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  1. Hi there Flix , is there any way to reenable hafted weapons shake camera future in sacred 2 community patch 1.60?

    1. krpros


      Is it just disabled or removed entirely? Cant turn it on via console maybe?

  2. Any idea how to get it back maybe ? I dont mind crashes I just refresh game every 2 hours and runs 99 % fine right now .
  3. K it seems I have fixed corrupted file by checking file integrity , deleting the file and downloading the file again , so now the only thing left is screen shake future . Is it just removed in the mod for stability maybe?
  4. Hello therre everyone , I installed community patch 1.60 (and trimmed textures after ) the problem I have is the error during instalation (Operation file was skipped .Matching target file was not found . Filename I:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Sacred 2 Gold\locale\en_UK\global.res) the game runs ok so far I have 31 level but I wonder is it just a locale file ? Can someone upload me a version of this file that will install correctly maybe ? The file is there and game runs like I said . Another problem I have is I dont have screen shake option ( when u crit with 2 handed crafted hamme-like weapon the screen shakes) it seems I dont have this future since I never seen my camera shake since level 1 :) . I tried changing came shake option in appdata/local/ascaron/options to 0 and to 1 and it seems to just not work at all . Any help apprecieated (and sorry for bad english xd) .
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