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  1. wow thought I already had one of those somewhere on here. sorry for vacation taking some care of lots of irl
  2. YAY! I R IN THE MIDDLE!! Protected on all sides shootin above everyone's heads KILLIN ZEM ALLL BUAHAGAHAGHAGAHAAHAHAHAHHAHA ok guys seriously when I get back in town I need a 3-4 day war in order to let some of my crazy out, otherwise I might just take out an entire mafia. :ninja:
  3. Nny

    My computer is talking...

    hahah I love Avast! except when its 3am and I have my volume all the way up for my alarm clock... saddd panda but ya my speakers use to intercept trucker radios. But French? Where do you live? Canada? damn frenchies
  4. BBQ Ribs, steak, fried porkchops, baked beans, sweet cornbread with a gallon of sweet tea Who would win in a fight? A Pirate or a Ninja?
  5. thanks guys! hope I can do good for yas!
  6. lol my bad im applying for Vendetta server 2
  7. I was wondering if you guys/gals/peoples had any openings. I applied a lil while back, but kinda fell off the face of the earth for a lil while. Im back now though. Anyone who played Server1 should know me as Trump.
  8. Nny

    Trading $$ for Ammo

    does D.a.r.k play on s1:) this is Sacred 2, but I would be interesting in trading 30kk$$ on Sacred 2 for 20kk$$ on s1
  9. Anyone interested? looking for 5-1
  10. Nny

    99 WinXP command

    really useful when you get stuck with explorer.exe not loading up just ctl-alt-del and go to File->New Task(Run...)
  11. if you live in the US, it is justifiable. You just have to explain your fear of you and your gf's safety because of the racial slurs. There have been a few cases where racial bigotry towards someone with verbal insults/threats was justifiable to physically defend yourself.
  12. love how most people are using firefox I stay busy with my IT job, dont even have time to clean up my own desktop lol