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  1. Zallk

    Abishai quest not starting AT ALL

    Does anyone know if that warning at the bottom of the wiki page on this quest chain still applies (that completing it permanently corrupts a save game)? It would seem like the community patch would have fixed that, but idk.
  2. Awesome! Exactly what I hoped because like you say Flix, I wouldn't want powerful sets dropping too easy. Just wanted to know that they are in fact in with at least rare drop chance. Thanks for answering, and as always thanks for excellent mod work.
  3. Anyone know if cm patch 150 includes corrected drop rates for the mutation sets? Just can't seem to find out if this drop file is still necessary years later, and not sure I've seen any of them drop in significant time on 150..
  4. Zallk

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I actually really appreciate that you kept a close eye on avoiding things that would overpower the player with this mod. It's true those two ca's were combined, so I agree with the slight "nerf" made to vanilla functionality on them. The mod overall (at least for me) adds more fun to the game without losing the challenge and balance.
  5. Zallk

    Any way to re-bind the Alt key

    Decided I wanted to keep normal shift functionality for follower orders and things, so went with F instead since I don't need to type that letter: ; AutoHotkey ; swap alt and f f::Alt Alt::f
  6. Zallk

    Any way to re-bind the Alt key

    Ah well, finally installed Autohotkey. I only run it right before starting Sacred 2, then shut it back down after I'm done playing. Easy enough. If anyone else installs Autohotkey for this, just make a script in notepad and name it Sacred2Alt.ahk and leave it on your desktop. Then just open the file before starting Sacred 2 and it will work if you have Autohotkey installed. Put only this in the script: ; AutoHotkey ; swap alt and Lshift Lshift::Alt Alt::Lshift I couldn't find any other way to do this, but at least this only has to run while you're in game.
  7. Zallk

    Screen Resolution

    Awesome, glad it helped out!
  8. Zallk

    Screen Resolution

    Is resolution configurable options.txt? Near the very bottom it has both width and height resolution numbers listed, could try changing that..
  9. Zallk

    Any way to re-bind the Alt key

    I actually always wanted the option to change this particular key binding as well. Too bad we still don't have any easy workaround to change alt to another key for this. I guess there's Auto Hotkey to deal with it, but I really never wanted to have to install that to change just one key binding (albeit a very important one).
  10. Ah yes, I really love playing through Christmas Island in each difficulty. Every time I defeat the Grinch I wish there were more quests still on the frozen island. Cheers!
  11. Zallk

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Yeah once I started using enhanced spells there was no going back ever. Version 1.4 even finally made it worth focusing on a build specific stat for subtle damage increases. Also love that Flix made an awesome challenge mode patch to use for ultimate difficulty beyond Niobium.
  12. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://steamcommunity.com/app/225640/discussions/0/846940248581202687/&ved=0ahUKEwj8y_nP14LRAhXDOyYKHQC2CfAQFggbMAA&usg=AFQjCNH2VSnFVx6RWzeMiRdtwkAX_fQiIg&sig2=KQQ9olWNTqTNknUBPNztdA Someone used the torchlight font on steam forums...
  13. Sometimes it seems like most people that have problems running the game are on the Steam version. I wouldn't know if there's really any difference, but I've never had trouble with my copy from GoG and it doesn't force me to log into any interface or extra program. Running 64 bit OS and with comm patch + mods (enhanced spells, reduced fog, flix music), and camera tweaks for better world view (TPOmax 90, trackdistancemin 75, compass 0 in options.txt). The only time I've ever had even so much as framerate slowdown was when I tried turning on Physx, so I leave it off. Never crashes on me. GoG has it on winter sale right now. Not sure if they have a refund program, in case you buy it from them and it still crashes on you....
  14. Well I'm with Flix that Sacred 2 will never die! And as you said also Dob nothing since has even come remotely close to as good, especially in terms of infinite playtime imo. Sometimes I take breaks from it for other great games, but none of them remain forever as fun to always go back to as Sacred 2.
  15. Awesome! I was really happy you kept the music and audio feel of sacred 2 in the music mod and now made it even better with this! As always Flix, excellent work and much appreciated.