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  1. I was thanks for the tip, I have a dragon mage to find gear for my he shopper
  2. I deleted my level 2 shopper have made a level 5 shopper, with 13 in bargaining
  3. I have bargaining on everything that armor on my he expect pants and hands
  4. would I be able to see stuff that I cant find anywere
  5. so level up my high elf to level 4 or 5 just put points in bargaining?
  6. would +General Skills or +All Skills appear on jewlery or weps or armor?
  7. I have been going in between 3 portals from 8:30am australian time till til 6:30pm trying to find +bargaining but it seems there very rare to find
  8. Does anyone still play PC Sacred 2?

    it alot of fun on pc, but cant seem to play in multiplayer via tunngle, I keep geting network 10 error
  9. what items can have bargaining on them, I been looking for +bargaining gear with my shopper HE but very rarely I find anything other then shoes. my HE is level 2 with 8 bargaining(waistband, amulet, shoes and 3 relics)
  10. Does anyone still play PC Sacred 2?

    Welcome to DarkMatters Haydn! As others have noted, the official closed servers originally provided by Ascaron have been closed...but there are some work arounds that some of the members from here have been using to find others online to play with. gogo Thanks mate I have been using dark matters for years, I use to play on ps3 but went missing, got sacred gold of steam
  11. Does anyone still play PC Sacred 2?

    I have been starting characters and deleting for gear to give gold for my shopper
  12. does anyone still play pc sacred 2, I have it on steam and looking for others to play with
  13. Sacred 2 Musings - Not Quite a Review

    nice little review