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  1. Hey, first of all: thank you vermy much for all those items you've uploaded, great job! This may be a stupid question, but Doombringer is listed as level 220 on sacred wiki but the highest version I receive is 205. How can that be? And for my information: is there any way on editing the min and max level for all the items dropped?
  2. Light Path or Shadow Path? I just played through the Dryad's class quest last month on Light Path with no trouble. Are you using the Community Patch? Light Path with the current CP installed. lol, mein SW is now stuck even on the Main Quest where I have to find that spy that leads the casino. Found him, beat him down, can't interact, stuck Always with these guys lying almost dead on the floor. Maybe because they fall in under a second?
  3. Yeah, it gets better and better ... I've created a new Dryad and the very first class quest where you have to escort these two guys to the deer, kill them and then "talk" to that dying guy => same problem, can't click him and he just disappears. He had the question mark above his head but I couldn't klick him
  4. Hey everyone, so, I've started a playthrough as a SW and picked up Fallen Heroes. Everything was fine until I had to kill those Resurrection Opponents : the one who should give me the document disapeared right before my eyes as I wanted to click him for continuing. Now I'm stuck at this quest and don't know how to continue Any help here?
  5. Anybody got the blueprint.txt of the current Community Patch? Destroyed mine completely and deleted the backup, lol
  6. Sacred 2 Balance.txt

    Hey everyone, so, I've worked myself through some threads to find out, how to mod the traders. Someone said that it's possible to mod them to sell Uniques / Sets / Legendaries ... but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong?! The values I've ajusted are TraderMaxCount = 10, TraderOffer_MaxLifetime = 1, [...] TraderOfferUpperRareBase = 50000, [...] Trader_Item = 20000, Trader_Many = 20000, Trader_SpecialOffer = 50000, Shouldn't that be really enough to make some really good stuff appear in the traders inventory?
  7. Fixed your link so it connects to the Wiki and nice shiny pix for your post Welcome to DarkMatters R3V4N ! gogo Hey, thanks, I really had no idea how to do it And many thanks for the hearty welcome! Oh boy, that would be so awesome if you could do that Thank you in advance, you're the man!
  8. Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask, if this sword really made it into the game ... => Sacred 2:Soorn's Doombringer Soorn's Doombringer -. -. -. -. Item Modifiers Chance for deadly wounds Opponent's chance to reflect melee damage Chance to reflect: Close Combat All combat arts Chance to inflict serious open wounds From Ice & Blood Expansion Because I've never ever seen it anywhere Does dropping start at a certain level? aybe anyone has a chest with the sword? It seems it is nowhere to be found for download ...? Thank you all in advance for some information!