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  1. Yes it is gogo! and Charlie The Unicorn is the coolest mount on earth!! (without a kidney tho ) cheers!
  2. I liked the bug in S1 when Baron Demodrey spoke in German to me instead of English XD was kinda hilarious But to stay on topic: Baron Demordrey ftw!! (too much S1 nostalgia coming up) cheers!
  3. Ouch mate :S It's still important to see a doc so he can check if its torn or just pulled! Hope you get to one quickly Some info if you need it : Get well soon! cheers!
  4. Awesome work!! Really like the Dark Shadow Warrior wallpaper!! Keep it up mate! cheers!
  5. Disturbed ftw!! Hope your friend has a good time rocking the hell out! cheers!
  6. Hehe osoooom movie indead NO! It's still a lie created by the xenophobic bakers in Cookieland, altho there's a political party that claims that Cake is the new messias! Shun the believers! cheers!
  7. Hehehe reminds me of the punk joke: "How many punks does it take to replace a light bulb? 21, One who stands on a chair holding the bulb while the others start drinking until the room begins to spin" cheers!
  8. My job history goes from cleaning in hospitals to cooking burgers in McDonalds etc... Atm doing Administrative things (e.g. checking darkmatters out, reading fan fiction, playing with paper & staplers) for the Taxes of Belgium. SO pay your taxes or else! cheers!
  9. If you want we can try to get level 200 in one week, then you'll have no time anymore to think about smoking, just thinking about green and orange pixels on your screen! Com'on, let's go! Gaming and smoking are easily combinable, if you can smoke in the house (which I can) and are nimble enough to play with a smoking stick between your fingers I need to learn to shut up, evil things come out of my mouth cheers!
  10. Don't forget his empowered anklets/boots! (Don't remember what they're traits were, I think something about increasing his running speed) cheers!
  11. Aiiight sorry shouldve performed a search before posting XD, ahwell I work on that nasty habit of mine XD Thx mate! cheers!
  12. Dunno if this has been mentioned before and if it's okay to discuss but: Are you guys on facebook yet? With this I mean a page/group for Darkmatters and I also mean each of you guys individually... Care to be my friend on this Social Network? cheers!
  13. Altho I loved the old blue skin, this one still is my favourite colour, bring in darkness! Kill the Cakes! And let the cookies multiply! MUHAHAHAHAHA *runs away before any Cake Paladins catch up* cheers!
  14. *some friendly swear words* GOGO! you got my fingers itching! Gonna head over to the topics right away. Playing Elder Scrolls 3 & 4 back in the days I rejoiced every time I found a new mod to test & use and now you tell me it's been developped so well in Sacred 2 AS WELL? *begins biting cookies and twitching happily* cheers!
  15. Good luck Furian, I however am a lost cause, been drinking heavily for 4 years now, it's been going better however with the new job & gf Smoking however is just neccessary, it relieves my stress and even when I'm ill it helps me recover (also because if I'm sick and stop smoking for a day I get a nice free FEVER on top of it because of no nicotine intake) I know I'm the devil's advocate but hey, you only live once so why not take the best of it? (don't listen to me I'm evil) cheers!
  16. If I could game on my work I would, nowadays I head to the pub after work for one drink, then cook dinner & fall asleep with my gf on the phone or while watching some movie In the weekend I play some World of Warcraft with the mates when we're not on some partey, Thinking of buying the Sacred 2 Gold when my first pay check arrives (only started working full time new job this month) cheers!
  17. Welkom!! Nice to see some more dutch people joining the ranks! *bakes cookies* (damn my stock is dwindling, need to make moar!!) cheers!
  18. Glad you asked my old friend, today I've got a special yummy, cookies in candy tar with some special chocolate sprinkles on top of it! Enjoy! *serves everyone a plate full* cheers!
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