price if you do so away from a merchant). Or shift-click to drop items (regardless of being present at a merchant, chest, etc). It seems pretty clear from my browsing that this doesn't exist in the base game, but I'm hoping there's a mod or something that adds it in. (But I'm presuming it doesn't exist at all and may not even be possible, elsewise it would be included by default in the community patch.) At this point, I may just write a dirty AutoHotKey script as an interim solution: move what I'm hovering over to a corner of chest/inventory (or runemaster slot), resort chest/inventory, then move the cursor back to where it was originally.