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  1. KerrodWilloughby

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Thanks for your help. I think the mount 'charm' idea you mentioned would be good if you were able to get round to adding it then. I dread to think how long things like this take to sort out and get working as you intended.
  2. KerrodWilloughby

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Thank you, do you know which file I need to go into and if possible what area of said file I need to look change? Also regarding your post above, personally I think the addition of 'charms' that you can buy from horse vendors gives the horse vendors more use and variety and gives some variety and depth to the mounts also. If you decide to implement this change and worked out the coding etc would it apply to just horses or unique mounts too? Thanks.
  3. KerrodWilloughby

    Hi everyone, just another Sacred lover here.

    Thank you everyone for the helpful and kind words. In my own small way I hope to help if I can, if I found the answers I was looking for such as editing the blacksmith arts my intention was to simply post the findings so other people that may have been wondering the same thing could figure out how to do it too. From my limited understanding I can see all the cm patch fixes and mods that people have posted must have taken so much time and effort and probably a good bit of trial and error aswell. Just from some personal tweaks I have done for myself on balance and spells txt it has taken me a few days to look into it all properly, test what effect the changes I have done and look at it in the bigger picture of balance and retweak accordingly until I got it right. There is so much to sacred especially to say it is now an old game and it's a shame you can see how many holes were left from the developers before the cm patch and such. Out of curiosity if I did find things out to do with editing the game where would be the correct / best place to put it so people who may want help or were just curious about that topic can see it? For example one of my tweaks involves pushing platinum level enemies up to 200 - 205 range in the top areas and niob been pushed to the maximum %100 survival bonus seems to allow - +36 lvls from level 200, in the top areas such as blood forest and wastelands and I thought that might be an interesting thing for people to know, it definitely gives you more reason to want to push to level 200 and to still want to play when you do get there, especially if you rebalance the level 100 + experience gain penalty to instead be neutral or close to it instead of a penalty. I don't want to post anything in the wrong place or 'clutter' things up or anything. Thanks.
  4. KerrodWilloughby

    Hi everyone, just another Sacred lover here.

    Thanks for your help and the welcome you two, I don't want to come across as ungrateful because I know how much work must go into any kind of mod / patch such as this but I just felt maybe some of the changes to how the characters work such as the blacksmith arts and the spells were maybe a bit much. The blacksmith arts I think I will get used to and it is something new and interesting, however the changes that were made to how certain CA's get stronger through Ancient Magic instead of Tactics Lore I found to be unworkable for my hybrid builds due to skill slot limitations (I didn't have room for both Tactics Lore & Ancient Magic), so I edited back just the spells that were changed to work off Tactics Lore in spells txt.
  5. Hi everyone, just another Sacred lover here. I'm so impressed by the work many people have done on this site to keep this game updated, fresh and keeping this site going for the myriad of questions people have regarding this game due to its complexity and sometimes confusing mechanics etc. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this but I posted a question on a page regarding Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum and I thought if I mention it here too people might be more likely to see it, it was basically just regarding the blacksmithing arts and how they are edited. If anyone knows how it is done that would be great, but I suspect it will be difficult and confusing rather than editing things in spells txt and balance txt for example. Thanks.
  6. KerrodWilloughby

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Hi, first of all id like to thank dimitrius154 for all his hard work on this addendum to the CM. I really appreciate the work that must have gone into this. I am wondering is there a way to get the blacksmith arts for bronze slots - the ones that were whet, anneal etc. before the addendum back? As I'm not keen on these new blacksmith arts, if anyone knows what would be great. I always felt the whet, anneal etc. arts were actually pretty good and sometimes id even use them in a silver slot unless I had a really great ring lying around, especially whet, some characters have trouble getting their attack value high enough so whet sorted it. Same if you were too squishy at the time you'd just use the blacksmith art that gives armour or if your regen times weren't up to speed you'd use the one that lowers regen time, I thought they were good to cover your short falls like that. I can live without nice effects from the random list such as chance to find valuables and disregard armour if my main stats like armour, regen times, and attack value are high enough, that's why if possible it would be good to get the original blacksmith arts back.