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  1. Not sure if this is relevant but, the blue monster head (werewolf) has a chance to fear opponents bonus. I think especially profound on humans, humanoids, elves and dryads? Well, chance to fear is there for a fact.
  2. http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/22242-what-doesnt-work-in-sacred-2/ At least Acute Mind works.... >_<
  3. Sorry for necroing, but as an avid Dryad player, I have a few valid questions. What do you mean Acute Mind doesn't work on console? Is it the Hunter CAs? Yeah, it doesn't work but, get some staffs and you're still gonna hit jackpot. What do you mean Spell Resistance is useless for consoles? In Niobium? Well? How does life leech% work differently for consoles?
  4. *blinks* 2 years ago you say? Lmao
  5. Yeah it's pretty bad compared to the Dragon. The dragon has life leech and moves faster. It's my favorite summon of them all. And I do have them all too. Well, pre-CM patch wise anyway. The scorpion is a great boss killer with its double hit & life leech. Okay maybe that was tmi... Left by itself, the wolf summon will have to be recast every 10-15 seconds. Since you're going the Hunter route, it shouldn't be a problem since you'll be acing mobs before they become a problem... Keep MA at level one, unless you're planning to take CV Focus, though I don't see much use in CV when you're a Hunter.
  6. Gee idk... Maybe I haven't the heart. I come from a pro Light side family so there's that. Is the pc version better?
  7. So we literally can't interact at all with the Blacksmith skill on console? Wow. That completely negates any specific bonus the skill offers. That's heresy I say. Wish me luck with my Dryad shopper.
  8. Hi! In Enhanced Spells, Ancient Bark uses the same visual effect as the CM Patch: It's possible to change it back to the vanilla effect, if you want to know how, I can post it. Wow. It's so much better than the original - why would I even want to change it back? Definitely agree Gogo.
  9. Question... Does Blacksmith Mastery work? I don't mind not being able to get all the benefits of the skill but if one could stop the destruction of other socketed items completely, wouldn't it at least be worth taking for one specific character?
  10. Is the black-green Dryad the visual animation for Ancient Bark of the CM Patch? Just needing confirmation.
  11. Thinking about the world & stuff

  12. Thanks. ( : I just want the guys who gave us such a great experience to succeed.
  13. Hello all. I'm a rookie from Ancarnia and I just wanna show my respect for every player out there and talk about the game. This is my build for a shopper Dryad. I'm on my 3rd or 4th Dryad now and since I'm still sorta new to the game, I've decided to make a shopper. Too bad the SW can't be a shopper... =P Originally I was going to make a shopper High Elf but it seemed like too much point distributing as the progress would go; many people complain about her being fragile; plus I'm more familiar with Dryads. Here's the build: Skills Enhanced Perception Bargaining - 1st(?) Mastery Combat Reflexes Armor Lore - 2nd Mastery Tactics Lore - 4th Mastery Dual Wield Nature Weaver Lore Nature Weaver Focus Constitution - 3rd Mastery Concentration Combat ArtsDust Devil - Recondition, Spell Shield, Spread Forest Flight - Roots, Expert, Escape Sinister Predator - Eagle Eye, Marked Shot, Hunting Focus Goldenglade Touch - Flow, Persevere, Diligence Acute Mind - Proficiency, Insight, Celerity Ancient Bark - Rugged, Divert, Invigorate Tangled Vine - Tendrils, Impair, Encroach It's fairly simple. She'll be duel wielding staffs and just using Acute Mind to buff her damage. Can't use the Hunter damage CAs because they're bugged in relation with Acute Mind. The mastery order is still fluid to change, and not completed because I'm just not sure how it might go. I have the build for the High Elf available in case anyone's interested, because I'm open minded to making it less of a hassle. I should mention that I lurk a lot on Sacred 2 topics. Hehe... Also, do people still play? lol I was playing and had someone join and say hi, but I couldn't do anything cause I don't know how to reply or friend request. They left immediately. >_<
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