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  1. Very nice job,but will be fun to have servers with Reborn mode to :D,just and opinion
  2. you should ask the people from Reborn mode,if you want to edit parameters like that,or someone who've done it before,I would like to help you,but I don t know how it works ,hope I helped !
  3. Aaa you re talking about abilities/combat arts,dont know about that ,you should contanct someone from Reborn mod ,they have change parameters on abilities ,so they know,im not sure if they are gonna help you,but you can try
  4. I will try to help you,but I need to know,what do you want to change? if the skills for eg at 10 points give 150% spell regeneration you want something like 200% ?
  5. yeah that can be achieved,but you can die very easily,so your sb bonus and half of your gold will be lost,not a very good build in my opinion,if you really want to do that ,do it with meteor storm and water form,the best option ,you can easily one shot every boss in normal sacred with that
  6. you re playing 2.28?if you play it ,widd dont know how good is in in normal sacred,dont remember rings or amulets with high WIDD ,instead of going for that I recomend to go critic and a lot of regenration spells and to all magic spells to get high dmg on ice shards and ring of ice,my opinion ,you know how you want to play it
  7. Thank you ! and btw this build is hybrid ,you can go BFG ,combat arts or magic ,is 3 in 1 ,ofc you need good items to get the regenerations for spells and ca's ,compare to one class focus,hope I you understand what I mean
  8. No problem ,thank you for feedback !
  9. New video for you guys ! hope you enjoy it \m/
  10. sys req? and is there guides on how to play ,builds and so on? or is to early?
  11. actually the drop in sacred is very random when it comes to gear,I believe just bosses have a little better drop(dragons,god forest,anducar etc...)and another reason for the good loot I have in the video ,is thx to the Chance of special items also knowed as Magic find I have about 1000 which is pretty huge,I hope I helped you
  12. Thank you very much for your feedback! Im glad that people watch my videos
  13. From what I know until now,it s not possible ,a friend of mine (a good modder of sacred)tell me it can t be done yet,they try with what they knew,but dont work,it seems the game as you say remain in the center,its probably the creators who made it that way,Peace ! \m/
  14. New video guys ,if you are interested !
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