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  1. Ehh, as I thought. Well, thank you for your welcome! However, I don't think I'll be here too much. I'm a bit busy with eradicating Ancaria's wildlife. Eh, busy life of a Dragon Mage. As not to make it all spam, a few thoughts about the CM Patch from my side: - Downloading made me some troubles. 1st didn't finish completely in one run. It somehow got paused/reset? I had to make FF download the rest of file. Afraid that the file could be corrupted, I hit the download again. This time it couldn't set the time remaining right away but after few minutes the file was downloaded successfully. -
  2. Hello! I'd like to leave a suggestion here. Could it be possible to post the direct link to the patch file on the Sacred 2 Wiki (or other sites), instead of hiding it in the download section, that is restricted only to registered users? Creating an account ONLY to download the patch is slightly annoying. I also don't see an easy way to delete unwanted account. I know not many people play this game recently but still...
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