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  1. dang people are still playing the original maybe I should re-install it and the other 2
  2. Well as the title says its been along time coming. I have lurked around from time to time but haven't really posted much but I thought I should say hi to all those that know who I am and hello to all the new people around on FDM. To those that remember me know me as a fun loving guy. Well thought I should also update you guys on my life thus far. Vampie and I are no longer together we divorced about 2 yrs ago. I have been blessed with someone new that completes me we have beautiful twins boy and girl I have an awesome stepson and step daughter and a new baby girl on the way. And we also have m
  3. Something you guys want to be mindful of skills are going to be big time weapon dependent. yes they have done away with the holy trinity I.e. Tank, Healer, DPS but each class has some for of healing skill and utility skill. Also some of the racial skills look really nice. and Gogo I seen the witch hunter for D3 I don't care fore them as much, as I would the ranger for GW or the upcoming GW2 since my main is a ranger. I just seriously found the witchhunter seriously lacking. Some of the video's I have seen of the ranger in demo play completely blow the witch hunter out of the water. another thi
  4. yeah its being a real pita trying to get it installed on the pc I think I am stuck to playing it on the xbox 360 oh well
  5. I'm sure I have been guilty of it a time or 2 but I will watch it in the future
  6. I really don't know too much about the levels in Sacred 2 as I would in S1 but what ever you can pert with will help out tremendously as of right now I have restarted my seraphim as I am still learning with it but it shouldnt be a problem to get her leveled to where I need to
  7. well I might have got it to work had to add my old IDE dvd drive to my sata machine but it seems to be working it reads the disc just odd the other drive wont read it
  8. the firmware is up to date I am quite picky about all that
  9. oh I am its treating them like blank DvD's half tempted to put another dvd drive in the tower to see if that will read them
  10. none it hangs up for some odd reason about to say blah to the pc version all together
  11. yeah its running properly schot that's the thing I don't know why its acting like this it reads cd's and other dvd's just fine its just the sacred 2 discs
  12. Well as some know I have Sacred 2 for the xbox and pc unfortunately both are us versions. I have had it installed on my pc before but I go to install it again after putting it on Vampie's laptop to play with her the dang discs wont read on my pc after I upgraded my OS to win 7 from xp I have tried every way I know to install it running it as an admin and such but I tried once again to install it 5 mins ago and now the discs wont even read the discs are in dang good condition only have been used a few times no scratches nothing any sugjestions besides geting the EU versions as this is out of t
  13. what quest offers the boneslicers sorry still new to Sacred 2
  14. Looking for a good low level set for a dual wield seraphim if at all possible Niokaste's Blade Dance would be awesome hit me up on Xbox Live gamertag Kaylex 30 also what swords would be best to go with
  15. I'll be game to play on the 360 if you guys are still playing my GT is Kaylex30
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