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  1. Actually if you know how to play and how to make your build properly , underworld is to easy ,so veteran and reborn mod bring some changes to boses and how the builds work ,it s more interesting and more fun,for example if I play normal Sacred underworld or gold with this elf I will one shot everything ,dont have fun doing stuffs like that
  2. Hi ! I am an old sacred player and I enjoy the work of overlookers,so sometime I made videos about reborn mod,if you share the same feeling as me ,post here what you charatec's can do Here is mine :
  3. I've seen them and I very appreciate that there are still people who work for this game and my opinion keep it alive like Overlookers who made reborn mod
  4. For those who want this mod : https://drive.google.com/file/d/120o7GdjXOWBItbnA1wprIGCUM91N3GeN/edit this is a better version from Ruddick ,the first one had a problem 1: https://prnt.sc/v1950d 2: https://prnt.sc/v195g0
  5. Thank you very much for your work and time,I hope every player who want this will see this post ,thanks one more time ! ! !
  6. Hi ! I m an old player from sacred ,but it doesnt matter,I ask for some help ,if someone can help me,does someone know how to mod horses? What I mean? I want to make the horses from khorad stable 220 speed,I like the aspect from that horses but doesn t exist a place where you can get that horses with 220 speed,if someone know and have time to help ,I will be very thankfull,I hope my topic is not boring or something thanks in advance ! ! !
  7. It's nice that you did such great work,even if some thing's are missing :D,if people want we can keep this challenge and help each other's with item's ,btw if someone want this,I won t give or accept item's from SIM
  8. is not my mod ,I found on sacred vk , I believe ,I will post here and you guys can delete it ,if don t respect the policy,it seems I can t upload here ,just 2 mb,where I upload to see everyone?
  9. I found a mod how to do it,can I post it here?
  10. Do you know someone to help me for my request?
  11. Someone know hot put the hud from Sacred 1.8 to Underworld? Will be very nice :D
  12. I can t help,but will be better that the old one? old one is pretty good I dont know what can you add for it
  13. I watch everywhere and I dont find it,if you can give me a link,ty very much
  14. Someone have a link to download characters with unique items for Sacred underworld? sincer sacred2 forum was close impossible to find that links
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