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  1. Steam Guide Post: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538894023 Must follow Sacred 2 multiplayer rules: To join a multiplayer game after you have followed the guide! Click Multiplayer → LAN → Create Character → Enter Lobby → Check "show all servers" → Join game When playing multiplayer you must create a multiplayer character to save your campaign progress When in the Lobby List check the box titled, "Show all servers" and DO NOT check adhoc You must all play in either shadow campaign or light, you can't have both in campaign DISABLE YOUR WINDOWS FIREWALLS and ANTI VIRUS - THIS WILL ALLOW YOU TO SEE THE SERVER IF IT IS NOT SHOWING. IT IS A MUST. If the server doesn't show after waiting 30Seconds, enter and re-enter the lobby until it does There's this other problem I think for windows 10 only where you to need to do something with your network settings if you can't see the server and set your ethernet properties with the numbers beside it to 0 and the server will show. Can't remember how to do it exactly but thats the gist. Port Forwarding *You will need to Portforward in order for this to work* 1) To port forward, open Command prompt through your windows key search or whichever method by searching for "cmd" or "command prompt". 2) Type "ipconfig" and click enter in command prompt. 3) You will see a bunch of things pop-up but don't be afraid! Look until you find, "Wirless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:" 4) Look at the information displayed for that and copy your, "IPV4 Address" and input it, into your URL 5) It will take you to your network page with all your router settings. You will login and look for your port forwarding option. Next you will open one port from a range of 1-65535; I suggest opening port 7011, but it doesn't matter which port. MAKE SURE UDP and TCP are both turned on! Your port number should be the same for both your INTERNAL and EXTERNAL ports. (default passwords for your network page usually include blank spaces with the username admin or will use the password admin or will use the name guest with the password admin or sometimes just click login without inputting information at all) Installing a Virtual Network 1) Install Evolve https://www.evolvehq.com/client - You will need this for the Virtual Network to connect with your friends! (Anything can be used as long it provides a Virtual Network) 2) Open Evolve after installing and creating an account and click the Red Evolve button in the "Friends" tab. When opened click, "Create Party" and set the "party game" to Sacred 2 by and or typing in "Sacred 2" or selecting it. 3) Once the party is created and game is set, invite your friends to the party, make sure when they join they display a green circle and a bunch of numbers beside it, it means you're all connected. 4) Click the Red Evolve button again and have all your friends do this, go to Preferences → Parties → Uncheck "Prohibit vulnerable protocals from being used in parties" → Check "Use custom port when joining parties instead of UPnP/NAT-PMP:" and enter a port you have forwarded or the port you are using for the server → Click save 5) Your party is now set and ready to go! Creating the Dedicated Server 1) Go to your Sacred 2 folder and find "system" - For me its Computer → OS(C:) → Steam → steamapps → common → Sacred 2 Gold → system 2) Right click in the system folder and make a "Text Document" - You will save it as, "Sacred2Dedicated.bat" 3) If the Sacred2Dedicated.bat is not already open, edit the "Sacred2Dedicated.bat" and input the settings you want. Follow the guide posted below. For ex. a Hardcore, Silver Difficulty campaign server will look like this in the .bat file: http://oi60.tinypic.com/2lut2mv.jpg 4) Once you add the settings you want to your server, save the file and make sure the settings are there! DOUBLE CLICK THE "Sacred2Dedicated.bat" YOU SAVED IN YOUR SYSTEM FOLDER AND YOUR SERVER SHOULD BE RUNNING (RUNNING IT AS ADMIN CAUSES IT CRASH SOMETIMES) Below are the settings you can imput into your server to make it what you'd like. SACRED2 GAMESERVER commandline switches: -act_as_user - force server to act as helper server for an user and not as session hosting server -autoshutdown=<num> - automatic gameserver shutdown in <num> seconds if no client has connected -broadcastport=<num> - set broadcast UDP port to <num> (1024..32767) (server broadcast port must be the same as listening port of client!) -connmode=<mode> - changes initial connection mode: lan - LAN multiplayer mode (default) opennet - opennet multiplayer mode -cpu=<num> - bind gameserver process to the specified cpu -diff=<difficulty> - set game difficulty: bronze - bronze difficulty mode (default) silver - silver difficulty mode gold - gold difficulty mode platin - platin difficulty mode niob - niob difficulty mode -exec=<filename> - set <filename> as main script file -help, -h, -? - show this help page -lobby=<lobby_address> - hostname or ip of lobby-server -lobby_port=<num> - port of lobby-server -lobby_name=<loginname> - lobby user name -lobby_pwd=<password> - lobby password -lobby_cdkey<keypool>=<key> - lobby keypool and cdkey -lockconfig - configuration cannot be changed after gameserver has started -log=<loglevel> - create logfile with one of these loglevel: 0 - no logfile (default) 1 - log critical messages only -mode=<mode> - set game mode: hardcore - hardcore mode softcore - softcore mode (default) -name=<name> - set server name -description=<desc> - set server description -nondedicated - start gameserver in nondedicated mode (launched from a sacred2 client) -numplayers=<num> - set max. num of players in session (campaign=5 players, other modes=16 players) -password=<password> - set a session password -port=<num> - set fixed game TCP/IP port to <num> (1024..32767) or -port=<num1>-<num2> - set game TCP/IP port range to <num1> to <num2> (1024..32767, <num2> must be greater/equal to <num1>) -sessiontimer=<num> - set time limit for the session to <num> seconds (timer starts when first client is ingame) -type=<gametype> - set game type: campaign - campaign mode (default) free - free game mode pvp - playerkiller mode