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  1. well the summons are not that great in the niobium to be honest,I use them to distract Bosses attention while I kill them I make reborn video's on youtube ,you can see here what I mean
  2. I understand what you say,I tested your dark elf in pvp,its true that magical can t hit him,not just magic I tried my vampire too against him,but as I say for pvp exist rules,made long time ago by players,so the battle can be balanced,this game wasnt made for pvp so hard,everyone knows that,so yeah you are right in pvp his deflection is incredible,but can t compare to my vampire who farm dragon cave ,same for battle mage,is useles to have that thing if you elf die every time you go in valley of tears,dragon and so on,the other's will enjoy farming ,raiding etc...while you remain just with that
  3. why would I do that? experienced player's know that PVP is not balanced ,so your point is not available ,for pvp exist rules made by players,so the battle will be balanced
  4. @Dax a question for you,have you tried your dark elf in dragon cave? because I tried mine and compare to other's character's is very bad,what I m about to say is my opinion so everyone ,don t judge.I m a huge Dark elf player,I love the character ,how it looks ,his weapons ,armors ,spells,race,speech's and so on,but my friend ,from all the character's in Sacred ,I believe in Rebon Mod he suffer the most,all of us know that in Normal/Original Sacred,Dark elf was very powerfull thanks to his poison mist trap.everyone who have a little knowledge about his character and play style ,knew that poiso
  5. Hi ! check out my new video on Sacred Reborn ,what are your thought's about my build and play?
  6. Hi ! I am supreme joker and I am an old player fan of this game,recently I played again a lot of sacred and check this forum everyday trying to find interesting stuff's and I wonder about something,is there a way a modder can do this ? :
  7. yes,for the people who doesnt know,the items from reborn are the same items as Sacred gold,but the overlooker's change their parameters to have a chance to new builds and stuffs,for now,in future they have plans to make their own set and add probably new amulets and rings,as they say ,this things need a lot of times,they dont have like other games modder stffus from creator game,they have to do it with what they have,hex editor and stuffs
  8. you shouldn't worry about that,if people wants the items for the normal sacred gold,they just have to pick the item and put it back,then the item will go to the normal parameter's,I want to add that most of the items are with reborn mod change's,some ring wont be that powerfull in normal sacred and others are nerfed(in reborn mod),it's your choice ,dear player's
  9. @Lindor I play reborn mode and before that I played a lot veteran and normal sacred,probably I didnt pay attention or didnt happen,I dont remeber having that problem,droping an item with a certain level and after reload lowing down the level(don t know if I expressed corect) btw ,now I play reborn mod and when I mean the level ,I mean the minimum ,not the highest,so my ring have 177,but I know for sure that the ring have higher value,even if the value in parameters is not that big,with multiple sockets and stuffs it matter(for me one ,dont know about you guys)so when I make a buil or something
  10. my english so bad people doesnt understand what I want to do? dude I already have the ring but at lv 177,but I know it could be higher like 196 something like that,so I ask if someone want to help me with that,if someone has it at lv 196 or higher than 177 ,the same for others rings or amulets this is your ring : https://prnt.sc/vgu8uo this is mine : https://prnt.sc/vgu9cb
  11. what I mean is if someone want to trade jewelry ,I refer at sacred underworld and if the one ring of all seems google translated is because that's his name on the game,that's what I mean
  12. Hi ! have someone some jewellery? what im interested is One ring of all ,I have it at lv 177,someone have it higher?and others jewellery(not sim modified)
  13. yeah ,but I have the belt on with 33 + all CA same for the gloves that have +44 all CA to ,so with the battle belt that have poison ressit and the gloves with poison ressit and WDD my multi hit is 429 ,something like that https://prnt.sc/vdwgv6 https://prnt.sc/vdwh3p https://prnt.sc/vdwhew https://prnt.sc/vdwhq7 https://prnt.sc/vdwhxf https://prnt.sc/vdwi3v
  14. thx for explanation ,dont wanna be rude but dmg I knew what mean XD as the multi hit here I have screenshots with the level ,bow and the ring I used to socket the bow https://prnt.sc/vd63vm https://prnt.sc/vd64d0 https://prnt.sc/vd64x9
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